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Yesterday was good until dh got home and wanted me to pick up dinner. So I count that as his spending not mine.

Today not too good. I took the kids for breakfast, the meal with tip was only $25. I had to get diesel in our Suburban so that was another $30. Than hit the half price book store and blew another $30. The books were not necessary, but they are ones the kids will enjoy and will be beneficial to their literature lessons later this school year. I am 2/15 right now.
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I haven't left the house much except to visit friends and relatives, and we ate dinner at their homes both times. That saved us money. Gas was 3.15 today when my dh filled his tank. I'm so happy to have fuel efficient cars, but I still won't be going out without a good reason anymore.

So August has been a no spending month here so far. I do have to purchase 2 birthday gifts tomorrow. The child is getting a $5 bike bell(thats what she asked for) and the adult is getting a $15 gift card. I would normally spend $20 a person before gift wrap and card. Sophie is making their cards and I've been saving gift bags from previous holidays. Woot!

Sophie has stopped asking to go out to lunch. I guess hearing no 1000 times has finally sunk in although I do feel guilty that I've taken away our weekly lunch date. I need to find a free alternative that doesn't involve walking around the mall and is close by. All the good museums and activities are a 30 mile round trip for us. I guess that would only be a gallon of gas...I hadn't thought of it like that.:

It's exciting to see the thread so active already!
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Another good day! I skipped the trip to the pool not because I was so frugal, but due to a dead car battery. My neighbor jumped it for me and all seems to be fine.

I have grocery shopping tomorrow and will have to scrimp to keep it under budget. I am making an extra dinner for a friend who just had a baby and we have a house guest all next week. Lots of extra mouths to feed.
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Another no spend day for me! I hope I can keep it up.
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i wish i'd found this thread earlier today.
today i went to get groceries. i walk to the grocery store, so i can never get more than i can carry home with me. this time it was too hot to sling ds, so i strolled him, forgetting that i can't carry a grocery basket and push a stroller at the same time. so i got 3 things. definitley no overspending there.
here comes the part where i'm a loser.
on the way home i walked past the 7-11 and there was a toonie (the canadian 2 dollar coin) burning a hole in my pocket so i went in and bought a yummy flavoured coffee with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. again forgetting that i can't carry coffee and properly steer a stroller. it took me 10 minutes to get out of the parking lot, carrying my coffee and pushing the stroller. the coffee was too hot to drink and the day was too hot to bear and the coffee kept splashing all over my arm and burning me. needless to say it took forever to get home and eventually i dropped that coffee in a dumpster, deeply regretting my purchase.
so if i'd read this thread earlier i wouldn't have bought that coffee and not only would i have not had a sticky, slow, overheated walk home but i would have a day to mark off for the challenge.
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I spent no money today and made $40. Yea for me!
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I got all inspired just reading this forum...I just recently started to sit down at the end of themonth and compare what I projected we would make and spend to the actual. It has been very sobering. We are still getting used to being a single income family. It's stressful and depressing some days. We just found out that our monthly heating cost will be $240. I want to stay home with our 8 month old, but on days like this I wonder if it is a luxury I can't afford any longer. We are travelling this month so it's bad timing for me to join a no spend group, but i am going to start mentally preparing for September. i think that a "sticking to the budget" commitment is a reasonable starting point for me. Wish me luck.
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Doing well so far this month! I spent nothing on Tuesday and Wednesday and
I spent 6 dollars today. This is still really good for me for a couple of reasons.

I spent $5 this morning for coffee with a friend, but I am on vacation and have not had to run errands or grocery shop at all. I wanted to buy a big fat coffehouse pastry and I DIDN'T!! I spent $1 for parking after being taken to lunch with my old doula (she picked up the tab unexpectedly ) and tonight I was so tired/stressed that all I could think about while bathing the kids and putting them to bed was going to Chik-Fil-A afterwards and getting a milkshake. Luckily for me it is now almost 10 and they are probably closed and it's too late to go out so I ate a granola bar and that will have to satisfy me for tonight.

Sounds like everyone is doing a great job putting forth effort so far this month! Yay!!

