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i guess you all just wanted to see who was really commited enough to follow our group through the maze. well, i made it, but i'm still calling eisa a "professional baby" instead of todler for at least a few more days. she does seem a lot older in the last week though- i am just happy that she is such a cuddler. so many people told me about how they miss holding babes when they get this age, and though she is getting heavy, i still love it.

i just went to a science museam with some friends- fun and a little overwhelming. i said that it made me feel like kids are a plauge- so mannnnny (white only, disterbingly enough) kids. a fun blur.

bama! when is next week? how are you feeling in your pit? not your stomach or womb, but your gut?

amy- so great to hear from you. i miss having you around- i hope the keyboard smashing stage passes soon.

grace- i want your house!

emmy- could you have flushed it down the toilet?

be back later
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Wow. Our house is worth nearly double what we got it for 4 years ago. I guess we got into the market at the perfect time!

The other thing that came out of our meeting is that we need to get the ball rolling and sell in a month! : If we wait too much longer the market kind of dies after school begins. Now dh and I are overwhelmed with projects...
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Go grace Go! Sell that house!!

Ds still looks like a baby and acts like one really...not much toddler in him yet at all. he does take a couple steps here and there..but that's it.

and I wasnt drinking out of the bottle...my smiley was!!

Emmy, that's a good point. You probably flushed it down the toilet!
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I got LOST!

OK, I hope this is the right thread. I followed 2 links trying to get here!

mcs- when did you change your user name? i like almamiel. soul honey. ah now i am reading that it wasnt your name. duh.

i've been MIA for a while, babysitting 3 kids for 10-11 hours a day left me totally BEAT and i haven't touched the computer all week. i'm finally done and a lot richer! also, that was the best birth control i've seen in years...i honestly honestly have no intention of ever having 4 kids in my life after this experience. the kids were 7, 4, 22 months and luis is 13 months. i made it out alive, that's all i can say. luis was super super clingy and missed a lot of naps and was nursing non-stop. so that was his reaction.

hattoo- i went through this horrible few weeks of being about 3-4 months pregnant and having low blood pressure. once i stumbled across my street, with my vision half gone, and then laid down on the sidewalk. that was embarrassing!
and my mom just bought me the nature book you mentioned for luis's birthday! it is on my stack of books to read.

melissa- who was your midwife? my neighbors' first son was born with a midwife in cleveland, ended up with a horrific transfer to the hospital for emergency c-section (i don't know the whole story, but apparently they think their midwife was incompetent and should be sued). and i'd just read another article about a midwife being sued in cleveland for a birth gone wrong. also i am jealous of your butt. hahaha! DP always says he wants to see some booty on me.

myspace- ehh, i joined and then never got into it. i'm not that taken by it. i use facebook (like myspace for colleges) and that's similar enough.

Quote from Emmy:
50% for weight, 95% for height and head.

Same as Luis! exactly! i bet cully and luis are pretty similar looking. big headed, chubby, tall babies.

if anyone is in the mood for a good movie, i just saw brokeback mountain and i absolutely loved loved loved loved it! it is so sad and depressing, and dangit jake gyllenhall and heath ledger are two hot cowboys! anyways i would recommend it. very touching.

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dont think i 'll be watching brokeback mountain anytime soon..lol.

and i am suddenly not that taken with myspace either..i cant find the people i'm looking for!

Dd goes to the dentist on Aug 9th, for her first appt. i am scared spitless.

mamita..babysitting is excellent birth control..lol.
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Michelle, I need to rent Brokeback Mountain. I've heard it was quite good, although after all the hype, I'm not sure any movie could measure up! Although a lot of my friends said it was a very typical love story, the only difference was that it was two guys.
So my midwife told me that she thought the mirena was most likely still in there. She said the strings can get pushed all the way in, but as long as it's still in place, there's no need to retrieve it until I want it out...I would just have to go for an ultrasound once a year to make sure it's still in place.
So, I have to go have an ultrasound Wednesday (which I thought I would get today . She went fishing around looking for it, and all I can say is that I'm all set with medieval torture devices masquerading as gynecological tools, but after some advil and a beer, the cramps are going away. The downside is that if it's NOT in place, they will do an x-ray to make sure it's didn't perforate the uterus and go floating around somewhere. She said they'd rather err on the side of caution and assume that it didn't fall out, instead of assuming it's not in there and have it be taking up residence in my spleen.

Funny part of the exam: Cully was laying on me nursing the whole time, the little piggy.
An exchange with my midwife:
ME: My regular dr said that since my cervix was slightly open, she thought it probably fell out.
MIDWIFE: You've had two kids. Has she seen your cervix ever NOT slightly open? Didn't think so.

Sha... How do you feel about this convo with your dh? Are you okay with waiting a couple years?
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Thanks for the hugs guys. And Emmy, thanks for asking that.

I'm honestly NOT okay with it. But, I do understand Paul's reasoning. It's hard to want something so badly, and yet understand why it's not exactly the perfect tme for it , y'know?

Anyway, I've decided that Im not going to TRY to conceive, but I'm also not going to prevent it. I'll stop tracking my ovulation as much as I can (It's hard to NOT know when you ovulate when you've been tracking it for like three years LOL) But, any birth control or whatever is up to him and God.

I'm hoping that we'll be able to revisit the whole situation in about six months with a happier outcome.

Thanks again everyone. I'm so glad I have you guys.
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: your MW does have a good point emmy. i hope they can find it and that it hasn't found a home elsewhere in your body!
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Welcome Jane! Claire isn't walking yet. She's a talker. Her new word is baby. We've been up visiting my little sister (a succesful VBAC) and showed her the baby. Now that is her new word.

