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Originally Posted by Mom2Wilmo
I think the easiest way to do this is the 24 hour rule (Bex80 knows what I'm talking about). If I see something I really "need" I have to wait at leats 24 hours before I buy it to think it over. It has kept me from wasting a lot of money.
YES! This is the best thing I have heard in a long time--I'm so happy that you mentioned it this morning. I think I can save myself a lot of heartache that way. I will buy something thinking, "If dh doesn't like it or if it's the wrong color/size or if it's not necessary, I'll return it." and then one thing leads to another and it doesn't get returned and winds up collecting dust.

Also, I've read that you should only have things that you absolutely love (unless they are a necessary item) and don't buy cheap replacements or things that you are settling for. Like, if you want a pair of Birkenstocks, save up for the Birkenstocks. Don't buy 8 pairs of cheap knockoffs that you don't really like just to satisfy your need to spend.

Anyhoo, I have had my first no-spend day.
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Originally Posted by judesmama
BUT lately I've felt a real shift in my attitude toward spending money in general. I used to always want to buy things that I didn't need. However, because of my voluntary simplicity journey I've come to not even want those things I don't need which in turn makes it so much easier to not spend.
Would you mind telling me more about this voluntary simplicity journal? Sounds like the kind of shift of thinking that I need to make.
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There is a Voluntary Simplicity Tribe...it's a great way to help with frugality, for me anyway.

Here is the beginning of August's Thread

Here's July's

And June was a good month...
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Originally Posted by kathirynne
My children (and their cousins, friends, et cetera) know that there are always 3 choices at my house at meal times:

1. Whatever I have decided to make for the meal.
2. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich (made by whomsoever is too picky to eat #1)
3. Starvation

(I think it's important to give kids choices... )
This rocks! I am laughing so hard I can't type. My kids live with a similar rule, though pb&j is actually noodles and sauce. I don't know why I thought I needed to feed our cousin anything special last summer. Sulky, moody teenagers bring out the insecure goof in me. This summer she can suck it up and eat noodles.

I'll hold out for the sake of my budget. Making this last credit card payment is soooo important to me right now.
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I hope it's not too late to throw my hat into the ring! I haven't been on this forum much in the past.

My DH was out of work for a looong time, and now that he's back at work, I kind of feel entitled to spend some money. That's no good; we need savings, and we have a pile of student loan debt, etc. My problems are books (you'd think I was allergic to the library which, incidentally, is four blocks from my house...) and eating out (A#1 excuse: it's too durn hot to cook!).

So, we have a great budget, if I could just stick to it! Tomorrow morning, I will put Spanish beans and rice in the crock pot and I will stay away from the bookstore and off of Amazon.
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I'm in. I've lurked here a bit, but this thread must be divine intervention because we have some big new expenses this month to squeeze into the budget. Ds is going to a private 1/2 day kindergarten. He barely got in (they were full and he was top of waiting list), so I just paid the $150 registration fee, but there is also a $100 book fee, and $140 tuition due by the start of school on the 21st! Plus I just paid my final $112 for the midwife today. :

That's a lot of unexpected expenses all at once for us. Not sure how we'll make it, but some 'no spend days' ought to do the trick. I didn't spend, but dh did, so I guess I can't count today. I'll have to talk to him before bed about the plan. The next two days should be easy...there's just not any extra money until payday (Friday) anyway. I'm also about to have a baby, so I won't be out spending for a bit. I can already see getting dh to buy in is the only way to make it work.
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I made it today, (I guess actually yesterday as it's now after midnight) but I didn't go out (too hot). Not sure if dh counts or not. He brought dd a new craft home today. About $3 or so. Tomorrow should be easy - it's my day to work at the library, and it's in the opposite direction of any stores, so I won't even pass by them
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Hi, everybody! I guess I'll make the first post for today; I got dinner into the crock pot, so we'll definitely be eating in tonight. Yay! I need to sit down this afternoon and make a menu and a grocery list so we'll be prepared for the rest of the week. I have this problem with not cooking, but it's not so much because I hate cooking (I don't love it, but it's OK), but because I hate making the list and buying the groceries! I hate the stores, I hate putting everything away, all of it.

