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hello new here

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Hello I am Cassandra I am due Aug 29th. I am having a girl. This is baby # 2. I have a 4yr old son. Can't wait to start getting to know all of you.
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Welcome to the group! Hooray!! This is a wonderfully supportive community of women.
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Welcome, and congrats on your expected baby girl!
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Yippee! Another little lady! I am also expecting my first little girl (first child actually). Welcome aboard!
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Welcome! Glad you found us. Looking forward to getting to know you too.
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Hi there. Welcome!
I'm Krista, I have two boys and we don't know what #3 is going to be.
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Welcome to the group! I'm Stephanie and due with our second boy on 8/9.
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welcome poppies! glad to have you in the group

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Well, howdy! Good to see another Colorado mama here! Welcome.
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