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Love letter to the May DDC

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Hi, ladies. I just wanted to post an official thank-you for all the support and kindness you ladies showed me over the course of our nursing difficulties. I'm not sure we're totally out of the woods yet, but things have been SO much better for the last week that I'm (cautiously) optimistic.

Seriously, I don't know if I would still be bfing now if not for you guys. I have a wonderful, supportive dh and I had some good help "on the ground", but no one understood what I was going through--and why it was so important to me--the way you all did.

You have my (and dd's!) eternal gratitude.
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Damnit Amanda stop making me cry! I'm so glad things are looking better. Uh-oh, cranky babe, gotta go!
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So happy to help in any way I can. YOU are an amazing mama!
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Honestly, WE should be thanking you!! You have shown sooo much courage the last few months, and I think you've made us believe even more what awesome, strong women we are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I agree. You have exhibited the kind of commitment and dedication I wish all mamas could have. I'm glad to hear things are going better. You've really been on my mind this past week. I think it would be great if you could publish your experiences, perhaps in diary form. Women need to see how long it can take to establish a nursing relationship. I still feel like Iris and I are working on it, and we've had few difficulties. It just takes time and women really need to hear that their babies aren't going to starve if they just stick with it, and ask for help whenever they need it.
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So glad it is getting better for you. That's what we are here for.
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: I'm sooooo glad things are looking up. : that it keeps up!
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wahooooooooooo!!!!!!!! i'm soooooooo glad to hear you sound so positive (even if you're still cautious about it)!!!!! i agree with KatSG, i think really good, devoted mamas are getting more and more scarce these days (mostly b/c of pressure from society, not b/c they want to be), but you're definitely one of the good ones.
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I think that we all have been inspired by your frank honesty and dedication to what you believe...not to mention your strength. It's been so great (though sometimes heartbreaking) to witness your evolution from curious expectant woman to full blown dynamo mom! I'm so proud that you are part of our group!
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I just had to add... not that you can probably afford it after all the money you've spent to breastfeed but once things smooth out I think you need a spa day- a massage, a pedicure, a latte etc. I know you've worked soooo hard. Oops, crying babe, gotta run!
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: mama. You definitely deserve a spa day!
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I don't pop in too often lately but boy am I GLAD to see that things are better for you!
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gosh I haven't been in in ages - but I want to say how very much I admire you!!!!!!!!!!! Do you know how many mommas would have kept it up with all the troubles you have had? hmmmmm - I would say less than 1%.

You ROCK. What a lucky baby you have. I am so happy things are easier now.
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