When we go out this afternoon (no shopping; just gonna register DD for school), I think I'll stop by the library and get a new library card. I lost the old one. It won't take care of my book problem (I just love to own them. ), but it's a start at least.
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Doing well today. No money spent and dinner is planned. The kids and I went to the gym this morning (I teach aerobics) and they had a great time in the daycare room. We are staying in this afternoon since it just tipped 100 degrees.

I have an invite to go to the community pool tomorrow. It is seven bucks for the three of us which isn't a ton of money, just cash I don't want to spend this week since I know we'll be going to the pool next week when we have guests. Hmmmmm....I should decline the invite. Darn.

Ah well, we went swimming last night at a friend's place, so it's not like we are deprived.
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Did well today. I had to get milk, eggs and a couple of other things at the grocery store. I only took $20 with me so I stuck to my plan and didn't buy anything that wasn't nessecary. I only spent $12.97. We are home now and the kids are splashing in the pool. I have something in mind for dinner and have eggs boiling for tuna sandwiches for lunch. Monday is grocery shopping day, but I will usually get stocked for the month and only buy a few things as needed through out the rest of the month.

My big concern is our homeschool cirriculum. I see it as a neccessity so I think if I find a good deal on ebay I will scoop it up. We shall see, sometimes thoughs shipping cost are just plain CRAZY.

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Day 2 and so far so good here I've resisted the urge for an iced coffee twice now (would usually grab one on the way home from dropping my older 2 off at their summer program). We needed a few groceries today and I stuck to my list!
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1 day down...

I spent no money yesterday...

And today I have a lasagna in the refridgerator all "built" and ready to be baked. (We're doing a co-op dinner with our neighbors tonight; I'm doing the main dish and the veg, she's doing the bread, the drinks, and the dishes... )

I will have to buy some groceries this weekend, but if it's not on the list it's not going in the cart.
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I did bad bad bad today and yesterday. BUT I'm babysitting for the next two days and will recoup more than what I spent so I guess the situation is not so bad. Oh, and I sined DS up for an art class but it was only forty dollars for ten weeks and I think that's a pretty good deal. Um, what else? I have dinner in the crockpot too and used a gift certificate for coffee this morning so I feel like I had a treat. Good job to everyone but me!
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I didn't spend a dime today! I am so proud of myself. It helps that I went back to work. (I am a teachers assistant for our local school district.) Dh and I decided to TTC next month so I really need to watch my spending if I am going to be a SAHM!
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I'm new to this, but I LOVE the idea! I don't think I'll go without spending anything in August, but this will force me to think more about what I'm spending money on.

It was our anniversary today, so DH did buy some sparkling grape juice and cider ($4 for both), but we ate dinner at home. We were going to go out and use a gift certificate, but felt like being at home, so maybe another night. I made a double batch of meatballs and froze half for another night. Had a veggie side dish and fruit for dessert. Easy and yummy.

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I had a no spend day today. Yippee!!

I know I'm going to have a blow-out day at some point for school stuff, though.
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I did well today I really, REALLY wanted a chocolate bar, but instead I made some cookies and that appeased my sweet tooth. Also, I passed on breakfast out with the playgroup tomorrow morning...I guess I can make pancakes and eggs way cheaper at home, but I'll miss the company
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Oh I want to join! I think I can do 15 days. Starting from yesterday, I am at 1/15
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I want to join too...I will start today since I spent $40 yesterday on ds's summer wardrobe for next season (I thought that was pretty good!). Anyhoo, this will be great for support and inspiration. I just need to stay away from those darn garden nurseries....
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Yesterday I ended up spending $12 dinner and a planter. :

Today we will be staying home and hopefully doing better.
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