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I'm kind of hoping that it *is time*!!!!
I have been feeling crampy all day long, and extremely sleepy....I took a long nap with dd today...and still was tired! I have been nesting like crazy, and cleaning everything 3 and 4 times....Which is exactly what happened last labor!!! So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.....although I'd love for him to wait until after tomorrow! My baby shower is tomorrow afternoon, and the way my luck has been this pregnancy, he will decide to come right before it starts..... which I would be bummed about, because I didn't really get a baby shower last time around, and when I did it was an after thought, like I guess we have to do this for you.....I'd kind of like to enjoy a baby shower! We'll see though....it might just be hoping too much!
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You know, the first Blessingway I went to - the mom was in the early stages of labor during it! Hopefully your little one will wait until tomorrow night! Rest and stay well hydrated! Good luck to you. I'm going to be thinking about you tonight!
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Well, if it's time for him to come I hope you have your dream birth.
Sending lots of easy labor vibes your way.
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Ack! Tell him he can't come until I put your swap gift in the mail tomorrow!! (ok, yes cats out of the bag, I'm your gifter but whatever) Hang on baby, you have presents coming!!
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Oooh, I didn't check posts last night...hope you're still pregnant so you can go to your shower!
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I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Enjoy your shower!
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Aww, I hope the timing is right for you! GOOD LUCK!
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Well....we just made it home from my shower, with no baby!!! So, maybe he's just getting momma ready....and taking his time like his sister did (I labored for 3 days, non-stop with her!).
We had a nice shower today, it was lots of fun, but now I am ready for him to get here!!!!!
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Aww, I'm glad you had a lovely shower. But I surely hope you don't have such a LONNGGGGG labor again. Keep us posted!
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That's good news. Glad you have a nice time. I hope the little guy is ready soon!
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