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Fashion Bug sells plus-size maternity clothes. Also, some Sears stores sell plus-sizes.
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OOH that reminds me.......lane bryant catalog (www.lanebryantcatalog.com) has a maternity dept and sell nursing bras.

i can personally vouch for the wonderful comfort of their capris!!! (and admitingly, i wore them again this summer )
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That link posted earlier (by Romans Mum I think?) has links to online stores with plus size maternity clothes. There are more than I remember w/ my last pregnancy, where I think I bought everything from Motherhood (which is decent but a girl needs a little selection).

I'm nervous about birth too. I had an "emergency" C section last time. Emergency because after they CRANKED up the pitocin, my babies heart rate dropped. They induced me because my fluid was "low" but not low enough that it didn't take then 12 hours and like 15 people examining me to decide if it was low enough to induce, while we were stuck in the triage room with no food. And the unprofessional behavior in the OR still makes me so angry. It's like I wasn't even there. They were actually fighting and one was pissed because it was unplanned and she had a date afterwards and her hair was now a mess!! : And there was no plus size gowns so the thing was half on me. I kept asking and finally got one, the next day!
I half blame myself for being too ignorant to stick up for us. I shouldn't harbor so much resentment. I have taken steps to keep all this from happening again by getting a (size friendly) midwife and changing hospitals. But I know it's normal to grieve c section births, espcially one that went as badly as mine did. I know it's possible that I will end up with another CS but it sure will be on MY terms if I do!
I'd love a home birth but unfortunately I'm not that confident that I can go w/out something for the pain. I know that belief and attitude have a lot to do with that too and I'm working on it. I'm happy with the hospital I chose and also the midwife so :
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as soon as it was possible, i got into my own nightgowns. The NEVER found me a plus size gown, so I said screw em. If i have to have another hospital birth, im wearing my own clothes, regardless of what they say.
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Good idea RM! I think I'll do the same.
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Ok, I'm finally through catching up with this thread and ready to join in. My partner and I had had some trouble conceiving which seemed to be mostly timing related, but it led to me taking metformin for a few months before continuing to try. I managed to lose 15 pounds before getting pregnant, partly because the metformin made me feel terrible. I've lost another 18 pounds during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy (still taking the metformin), but I'm still about size 18/20 at 5'9" I feel like my doctor and midwife have been pretty respectful about discussing weight issues, for which I am incredibly grateful.

I'm really hoping to have a homebirth, but I'll probably have to continue prenatal care with my OB due to the combination of lay-midwifery being illegal here, and the need for a second parent adoption, during which who knows what will be examined!

I noticed a few of you refused or intend to refuse the GTT, which I would like to do as well. I'm extremely nervous that the thus far respectful attitude will change dramatically when I start refusing tests left and right. It's been like pulling teeth to just get the CNM to tell us what tests are coming up at each appointment and what they are for. They seem to be really into the idea that a mother-to-be need not be concerned with what is being done to her body. Gag.

It's great to meet all of you and I hope everyone has a blissful pregnancy and birth!
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welcome! I'm not sure of the logistics you will have to battle to turn down the GD test since your on metformin. But as far as the tests.........refuse to do anything until you are told at the start of every appt what they are doing, what they want to test for, what those tests look for, whats the risk of the test, is there a high false positive rate?......you can even call and ask that, and if they wont tell you, tell them you refuse to go in until you find out. Its your body, your medical care, you should be fully informed of what is going to happen.
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Hi Everyone! I've been meaning to catch up on this thread, but haven't had a lot of time! My name is Meghann and I am 21 weeks pregnant with #2! I have an almost-2-year old daughter also.

With my last pregnancy I gained 22 lbs all together, started out at 235. This pregnancy I started at a few pounds more than that and have yet to gain anything. Actually, at my last appointment my midwife said she would like to see me gain at least a pound or two by the next appointment. One thing I can say that is good, my midwives NEVER bug me about weight!

I'm interested in declining the GD test also. I didn't have it last time, I don't have any signs of having it this time and the test makes me feel like CRAP!: I'm curious what others experiences are in declining, any tips?
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if you dont want the drink, but are still interested in doing it......there are other types out there, a fasting blood draw, eating a normal breakfast (usually with pancakes or something), the jellybean test.

the plus size pregnancy link i posted has some info on GD test alterantives. You may be able to convince your MW to opt for one of those instead.

you can also just watch your urine for sugars in it every visit, and if they are ultra nosey and want to know, you could do a finger prick test every visit to.
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About the GD test. It seems like if you read up on it and simply tell your provider that you do not have any of the more common risk charateristics (no one else in family has Type II, no previous history of GD, etc.) they should respect your decision -- or be willing to discuss alternative detection methods. Urine is checked for sugar at prenatal visits (this was how GD was checked for way back when). If you are spilling sugar then it would make sense you go for further testing.

My father has Type II diabetes and I had a fasting blood sugar done once before I got pregnant and it was on the higher end of normal, so I was okay with the test during preg #1. This time, the practice gave me a glucometer and I took a week's worth of morning blood sugars and a few after meals. Yup, had GD again. I like this detection method better than the 1 hour and 3 hour ordeals! If you are opposed to the glucose test because of all the needles and all that sugar, maybe this could be an alternative that would work?

PS -- Could someone please tell me how to add a signature? I feel naked!

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go to your user control panel, and edit signature.
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Hey everyone, jumping in here! Wanted to ask a question!

When does your MW/OB check for fundal height? When did they start? I'm wondering because mine hasn't checked yet, and I'm wondering if it's because of the extra padding there, or if it's too early (I'm 20 weeks). I hate having my stomach exposed anyway, so I don't mind that it hasn't been checked!
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ummm i remember my OB checking from about 16 weeks onwards.
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My mw didn't start checking until a little later, maybe after 20 or 24 weeks? I have an appointment next week, I'll let you know if they do!
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Originally Posted by sophiamama
My mw didn't start checking until a little later, maybe after 20 or 24 weeks? I have an appointment next week, I'll let you know if they do!
yeah, i think thats better.........i think its more that my OB was into being nosey, at 12wks when i went for my first appt, he tryed to hear the hb with the doppler.
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Hi all! Jumping in! I was size 22 before pg, and the worst problem I've had is finding plus maternity clothes! NONE of the stores carry them. I've found some online, and gotten some on ebay. My munchkin is due in Jan, can't wait!
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Teakafrog-JCPenney has some plus size, as well as Fashion Bug. Both places you can order online.
someone also mentioned I think its something like lanebryantcatalog.com but I havent looked there.
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I'm a size 14 pre-preg. I have a picture posted on my blog. The URL is in my signature.
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Check this link for a list of places that sell plus size maternity clothes. There's other good info there too.
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Originally Posted by Saramomofmany
I have a little gripe. I started my pregnant about 180 pounds. I'm planning a homebirth with a midwife. At the first appointment, she mentioned how important diet/exercise is for a healthy pregnancy and basically said if I don't gain any weight for the pregnancy that is just fine since I'm starting out quite a bit more than I need to be at. Ok, yeah, like I didn't know I was overweight. :
My OB with my first said that. That normally they want mothers to gain about 25 lbs, but that I didn't need to gain any weight. I took that to mean that I didn't need to try, but I still ended up gaining right around 25 lbs.
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