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We went for the eye check today. I hate it since she has to have her eyes dilated and at least today its rainy. She is doing real well and dosent have to go back until January. The dr said she is moving along just fine. I hate having that exam done though. At least now we are used to it. Maggie oth, hates it! She is sleeping now.

I think this is a double post oopps
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It gets better when you leave the hospital with your baby.

I had twins after 8 days of inversion and Mag--27 weeks.
We lost our son to an infection and our daughter was in the NICU for 80+ days.
Sophia did not really grow until after he second birthday and then went from a small size 12mo. to a 2T in about 6-8 weeks.
If you have not been here you can not know what it is like and the roller coaster you go through.
We have people we met in the NICU we still have a play group with and probably will know for a long time.
Do and act however you feel is right for you, do not let anyone tell you what is best. You will know.
I am in my 30th week with a single baby and with a new and better Peri and OB we are all hopeful to get to 34+ weeks.
One other word of advice don't feel bad telling people they don't know what they are talking about. I still feel annoyed by comments people made and wished I had told them what I was really feeling. It may not always be polite, but you will feel better and in this situation that is the most important thing, so you can be 100% for your baby.

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hi vicki,
agree w all you said!

We have a NICU dinner tonight at our house. I was just talking to one of the moms and we got going on a vent! She is mad that her little guy is still in nb size and people make comments. I told her not to worry about it and just go by how he is doing.

I must say some of the stupidiest things ever said to me had been said in the last 6 mos since Maggie was born. I really just think people do not know what to say or do and again unless you have lived it, you have no clue. But again its the same for parents of a sick child, no one who has not lived it has a clue.
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