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One last confession...

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Ok, so I can't sleep & I am desperately craving some chocolate & so I have broken out my chocolate yogurt covered raisins that I bought as one of my labor snacks : Guess I will have to go out tomorrow & restock them. If this baby doesn't come soon, I may have to replace my whole stash of labor foods. Mmmm, but they are yummy!
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I would just about kill for fudge. Maybe I will go out and buy some "labor snacks" myself this afternoon and if they're still around when I go into labor, then YAY!

I think we should do whatever we need to take care of ourselves these last few days.
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oh ice... when I went into my 42nd week, I started breaking out all KINDS of treats for myself and the boys that had originally been planned for labor day or the weeks after. It was just as hard as the postpartum period, bc we were all so bored and anxious. Go for it!
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