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I need your baby name input!

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We found out that we are having a girl, and we are sooo excited! We have our names narrowed down to 2 choices (well, at least first names!). So any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated! Our last name begins with W, has three syllables and ends with the -ly sound.

Anna Grace

We have had this name picked out for awhile, and we both love it. However, a good friend of ours just recently had a daughter and named her Anna. I don't want our daughter to not be "so-and-so's Anna" versus "so-and-so's Anna," kwim? I want her to unique! So, I was thinking we could save Anna Grace for our second daughter (). And the other choice is:


We need help with a middle name. I was thinking a one or two-syllable name, here are some ideas:

Elena Jael
Elena Eve (too many E's?)
Elena Faith
Elena Davan

Thank you!
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I think maybe a two-syllable middle name would sound better. I was going to say I like Eve best of the ones you listed, but then her initials would spell EEW. So I guess Davan.
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Hmm...yes, I didn't think about EEW....
That would be bad!
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What about Helen?
Helen Grace sounds nice
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Re: I need your baby name input!

Originally posted by Annais
Elena Jael
Elena Eve (too many E's?)
Elena Faith
Elena Davan
Depending on how close your friends live to you (same town vs. 3 hours away), I would think you could still use Anna Grace without much issue.

Middle name for Elena -
Jael - pronounced like jail? I would vote no unless there was a significance for you.
Eve - I agree with Juliacat - bad initials...
Faith - too religious for me but it does go very well if you ever have an Anna Grace so I think I would vote for that one - rolls nicely with Elena
Davan - makes me think of davenport (isn't that what some people call a couch?) but I am fairly neutral on that name - but I think I'd spell it Daven to keep away from the Duh-van pronounciation (unless of course that is how you meant it to be!) But then you could get Day-ven.... But I guess a middle name isn't used all that much so probably wouldn't be an issue.

Are you open to other ideas for middle names for Elena? Do you have any good choices among family/friends that you'd like to honor?
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Oh, I am absolutely open to suggestions!!!
I'm sorry if I didn't make that clear in my post. I need help!
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I like Elena Grace best out of the ones you listed.
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I wld have liked Anna Grace too! argh, too bad how our dream names always gets chosen by somebody else too! BUT that goes to prove it's a great name!!

Otherwise, yes, I think Elena Grace will also work nicely.
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I think Anna Grace is beautiful. If you don't use it I really like Elana Grace too.
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Is the Jael in Elena Jael pronounced Jaelle? Then that would sound pretty. Otherwise I like Elena or Ellen Grace too.

Good luck!
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Thanks everyone!
It's kind of funny, but as soon as I posted those middle names, I really didn't like them so much anymore! Silly me...

Anyway, I found out yesterday that the friends who named their baby Anna and what I thought was her middle name, is actually all one name, like Annabelle. So that helps, right? I think it makes a bit of a difference for me!
sagira- I was pronouncing Jael the same way. I think it's purty...
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