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How soon do you tell everyone the good news? - Page 2

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Well, I am also in the minority with RachelMolly! We (all three times) did not tell until the "safe" week 12! It was special to keep it just between me and dh (and our midwives - and with #3 this message board!) but no one IRL - not parents, siblings, best friends - knew before week 12. That said, I don't get morning sickness so it wasn't so hard to hide.

If I had miscarried, I would have told people closest to me and gotten their support then. I just know too many people who told early then lost the baby and had to deal with comments from people who heard the good news but not the bad later. I just wasn't willing to risk it.

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With both of mine, I told as soon as I had a positive hpt. With my first, I told dh and thought we should wait 'just in case' and he didn't agree. I think he broadcast it with a bullhorn all over the state! LOL! He was so excited. I just told him I needed to call my mom first (she's out of state) and he needed to tell his parents. I do have slight morning sickness and was extremely fatigued, so I'm not sure how I could have avoided telling anyway.

Another girl at work has a dd a month older than my dd and she didn't tell until she was 12 weeks- her announcement was after mine. I was very surprised and felt very selfish that I was telling everyone my news and she was pg and not sharing. She is a little older (42 at the time- but doesn't look a day over 32) and was more cautious. Her older daughter was like 23 at the time.

With ds, I told everyone again. At about 6 weeks, I started bleeding and thought I was m/c. It turned out to be nothing, but I was very relieved that people knew so I had the support of my coworkers. They were great.
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With #1, I told everyone right away! I hated all the, "you don't look pregnant" comments and other smart alek remarks. With this one, I am waiting at least until the first ultrasound, if not until 12 wks. Only my online buddies know, besides me and DH and DD. I'm guessing DD (almost 2) will tell her grandmothers given the first chance, though, and think that's a great way for them to find out!
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Thanks for the replies...

I've been "good" actually. 3 coworkers know and both sets of parents. I'll tell everyone else after we see a heartbeat!!

Cheers to all of us!!
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