It is hard, but I think we are taking steps in the right direction and the more we try (even if we don't succeed everyday) the easier it will be to get right back on the horse, so to speak.
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Spent $23 yesterday on bad food at a chain restaurant ; although there is $ in the budget for dining out, this was unplanned and not worth it! DH also spent $350 paying for prescriptions for his father; clearly money well spent, but alas, it was unplanned and not in the budget. Hope to do better today...
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Not doing so well with this so far this month. I know there's plenty of time left, though. Yesterday the cupboards were bare, so we ate out - not fast food, though. Then it was straight to the grocery store, and I know that doesn't count, but we still spent money. Today I have to go to the store and get school supplies. I'll let that not count since it's needed for school in a couple weeks as long as I stick to the school supplies list.

I have a feeling it will feel so good to have just one day of not spending on anything unnecessary! Hopefully I'll go into labor soon and we'll have several days in a row of not spending to count toward our 15 days. I'm taking dh's lunch to him today (was too tired to pack it last night) since I'll already be out so that he doesn't spend either.
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Well, since today is our first paycheck of the month it starts today for us and my goal is to FINALLY STICK TO OUR BUDGET! We have to start somewhere and this is it. Our budget works on paper if we can just do it in real life. Maybe after a few months of this we can scale back our grocery and allowance money.

so, this morning I paid our bills, Dh and I took our allowances, I took out our food $$ and that is it!!! No more debit card purchases AT ALL! Here's hoping we can stick to it.....
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It's unbelievable all the temptation in the world!

We're only 4 days in and it's tough but it makes me realize how much money I was spending frivilously. I have had an urge to spend money every day, if not several times a day, on a quick latte or a snack.

Those of you that are good at these "no-spend" months...give us some inspiration....how do you resist your temptations?
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A few days late, but I'm in. So far, so good. I got groceries on Wednesday and I actually came in UNDER budget, yay!

Nothing special planned for today so it should be easy not to spend!
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OMG Where have I been?? Day 4 and I'm just joining...still nursing my hangover from no spend July Seriously I will repeat "I don't need any more cloth diapers" until I can't speak if that's what it takes this month not to buy them! I did pretty good last month, with the exception of DIAPERS!

This month we have lots of pet costs (vets, heartworm prev) etc. We are also becoming a foster home for the first time for the boxer rescue I volunteer for, so who knows what will come with that.
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Yesterday I bought a rice crispie treat whil at borders. It is my free time while dh has ds. Does that count? So far nothing today except groceries.
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I spent nothing yesterday and today. Except to fill up the car. I don't think that counts though. I will wait to pay for my diaper order until I have something else to buy that day.
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So far today I have spent $0!!! I took dh his lunch, but ds had behaved badly at breakfast, so we've put off the school supplies for now. He's very excited about going to school for the first time, so not going was a real bummer for him. He's doing much better this afternoon, thankfully, and I might still take him this evening. But, it's August and school supplies are needed. But like I said earlier...I'm sticking to the list!
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Postponed a trip to the grocery...

I had a few things on my list for the grocery this week end, but my neighbor asked last night if I needed anything, so I mentioned the one thing I was completely out of.

She bought it for me (along with some other produce that was apparently on sale) and now I don't have to go to the grocery until next week! (And she told me not to worry about paying her for it.)

So the plan for the week end (instead of shopping ) is grocery inventory, meal planning and (for a change) laundry. It's a no-spend situation.

Good luck to all of us the next few days....week ends can be tough!
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I still haven't spent a single penny! I'm going to go get some groceries in a few, but with my list handy so I won't get all crazy thinking we need random stuff
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I'm trying; I think I'm doing OK, but August is so durn expensive! I went out and bought the kids' school supplies this morning; have to give myself a pat on the back because I went during the tax holiday, so that saved at least $20. I stuck to the list, except that I bought 4yo DS some crayons and a tablet because he wanted "school surprise" too.

Yesterday, I took 12yo DS to the thrift store for some shorts and t-shirts, which was definitely necessary. I don't think I'll ever get over the thrill of walking away with a HUGE bag of clothes for my kids for $60-$80! I bought some more canvas grocery bags, too, which I'm always on the lookout for because that saves us 5 cents everytime we use one. I have 9 of them now, not enough for a big shopping trip for a family of 6, but a good number.

And then, tomorrow is our anniversary, so there'll definitely be a little spending on an evening out, but DH and I don't have very refined tastes so we won't be going anywhere too expensive.

: All of a sudden I feel kind of overwhelmed, but I'm within our budget because I had planned for the extra expenses, so that's good, right? And September should be cheaper.

Keep those posts coming! You all are an inspiration!
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