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Early signs?

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I feel so incredibly dumb posting this, but, as usual, I can't help myself.

I was very, very fertile Sunday night. We had sex using a condom, with no sign of leakage. But both of us "felt" something unusual and special. "I hope we didn't just start a baby," dh said.

I'm pretty sure I ovulated during the day Monday.

Now I have very sensitive nipples. I normally get breast soreness before my period, but I'm still mid-cycle, and this isn't the whole breast, just the nipples. It hurts for anything to touch them. I've never had this before, at least not that I can remember.

I know, I know I'm just being a silly wishful thinking hopeful girl, and my period will come in precisely 10 days, and my BBT will not stay up high so I will not have to wait for April 4 to come to know for sure. But for now, it's driving me crazy! Agh!

Would you all please share your early pregnancy symptom stories with me? Even if you didn't have any symptoms, just knowing that would help. Thanks! Have fun!
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Sorry, I didn't have ANY symptoms at all, in fact I still don't - I'm tempted to pee on another stick to make sure again (done 6 already) :LOL

But if it is your first baby, symptoms come earlier I believe, for women with more than one pregnancy under their belt, the body doesn't react as fast to the hormones.

I hope it turns out to be whatever YOU'RE hoping for!

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My first symptoms was being SO tired! This was right around when I tested (9 dpo), and I remember taking naps constantly! The morning sickness didn't kick in until oh... 14-20 dpo... but my breasts started growing, nipples got slightly darker and veins were showing more pretty early as well (maybe just a little earlier than the morning sickness?)...

But as far as signs right at ovulation, nope, I didn't have any then. I did have a 'gut feeling' though. I rememeber listening to Stevie Nick's Crystal "Do you trust you're first inital feelings?" is the first line and thought to myself "Yup, I trust myself, and yes I am pregnant!". I was right.

Hope that helps a little bit! And I hope you get whatever outcome you're looking for!!
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My symptoms were exhaustion and sore nipples, that was it. Time will tell!
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I felt something twice ~ during sex. It was special, deep, "necessary," and emotionally incredibly satisfying.
I never felt that feeling at other times.

If I had trusted my feelings both times, I wouldn't have had to waste lots of money on tests before being testable. I'm not a very intuitive person usually, but both times I was pg.

good luck!
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I know what you're talking about...I knew I was pregnant from the time of conception. The initial symptoms were really sore breasts, especially the nipples...extreme fatigue, and body aches. Most pregnancy test say they're acurate for up to a week before you're period is due and I peed on the stick almost two weeks before I was due and it turned pink before I put the cap on!!
I hope the wait is not too terrible...it sounds like you already know what you want it to be...good luck!!
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This pg I craved sour patch kids immediately. I'm not kidding, and I don't eat candy often. I had little hope of being pg, although we were trying and had been for awhile.
Then I couldn't fit into my pants. Again, I thought I had just gained a few pounds and was surprised at how dramatic it was, but didn't even consider being pg. I even called my ob/gyn to talk about the next step in increasing my fertility. And then the next day I tested positive, very very faint.

First pg my breasts got really veiny. That was it. Then I got tired.

Sending you good thoughts!
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I had sore breasts (REALLY sore!) and I was an emotional wreck (and very grumpy) the first few days after I ovulated/we conceived. I would get angry very easily and cry if someone looked at me funny. It's strange because that grumpiness happened the first time I got pregnant, too! I don't know why.
Anyway, I, too, hope it works out the way you want!
Take care of yourself.
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This is my third pregnancy. Didn't feel anything very early with the first two. This time I was feeling nausous 4 days after I ovulated. Still feeling it at 9 weeks! Feels like I've always been sick and always will be!
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Good luck to you...

just very tired and I had "a feeling" that I was...but of course in hindsight it's easy to say that. Boobs a little sore thats about it. I'm almost 4 weeks pg on Sunday!!
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I remember saying after "we should have used something":LOL

Then I put it on the back of my mind until I started not being able to eat pizza. We were remodling a house and I was worried DP was think I was just tring to get out of helping him. But then it kept happening, when you are doing remodleing you eat a lot of pizza I couldnt even look at it, and it is one of my very favorite foods. I asked DP when my last period was because they had been off for a few months due to stress and he said June 12th--- It was late July!!!!! So, he kept telling me you already know, chill out! And by Aug. 8th I couldnt take it anymore and took a test! The line changed before I even could look at it. Sounds like you want a babe! So good luck.
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I felt symptoms about 1wk before period was due - nausea and fatigue and I just felt generally achy. I really, really, really thought I had the stomach bug that was going around until after about 5 days of that, and 2 days before period was due, I took a test and it was positive. The sore nipples started when my period was about 3 days late, and they are nothing at all like PMS breast tenderness - More like my nipples are sunburned!

Also, one of my symptoms that led me to believe I had a stomach flu was I was very.. err.. gassy! My abdomen felt bloated with air and tender if I pressed it. My mother swears I *did* just have the flu, but if I skip a meal or eat something that doesn't agree with me it all starts up again, so I am reasonably sure it's just one of those weird hormonal things.

The aversion to smells and a hyper-sensitive nose thing also started about a week before my period was due, and about 5 days before my period was due I suddenly couldn't eat bananas, pb, or oj because they just tasted different (and bad) to me.
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I think during sex is too early to know you've conceive, because conception doesn't actually occur until several hours after sex. Although, I think you can know during sex that it's the right time, which in my experience has always resulted in conceiving.

I think you should trust your instincts. I knew in the first few days with my pregnancies, long before I could take a test. I didn't have any obvious symptoms -- I just felt different.
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I suddenly couldn't eat bananas, pb, or oj because they just tasted different (and bad) to me.
Aggghhh! I think I'd wither away if I couldn't eat those three foods!

I think you can know during sex that it's the right time, which in my experience has always resulted in conceiving.
It was definitely the right time--I knew that for sure. However, we were using a condom. That throws a wrench in the plans, doesn't it?

I asked DP when my last period was because they had been off for a few months due to stress and he said June 12th
My sweetie is very knowledgeable about my periods, too, but I don't think he could say off the top of his head what my last dates were. Yours is pretty impressive!

When my nipples first started hurting a few days ago, I thought I'd never be able to wait the whole two weeks without going crazy. But it hasn't been so bad. I'm just acting as though I'm not pregnant (except for avoiding alcohol--just straight tomato juice for me, thanks) and figuring if I get that way, it'll be a nice surprise.

The morning after it happened, dh made that comment about hoping we hadn't just started a baby, but last night he said to me, "I wanna be in a family way with you!" And although I have told him my nipples are sore, I haven't mentioned a word about possible pregnancy. Sometimes I wonder if he can read my mind.
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My body was just psyching me out again, I guess. AF just came. So, not pregnant! I'm pretty happy, honestly--I wanted to wait a while longer anyhow. So yay.
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