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I'm joining in! I'll be starting tomorrow. Guess that means I have to figure out what to take for lunch!
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Today I am at 6/15
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Originally Posted by serenetabbie
Today I am at 6/15

I have had an extra house expense just about every day. Hopefully the second half of the month will be better for me.
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i just saw this thread. our goal this month is just to stick to our budget which includes putting a small amount into savings.

last month was terrible. we stick to everything except for "spending." that is just for ATMs and random purchases but not food or bills. we are expecting so we bought cloth diapers and a new carseat. oh and some baskets to store the diapers in. then we had a repair on our car. my gardening hobby which we will probably break even on b/c i have to pay for potting soil. the worst is train stuff. my husband likes to buy thomas the train stuff for ds, but he knows and we are going to do better this month. AND we went to the ATM way too many times and i don't know WHAT that is going toward? i might have sold a sling yay.

so our goal is basically no spend with the exception of eating out one dinner and one lunch which is not where we are messing up. no toys, no trips to target (we bought curtains for ds' room- great for naps!), free outings (i passed on the museum and we went to the park for free instead), etc. we are already in the habit for eating breakfasts and lunches at home yay. even dh super yay.
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Okay, so today I am back in my groove. I ended up spending a little too much on food this week and need to cut back if we are going to come in on budget this month. I have a pantry full of rice and beans, so it looks like we are simplifying for a few days.

My houseguest is leaving this morning! Also, DH is leaving for 4 days and I am really looking forward to a nice quiet weekend with the kids. Everyone needs to rest and recharge. Ahhhhh...simple walks to the river and library.
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I don't have a monthly count, but other than a pair of shoes I bought last week we haven't spent on anything but food.

We really, really need to work on our food spending habits. I try to do a weekly run and get everything then because I hate grocery shopping. We leave a running list on the kitchen counter and just add items as we think about it or run out. The problem is, yesterday my husband said he "ran out" of spinach (which he eats for lunch). I told him to wait until Sunday or go get it himself. So he chose to go get it himself and came back with about five other things! He bought two bags of spinach and I know he will not eat both before Sunday, so the second one will probably go bad. Then he buys a case of pop, which bugs me because I have completely cut out pop, but the temptation is still there. Maybe I'll ask him to put somewhere other than the fridge. So our grocery budget is becoming a lot more than I ever thought it was. Yuck. I have a wonderful husband and this is something very minor, so I know it shouldn't bug me, but it still does.
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Can't be on your page for August.

Back to school.

Books, etc.

My kids and my first day is 28 Aug, I'll be buying textbooks, oy.

If I didn't spend during the month of August, I'd be much better off : Add to that a $1K washer because I promised the universe I'd buy the best quality energy star appliance every time I needed to replace one and our old washer bit the dust last week.

Good luck to you, however, the less we spend the better.
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I'm doing terribly right now! Money is like a drug for me--I'm clean for a long time, then I have to buy something and before I know it I'm at Target everyday. I have to go fix lunch now, but will be back later to divulge more/confess.
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Add to that a $1K washer because I promised the universe I'd buy the best quality energy star appliance every time I needed to replace one and our old washer bit the dust last week.
DB, Did you check to see if your utilities company offers rebates to get back something on energy star appliances? I know our gas & electric does this & it comes out to be a significant amount
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Awwww I flunked today! I bought 2 diapers and got take out for dinner : Added up to about $40. I came across a website that was going out of business and they had Fuzzi Bunz for $13 Ok, see how bad I am! Now I'm going to look around here for something to sell so that I can redeem myself

Good luck everyone, weekends can be tough!
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These last few days have NOT been very good for the no-spend. Ds and I went to visit my parents while dh was away on a trip for work and I spent $45 at Wild Oats on shampoo, soap, etc. We needed all that stuff at home, but it was *so* expensive. Then last night we spent $50 going out to eat at a Japanese restaurant with our friends. It was fun, and really good, but we absolutely cannot spend anymore extra this month!
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Target be damned!! I still have more to say but computer time is so limited these days. Cranky, teething babe.
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No spend day here! Tomorrow is our last piano lesson. We decided to nix them in order to fund our pay-down-the-debt lifestyle. Emma wasn't getting much out of them anyway. I think that is the only money I need to spend all weekend. We have enough food for the next few days and I'll do a grocery run sometime next week.

Tightening the old belt time.
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We went grocery/household supplies shopping today and came in $9 under budget!!

I did spend a bit though, we stopped at Goodwill and I got 3 pairs of pants and 4 dresses for DD, but the total was only $11.13 and she won't need much more to get through the winter.
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Ugh! I had a bad day today.:
All impulsive purchases--$26.49 worth!:
I had been doing so well too...I chalk it up to poor planning and stress.
Back on the saddle tonight though and planning for a complete NO SPEND weekend!
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I'm late, but want to read. : Bex, thanks for the heads-up.
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Welcome Tam!!

I am really pissed right now. I thought that I was doing a good thing by trying to do my grocery shopping at the grocery store rather than at Wal-Mart. To save money and to avoid impule purchase temptations. Well, the grocery store prices were outrageous, it took me forever to find things, and I left without getting everything I needed so now I have to go back later. And I'm already overbudget for my grocery budget this week by 8 dollars.

How do you reconcile shopping at a box store as opposed to a grocery store? Am I just shopping at the wrong grocery?
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Good frugal weekend for me! We are officially out of diapers. Emma had been wearing a Pull-up at night. She is turning 5 this Fall and I figured it was time to see how she would do at night without the "overnighty" diaper. Well, I guess she was ready. She had 2 accidents the first night and then went all night last night without one. Hooray! That will save me some nice cash.

Edgar hasn't worn a diaper for the last 3 days and also stayed dry last night.
We mostly cloth diaper, but I always have disposies around for backup and for nighttime. And I buy wipes.

Not buying diapers and cancelling piano lessons will net me another $100 a month. Rolling that cash right into debt repayment.

Everyday, I seem to find a way to save another couple of bucks. It amazes me, since I thought we were a pretty frugal crew. And yet, I find another place to cut back. At this pace, we will be living our debt-free dream next summer.
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Oh! And I just found out from my neighbor, who is a mortgage broker, that I can have my house reassessed and delete the PMI from my mortgage payments. The assessment will cost me $300, but save me $780 the first year and $1080 every year after that. Thrilling news. Frugal news. Love it.
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I'm beginning anew tomorrow. I have done major grocery shopping and "catch-up" household shopping (was out of town for a week and a half) so I have nothing else that I NEED to buy. Everything else that pops into my head is a WANT. I am not going to spend this week! I simply won't allow myself!
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