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Grafted, I am pretty glommy after 15 months of trying and the recent discovery of my hubby's lack of sperm and the fact that his semen is so thick that barely any of his spermies can move. I think i will be more optimistic after he sees the uriologist on friday.

Geeki, I was on the depo shot for almost 2 years and even after been off it for 18 months my hormone levels were still messed up. I cant necessary say that the shot caused my elevated prolactin levels, but i also cant say it didnt. My doctor told me to give it 18 months before it would be completely out of my system. If in another few months your charts still look screwy, maybe you should ahev some blood work done.
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Geeki I have been off of the shot now for about 2-2 1/2 years and I finally thought that my cycles were getting back to normal but the last two months they have been crazy!!! Best of luck!
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kewpie-o - I don't know what to tell you about your dh. Did you get a chance to talk to him? I hear you about the bad timing!

Grafted & harmony - I'm sorry it's looking like this isn't the cycle for you

geck_07 - :

Geeki - I hope you're able to figure out what's going on with your cycles soon!

So I'm going nuts... I'm afraid to say it for fear of jinxing it, but I think I might be pregnant! It's one of those things that feels like it's too good to be true, you know? My chart's in my sig if you want to look. Today's the day af would normally show up, but so far nothing (though it's still early) - I stopped spotting on 9dpo (today's 12) and nothing since, except a little more cf than usual this morning. I've still got a little bit of cramping that's keeping me on edge thinking af's going to suddenly come out of nowhere...

I'm really trying to just let go, breathe, and trust that all will be ok - instead of thinking of and obsessing about all the things that could go wrong : Cross your fingers for me that I don't implode If af doesn't show up by the end of work today, dh & I are going to stop and get a test on the way home & I'll poas tomorrow morning. : :

Hope everyone had a good weekend & has a good week! It's supposed to be super hot here , so I'll be laying low. Thank goodness for air conditioning!

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Annie I am : for you
As for me I started spotting last night and then showed up normal flow and all this morning
I decided that i am not going to bother using my monitor anymore until we get DH's problem sorted out. My test sticks are good until feb. Sadly I just paid for the VIP version of FF so I am going to keep charting because I dont want to be out that money.

Good luck to everyone else
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Just checking in quickly.

to any newbies! welcome!!

, Harmoni. so sorry you are experiencing frustrating times. i'm sending you good vibes, sweetie!

oh, annie! i'm so excited for you...your temps look excellent!!! really excellent!!! i'm : for you! i really hope so!

grafted...i made some vegan apple butter from organic apples...i'll send some to you! trade you for the lil debbies! :

hey colette...good to hear you sounding so upbeat. love all the colorful posts!

kewpie...i your blog! the dipes are super cute. i need to start making some, too. i will have to start looking at fabric, etc. i also love, love, love your living room (now master bed)! it's super rad!

i really want to learn how to knit, so i can make some cool soakers! :

hi to everyone else...so sorry, but have lots to do today @ work. i will post more this evening. to all & : to annie! we really need another bfp around here, it's been a few days!
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Newbie Intro

Hi all. I have been lurking for a while and thought I should introduce myself. My DH (26) and I (25) are TTC #1 and this is our 3rd month. I'm trying to be patient but that's a challenge! It's great to meet all of you!
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Hi all -

I am working on conceiving #2. It has been quite some time for me. I had my first when I was 19. I am now 27 working on #2. Well best of luck to everyone.

Love & Light -

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Jessica, Amy welcome to you both. My name is jennifer and we have been TTC #1 after loss for 29 cycles. i hope you both get your b soon.

Amy do you have a boy or girl?
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Grafted & harmony, i am sorry Af showed or is going to. i hope you get that eggy soon

Grafted don't give up so fast it dose take time. not fun to hear but i know from experance.

How is everyone else doing?
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May I join too??? Hello to every one... I am 24 and ttc #2 I got pregnant with my son on the first month of trying so I hope history repeats itself. I cant wait to have another little one running around the house.
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Hi ladies!

Just a quick pop on to say hello. Today is CD9 so I just took my last Clomid for the month. I'm in NYC for work so when I get home Wed DH and I will start the BDing. I am trying to have a really good attitude about it this month. The Clomid has made me really emotional and I'm trying not to let it get to me. I had a little bit of a breakdown on Saturday night, and so I'm trying to get myself square and less obsessed and really just be happy with the fact that I have an amazing husband and a great life, and that babies will come when they are meant to. I'm feeling a bit more at peace with it, and hopefully I can continue to have this kind of attitude.

Glad y'all got a laugh from my DH's "donation" experience We're still waiting on the results of those tests.

Another welcome to all the newbies!! for you

harmoni I am sorry AF showed I hope that your DH has some luck with the urologist this week :

Angie Still waiting to O like me?

Collette hello! How are those charts looking? Still kooky? It does sound like you are feeling upbeat and that is great!!

Jennifer you have such a great attitude about everything and seem to be so very patient. You are my role model!!

And ANNIE!!!! I am keeping my : like CRAZY for you!!! Your chart looks amazing!!!!

Well ladies I better run. I'll be trying to check in every few days or so...

~ Gina
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Originally Posted by MrsReady2bMama
Jennifer you have such a great attitude about everything and seem to be so very patient. You are my role model!!
Well said. Thanks babypower, for the upkeep of this thread and being so positive!

Wow! Lotsa newbies! WELCOME!!