Everyone must know we are going for #4. My sister was asking Ellysia all sorts of questions (Is this your baby? Is this your dad? etc) She then asked her how many sisters she has. She told everyone in the room: I have 3 sisters. Hmmm...at last count I only have 3 kids. So everyone starts yelling: Ellysia spilled the beans! So when we eventually do conceive that next one that might be how we announce to my family: a pot full of beans.

She really does want a baby sister. Last week I came home from work and as soon as I opened the door she asked me if I brought anything home and I asked her what she wanted (sometimes I do bring a treat home). She asked for a baby sister. Apparently Claire isn't enough.
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Michelle - Does Claire sense something you don't know about? A friend of mine's son predicts pregnancies before mums even know!! Could be....

(I'm noticing a trend among us gals really forcing the pg issue on others)

SA - Why do men have to be so stinking logical all the time??? Don't they understand that us sisters make decisions based on emotion? They're not always technically right but who cares? We deal. Good luck in six months anyways and maybe he'll be too lazy to use protection. I've got my fingers crossed for you anyhow.

Brokeback Mountain - I have already been briefed by DH. That movie is not to be rented unless he isn't home. I think I'll wait until winter when he's working a lot.

mcs - I really enjoy the term "professional baby". Would you mind if I used it on occasion? Sage is a big cuddler too. The other mums at playgroups try and steal hugs from her all the time because their babes haven't done it in so long. I hope the next one is like that too.

Emmy - Is your spleen even zoned for tenants? Sorry, bad joke. I can't use those ones on DH anymore because he called me lame tonight.

Well, it's movie night. DH just came back from the video store. Yikes! Last time, he rented Date Movie. I was really blessing the pg exhaustion that night because I fell asleep 5 minutes in. Wish me luck!!
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LOL emmy.. i did that with dd once. when i went for my 6 week exam, she was on top of my nursing away...quite precarious looking balanced on me..

and i dearly hope your mirena is ok..yikes on the digging!!


grace..i emailed ya..

HAttooo...how ya feeling??

So who all is actually pg so far? Hattoo and Annabelle?? Is that it?
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Feelin' good bama!! Everything's uphill for the next couple months. I can't believe I'm in my 2nd trimester already. All this kid stuff goes way too fast!!

So DH rented Benchwarmers. I wouldn't recommend it.
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men and their choices in movies...arg. not good. Although if I were sick and in bed, Dh could do a good job. Its just when he's renting stuff for us or himself...THAT could use a little improvement..
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How are you feeling today bama?
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umm...well....not 100%, but not dog sick either. just a little tipsy woozy..must be that bottle of liquor i had last night..... ( ha ha sharone anne!)
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i'll be ten weeks tomorrow! geez how the time has flown! i'm hoping that things continue to go smoothly. we meet with the midwife on Thursday so that will be exciting. she can't do home births since she is the only CNM in the region and her insurance provider won't cover them but she works out of a birth center. we've emailed eachother a few times and from what she's said, although the birth center is attached to the hospital it is still very home like, all the rooms have tubs, once the babe is born the focus shifts to bfing and the babe never leaves your room because they don't have a nursery! i'm super excited. this way, we'll still be able to do the cord blood banking thing. we donated ds's to the St.Louis Children's Hospital and we're planning on doing the same with this babe.

bama-so, if you are indeed pg, do you have to start the progesterone asap to make sure the baby sticks? or do you need to start using it before you even ttc?

hattoo-glad you're feeling better!

mamita-good to hear from you. i can't imagine watching that many kids with ds. you are a brave soul.

michelle-that'd be really neat if C knew something that ya'll didn't
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well, technically, I *should* have started using it months ago. That is the only sure fire way we have ever carried a baby to term'

If I am indeed pg, then this one is a verifiable oops

I have to get blood tested asap after a + test..make sure my levels arent bombing.

until then..we wait.
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Anne, that birth center sounds nice! Miles was born in a freestanding birth center and it was cool.

Sorry you are disappointed, SA -- but on the bright side (maybe) I am THRILLED that we waited as long as we did for #2. I'd read somewhere that three years is optimal spacing (since it lets the first be a baby and not have to share until s/he is more ready to do so) and 3.5 years apart has been really great for us.

Mamita, my midwife's name is Pam -- what's the name of the midwife you heard about? I wish I could ship you part of my butt!

Emmy, I hope they find that thing soon!

We had flooding here Thursday night -- nine inches of rain in one day! Dh and I were in the middle of an argument when the water came bubbling up through the drain in the floor of our basement. We carried all our stuff up into the garage so nothing was damaged -- a lot of our friends and neighbors lost a lot of stuff (those with finished basements, and those who just lived closer to the lake and/or river). I think I got a touch of food poisoning along the way though ... ugh.

Are our babies cute or what? Danny is killing me, toddling around all over the place, and being so expressive!

BTW, I liked Brokeback Mountain too (very bittersweet) -- isn't it amazing though how many men flat out refuse to see it?
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oh i am so glad to see our group still hanging in!!!

Well im official single mom
before L was 1 year we seperated, its all very civil, and although im on maternity leave untill next week, their dad has them every other night, we live kinda close, and have even spent summer vacation together, but its tough, really tough.

ok, who is pregnant, and who is almost pregnant

Melissa (and Anne I think who has 02 kiddo's) hows the behaviour??? we have hit a real wall with my good little girl, she was always so .... grown up, listened well...now she laughs and runs when i tell her anything....books, ideas ??

glad to be back (again!)
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NANCY!!! We have missed you SO much!! Tell all on yahoo, please?? We wanna be here for you.......: : :

Annabelle is pregnant, Hattoo is pregnant, and I might be! Ack!
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