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and also: 'bama? Where are you? Are you stuck to the tub and can't reach your computer???
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for those dying to know..

I did it.


and no..its not a full out brazilian...i still have to figure out how to reach those weird parts, but i did the front and along the sides.


the best part is...

it wasnt bad at all! really now....if you have gone through childbirth twice like i have, with no drugs, then POOEY! You can handle wax.

so that's that!
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i demand a standing ovation for bmama
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*Dutifully standing and ovationing for bama*

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..wow...the breeze is nice! just kidding..i didnt get that far.(yet )
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Woo hoo, Bama! You ARE brave!

Church is finally behind me and I can relax -- I could not get to sleep last night for anything. Dh, who doesn't usually go to church with me, went along to help with the kids and provide moral support, then left straight from there to the airport and a business trip.

It went well enough -- I said what I had to say, I cried a few salty tears in front of everybody, and felt like a big freak afterwards. A number of people came up and thanked me for doing what I did, and I got a couple hugs. We'll see what happens. Miles asked me why I was so sad, and I told him that some people there wanted to cut down the woods, and he said he wanted to go up front himself and say, "Don't cut down the woods!"

Which would have been effective, too, but I think they're heard enough from us at the moment.
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now you're making me wonder if i should....

meli! i'm glad that you were able to speak up. i hope the rest of the church take into consideration your opinion.

boys and pink-i don't see a problem with it. ds looks girly enough without wearing pink though. everyone calls him a girl because of his curly hair.
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DH would FREAK if i put S in pink....absolutely freak.
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I'm sitting here with dye seeping into my brain... I sure hope I like this color. Been a while since I did anything permanent colorwise.
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Originally Posted by bamamom
DH would FREAK if i put S in pink....absolutely freak.
yeah, my DP does too. and then we get a good discussion out of it. i like to challenge his little ideas of masculinity/femininity. i think i am making progress.

melissa- ahh way to go on speaking out! i am just like that too over big confrontations, i get sooooo nervous before and afterwards. it's too bad your church can't see the forest for the trees. :

davina- ooh how exciting!! i think the color looked great, i am not sure if i said that already though.

ok off to cook dinner!

i don't know if i mentioned this, but my parents have been out of town and are getting home tomorrow. so this has been my official two week test of being just me and the baby. things went pretty well. i even found time to watch a few movies on my laptop. the house is somewhat trashed. i do know that i am not moving out anytime soon!
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bama baby- you are tough. i cross my legs just thinking of it.

nancy-happy birthday!!!! i am so happy that you had a good day with the kids.
i am also happy that you brought up the pink issue. i was just talking to dh about this yesterday. i think that clothes are getting more and more divided by gender. like all girl clothes need to be DEFINATLY girl and boy clothes DEFINATLY boy- pink bows for girls and only monster truck tee shirts for boys- stripes are even too questionable without some other sort of gender tag plastered on the front. i was looking at pictures of my sister and self from the late seventies and we would be called boys for sure these days- jeans without bows or embroridery and tee shirts with what-ever. plus, in the eighties, boys were wearing pink a lot.
people call eisa a boy A LOT, even when she is wearing something like a peach blouse, but a baseball cap and i feel like- if they call her a boy, why should i buy boy clothes when the time comes?

melissa- you are changing cleveland for the better! newspaper quotes, church speeches- really inspiring! about meeting- a good friend of mine is taking care of his dying father in cleveland right now and i have the idea that when the time comes, i should go for the funeral. maybe we could meet then? if and when that ever happens.....

michelle sd- oh no! sounds like a pixie cut is coming....

davina- how did it turn out? i want to see!

ok, i am on my last room of the house for yardsale cleaning, i should finish while eisa is sleeping.
oh, she has started "real" clapping today and it is one of the very most adorable things i have ever seen- even in rythm for a few claps.
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michelle- what are peoples comments about dresses? i dont' know what hilger would say, he wears a skirt- i'll ask.
off for real now.
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It's sooo dark!!! It's deep redpurple in the sun, but it is deeeep brown inside. Not sure I like it.
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: Nancy:

pictures Davina?

the cat knocked the baby gate over onto ds. he has a huge welt right on the bridge of his nose. i hope arnica helps him:
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Be brave, Davina -- don't you find that permanent color often changes a lot in the first couple days/weeks? The last time I did color at home I did red and it was really weirdly red ... my friend who helped me do it couldn't bring herself to say anything nice about it! And I remember it looked a good bit different in just a few days. Can't wait to see pictures!

One of the church people called tonight and I need to call her back -- although it makes me very nervous, I also enjoy public speaking and get a thrill out of saying my piece. This is the really hard part for me -- dealing with my own worries of who I have offended and actually digging in to work for change, not just spouting off that everyone else is wrong! All in all, I still feel good about it though -- just call me Captain Planet

I think you are right about children's clothes being so gender-specific -- I remember that for Miles baby shower people had a hard time finding newborn things that weren't obviously for boys or girls! I wish I could find pictures of my brother and me in our matching homemade Christmas outfits, or even better, Easter ... I'd get a dress or jumper, and he'd be in matching shortie overalls and I am quite sure they were lavendar one year.

Mcs, I'd love to see you under any circumstance -- you could even stay with us if you dare!

We went to a crunchy birthday party for a four-year-old yesterday ... a number of MDC moms who have been getting together for the last 2-3 years. We had a vegan cake that looked like Darth Vader, and the hostess had the great idea of having a book exchange instead of gifts -- solving both the "too many gifts" problem, and "having to make gift bags" problem. Sweet!
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I will wait a few days for pics. Meli, I was counting on it looking better in a few days. It's not bad, just really dark. Looks almost black with slight magenta/violet tint if you look really hard. It is redder outside, but I couldn't get pics where it looked anything but brown.
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If Its too dark , try shampooing it tomorrow morning. That should pull some of it back...

I need to color mine again...I hate going grey!!:
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with as crazy as my life is i would think i would have grey hair by now...
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maybe if someone starts a new thread bonnie will come back to life and start posting again. her children need us! i have never done it- anyone else awake and willing?
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sigh...okay , i'll do it.

bonnie probably just got tired of us and ran away..

back in a sec

here ya go..

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