I haven't been here in a couple days - looks like I missed some action! Annie, hope this is it for you!!!!!! Can't wait to hear what you find out!!! : : : BFP vibes your way! Ang, thanks for the compliment on my blog! I really want to learn how to knit too. I have a book that has basic knitting directions and illustrations, but I think I'd learn better if I had someone show me. Those pictures are confusing! I'm hoping the diapers I've made so far will actually work IRL.....I'd hate to spend all that time and money and then have them leak and be worthless. Here's hopin'. I need a baby butt to put in them first!! harmoni and grafted: I'm sorry you are both having a rough time. We are all here for you. I like coming here because everyone helps eachother look at the bright side of things and offers encouragement to never give up. Much dust to you!!! geck_07: my fingers are crossed for you too. I hope you are either having signs of your cycles getting back to normal or you are preggy! I'm really rooting for PREGGY! :

I think when I posted the other night about my frustrations w/ DH, I was just being overly emotional. I'm sure you all can relate to that. Poor guy. I know he does his best and wants a baby as much as I do. His new job is just kicking his rear. Maybe it's a good thing I've been way too emotional. I cried almost all morning yesterday. I could chalk it up to the fact that I was @ church and sometimes I do get emotional there, but I started crying even before church started. It felt like one of those irrational bouts of crying when you don't know exactly what's wrong, but you just can't help it. I hope it's not PMS.....today's CD 22. I still have 10 days 'til AF is due and I could be wrong, but I really don't think I'm usually so emotional this far ahead of AF. Eh. Who knows? I'll be so glad when I can POAS and get it over with!
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: Welcome Robbins, stardust & firemomma! Hope your stays are short ones.

Babypower -- Okay, I wanna join the "jennifer is my role model" club, too! when i'm thinking about mdc, "miss upbeat" is what i always refer to you as in my mind. I really admire your attitude after 29 cycles of ttc.

to you, Kewpie. I went back & read your post. I know what you mean about how BDing can seem more like work than pleasure sometimes. I feel this way sometimes...I kinda feel like it's up to me more since I know my chart & cycles way better than my DP does. To me it seems like by the time we start bd'ing every day on CD 10 (just in case I O early ), by the time we get to CD 19 (usu. my O day), I'm like practically begging DP to do it. One of the best things for us is (tmi alert! ) trying different positions & different rooms...especially since we don't have kids already we have the freedom to be a little more uninhibited that way & it really does make it more exciting. BTW, I kinda stressed my first cycle of TTC, too. Hopefully, next cycle will be a little more relaxing for you. The first cycle is such an experiment & it's practically impossible not to get caught up in it all. Aren't those random crying episodes so interesting?!

to all! then,
for all! then,
for all!

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Hi im Lindsay, 24, SAHM to my 2 year old crazy boy Joshua, lovin my DH matt, and we're trying for #2, im in the 2ww phase, and going crazy!
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Thanks for the support everyone! I was feeling good about everything until I woke up today. I am sooo confused!!! Well af showed up on Friday, which was fine! But on Monday it totally dissappeared. I thought three days of AF was weird! So I get up and go to the restroom and there was AF.... aaaaahhhhh.... and that is not it... a temperature spike.... I don't know... I did have lots of cramping yesterday and woke up with a migraine!! We will see how the next few days go. : : :
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well.... I tested yesterday after work, and again this morning, and... :

Both times were good solid lines, and my temp's still up this morning, but send me some good vibes, because I'm still having a little cramping/pressure, and started spotting again yesterday - just a very little at first, but it's getting heavier - still just brown and not tons, but I'm still worried about it... I read in What to Expect last night that there are two no-reason-to-worry types of spotting/bleeding when you're pregnant, one being implantation, which I'm pretty sure I had, and the other being hormonal changes around when you'd normally have af - and that would have started yesterday. So I'm hoping that's what it is (if any of you ladies who have kids already have had something like this and it's been ok, I'd love to hear it!). I'm going to call my doc this morning as soon as they open and try to get an appointment for today or tomorrow to have another test, including testing my progesterone, since I have a lp on the short side.... And bombard her with anxious questions...

So Jennifer, don't add me yet, ok? I'm still afraid to jinx it. I'll let you know.

Thanks for all the :

But woohoo! I'm PREGNANT :


kewpie-o - glad things aren't seeming so bad with dh anymore - believe me, I totally understand getting overly emotional!! I hope your being emotional is a good sign! :

gina - good job trying to have a positive attitude! I hope you enjoy this cycle & it ends up being the one!

collette -
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Amy do you have a boy or girl?[/QUOTE]

I have a 7 year old son Devin.

Thank you all for being so positive!! I look forward to hearing some great news from you all.

: :
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Welcome, Lindsey!

Annie, how freaking awesome is that?! : : : I'm so excited for you. vibes to you! Much congrats on the !

Hi Gina! Yep, I'm still in pre-o-ville, too! I'm on CD8 right now.

Colette -- (insert wtf? smilie here. ) I'm so sorry about your confusing cycles...I wish I could offer more than just s. I've ordered The Infertility Cure from amazon.com & it should be here tomorrow. I will let you know if it has any info pertaining to your situation in it.

Have a great day, all! to everyone!
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Congrats to ANNIE!!!! !~WAY TO GO~!

Please let me know Ang!!! ANy advice/help would be great!!

I thought about POAS but I am sure that will come back with a BFN! I don't want to set myself for disappointment!
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Well here is an update regarding the post from early this morning! So When I woke up Af was there... but haven't seen her the rest of the day??

I just can't understand!!: WHo would have thought that this would be so confusing!
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