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Sharp short back pain?

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Since last night, I've got random short sharp painful pains in the lower left side of my back. I thought it might be the baby hitting a nerve or something? But it's really painful - has anyone else experienced pain like this? It makes me yelp out.:

Nat (35wks)
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I have been having what you describe for several months now and it is SO painful, I also cry out. It's low like near my sacrum, and also on my left side. Are you right handed too? I put lots of heat on it, and I've managed to have 2 prenatal massages, but the help is temporary. It's worse if I've been sitting on the floor or if I've been sitting with my left leg crossing the right leg (which isn't happening so much right now anyway). I can also feel it when I bring in groceries if I've loaded up too heavily on the left side.

I seriously feel your pain. Try the heating pad. We only have a little bit further to go.
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Hi and thanks! yep I am right handed. Mine has eased a bit now but pelvic pain has over taken instead, it's now impossible to find a reasonable position to sleep in. The most comfortable is my side, but only for a while, then I have to change sides - but when I try and change sides the pelvic pain is agony, laying on my side just puts too push pressure on it, even with lots of pillows etc... and laying on my back is no good *sigh*. I hope you're feeling a bit better. Not too long now. xnatx
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