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Labour Mix Ideas?

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So I am making a labour mix for the ipod. I know one woudl think I would want Enya or something on it, but that isn't me. When I was in labour with dd, anything slow pissed me right off, so I want upbeat, happy dance-y tunes. I'm thinking Blur, Depeche Mode, Barenaked Ladies, etc.

Anyone have any ideas for me?

What are you guys going to listen to?
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I wish I had something to suggest for you...I'm so bad at coming up with happy dancey stuff!!!

I'm going with Kris Delmhorst (what I listened to last time), Nickel Creek, Redbird and the Weepies. I might change my mind last minute but right now that's what I want to listen to.
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I've never wanted any noise during labor. But if I did, I've always thought that the soundtrack from the Living Seas imax film that Sting did would be awesome. Otherwise, maybe something by Noirin Ni Riain.
I'm a huge Depeche Mode fan, but it's not something I'd imagine giving birth to personally.
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I just made some mix CDs the other day for birth day -- I've got a few -- a mellow one, a light/happy one, and a more rhythmic movement one. In making them, I found I was attracted to mostly world music, natural voices and hand-played instruments, with no electronic tampering -- kind of like I hope my labor will be, I guess I've got African lullaby music on there and lots of drumming and sitar music. I wish I had some belly dancing music, i think I could really dig moving to that during labor. We'll see how I feel...
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Ever heard of Ultra Vivid Scene? They aren't around anymore, but I *love* their Joy release from waaaaay back in 1990. It's upbeat, happy and dancy. It's on my labor cd.

I don't know where you download music, but I found them on emusic.com (which has a great 2 week trial - 25 free songs - you just need to cancel, if you want to, before the 2 weeks are up) but if you google them, I'm sure you can find other sources too.

Along those lines, The Pixies and old Breeders (like their first cd Pod) are favorites of mine too.

Of course I could be way off track from your musical tastes too.
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If you want kind of fun, funky folk stuff I recommend Martin Sexton. He can be goofy. Jack Johnson is also pretty light and peppy and some Death Cab for Cutie is awesome, although some is more mellow. Oh, and for girl singer I would go with Frente if you want upbeat or maybe Edie Brickell.
I'm not too much help cause I am going with more mellow stuff that I won't be too tempted to sing too. I am the singing queen and probably won't concentrate on my labor if it is a song I love.
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Yeah I totally sang my heart out in my last labour
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I am listening to the stuff that just makes me feel good in the moment. Luckily my homebirth means that I'll have access to everything! I like more mellow, singer/somgwriter types when I need to get my mind off of things and sing along

I also have my "new age" relaxation CD that I've been practicing my hypnosis for birth with, for when the labor gets to the point that I'm not just happily bopping along to music and need something more intense to focus on. Let me tell you, it was REALLY hard to find a CD that I actually liked!

In labor, I think it just really helps to have something that just really is comforting to you. Songs or bands that remind you of happy times, stuff that makes you want to sing or dance, a good beat you can focus on, something like that.
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Originally Posted by SummerTwilight
I am the singing queen and probably won't concentrate on my labor if it is a song I love.
I dunno... during different times in labour, I think a good distraction is not a bad idea. Just a thought.

Hehe, when I first saw this thread, by "labor mix" for some reason I thought of a mix for a hydrating, electrolyte replenishing drink during labor (I've heard some call it laborade)
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Yeah that is another reason I am glad to be havinga home birth. If I am not in the mood for my labour mix, I can listen to whatever I want.

The only problem is DP has over a 1000 CDs, so I always find it overwhelming trying tp pick out something to listen to.
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