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How is everyone feeling?

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I thought I would start a thread where everyone can update us on how they feel! Today I feel tired and my boobs are really sore! I haven't felt sick yet but I think that is coming. Mostly I have just felt really worried. After 2 m/c i am having a hard time relaxing! I keep telling myself day by day. Easier said than done!
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My breasts are really sore, they look a bit different, I have had some round ligament/psaos muscle (that's what my chiro called it) pain, and a full feeling in my uterus that is best described as crampy without the rhythmic nature of cramps. No spotting, no real nausea.
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I'm SICK! It seems to be hitting much earlier (and worse) than it did with Fiona. I never really got *sick* with her and the little bit of nausea I did have didn't come until probably 8-10 weeks. I'm just *4 weeks* today! Doesn't that seem early for strong food aversions, nausea, etc.? Weird ....

I am happy to say that my breasts are sore and feel a little bigger. I had NO breast changes through my entire first pregnancy and breastfeeding was a daily struggle (awful supply issues). I'm hoping that things will go differently this time.
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I still sort of feel like I have my period. I'm relatively crampy, like the 2nd day's worth of cramps, and have tender boobs. Nothing too bad, though. I'm not tired or anything. I really don't have any real symptoms yet. I'm just giddy ;-).
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I've been really tired and just a bit queasy. My breasts don't hurt, but they didn't with my second pregnancy either; maybe because I'm nursing?

With my dd (my second pregnancy), I had basically zero symptoms, except fatigue, until I felt her moving!
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My breasts are sometimes sore and defiantly bigger! I've also been dizzy, hungry, and had some heartburn, which I haven't had since I was pg with DD. I've also been sick, with elevated temps (~99+), swollen lymph nodes, and a head cold - which I gave to DH and DD. And I feel bloated a bit
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Nothing yet except I'm a lot hungrier.

I've been on a special diet (lots of basic whole foods and tons of water, just no sugar/salt/oil/most carbs) for the past 5 1/2 weeks and it was smooth sailing until a few days ago. Now I get viciously hungry at night (just ask dh). I'm trying to listen to my body and eat a little extra but last time (last preg) I listened to my body and ate everything and gained a lot (which is why I've been on a diet). I've lost 17 lbs. My goal was 20 but I don't think it'll happen because when I reach my mental deadline of Tuesday I'M HAVING PIZZA!
Ok, this is not the place to discuss diets, sorry mamas.
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HUNGRY!! (how can a speck make me want to eat so much!?!), sore boobs, and dh says they are filling out nicely not queasy yet, will take that as long as i get it! and tired...just wanting to chill out when usually i like to be on the go. my body seems to know i need to just give some energy to growing this babe
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I am still feeling completely normal. I'm trying to really enjoy it, because if this pregnancy is anything like my last one, I'll soon be miserable and throwing up all day, every day.
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I don't envy you mamas who have to deal with morning sickness, or worse, hyperemesis. That is really terrible.

I don't usually get much, other than queasiness time to time, and I am soooo thankful.

I hope that it is better this time for all the mamas who experienced it with previous pregnancies.

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Nauseus, but no throwing up yet. Tired, could be due to waking at 5:30, freakishly not able to go back to sleep. And during the week I have my two plus babysat boy so it's not really conducive to naps. I am definitely taking a nap today.

And a little hungrier. I had been on a "diet" patch that's really a health/wellness conglomeration of herbs and homeopathic remedies. That was giving me energy and suppressing a bit of the munchiness I tend towards, not to mention keeping me *regular*. But, while I *know* it's safe for pregnancy, the company doesn't endorse pregnant use. And it made my skin itchy the third day after finding out I am preg. So I ditched it. Now I am having to try to really pay attention to what is actual need to eat, and what is my innate love of eating.

But ok, I am queasy now, so off to eat a banana!
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I wake up super early now too and I can't fall back asleep. Weird.

And gas is a problem now.

Oh no, now I'm queasy too. I need to go eat breakfast (it's 8am here)...
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I've been feeling pretty good the last few days. I was feeling sick last weekend through about Wednesday. This is my 3rd pregnancy. I didn't have many early symptoms with the last two except tiredness. This time, I've felt sick, my boobs hurt, and I'm super crabby.

I can also already feel my abs expanding. They feel kind of tight. I have a feeling I'm going to show very fast.
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Very, very irritable, thank you! I've been "emotionally strong", passionate if you will, my whole life. Now I just can't seem to hold it in! Maybe it's the fatigue making me so pissy. I'm soooo tired! I can handle the sore boobs, the crampiness,the peeing every half hour, even the nausea, but pleeeeeze give me back my ability to rein in my emotions!

Oh, and it doesn't help that my husband "decided" to get sick less than 48 hours after I told him I'm pregnant...gotta wonder if there's some correlation or if it's merely a coincidence! I'm the one that should be coddled and taken care of right now! Instead I'm dealing with more than he could handle PLUS taking care of his whiny butt! :

Yes, definitely could do without this *&%#@ irritability!! (will it go away...soon, or will I be like this for the next 8 months?!?)
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It's funny that others have mentioned, um, emotional irritability as a symptom. Last Saturday morning I had a BFN (was that only a week ago?!?) and when I told dh that it was negative, and that I needed some help cleaning up a big spill, he responded with, "you're having a bad day, huh?" : I was seriously po'd at that point, because as if not being pregnant was equivalent with having a bad day, blah, blah, blah. I screamed and wailed and carried on until my throat was hoarse as his insensitivity and blah, blah, blah. That night I had a BFP!

Then this week, I was waiting until just the right moment to tell a friend my happy news, and she had been told already by my administrator at the office. My grandmother, same thing, by my mom. And my chiro by a good friend. They all had great intentions, but I was a bit, um, emotional, when I found out my surprise was spoiled, ya know?

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The fact that a tiny little gathering of cells is making me so bloated is BIZARRE. Seriously, my profile looks like I'm 5 months pregnant, but it's all bloat, all the time.

I'm going to have a hard time keeping this to myself unless the bloat backs down a bit, hehe.

Anybody else?
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Um, yes definitely bloated. You can take dandelion greens as a mild diuretic (NOT A DR HERE!! WARNING!!! lol) And dandelions are supportive, and high in potassium, so as not to deplete resources.
A tincture would be easier than, say, foraging in your local organic fields....

I definitely am going to show early this time. Not so much actual baby popping out, but my belly is like "oh, I've done this two times b4 I know what's coming!!!"
It'll be really nice when I am showing, because you know? Everyone lets you get in the front of the line at public restrooms....
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I am very bloated looking also! I have heard that progestrone relaxes your muscles and that can make your stomach bloated early. I still haven't gotten morning(all day) sickness yet. I am still very irritable and tired. Oh and gassy. Have a great day.
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I had a MAJOR depression/crying jag last night (ew) and didn't get to sleep until almost 2 am. Then I had to get up at 6:45 (I got to sleep in!!!).
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My breasts are tender and quite.......voluptous already! I can't keep my hands off 'em. Neither can dh, for that matter!

I do have some cramping/pulling going on. It seems more pronounced than with my first two pregnancies.

I'm surprisingly very un-bloated, which was actually kind of a clue to me that I was pg. I usually swell up like a balloon a couple of days before AF. I'm going to enjoy this for as long as I can, because I know that my belly will just decide to pop out any minute.

I'm not cranky. I have a feeling of peace about this pregnancy. I hope that lasts too! Every once in a while, though, I'll go, "Holy carp! Three kids? What have we done?!" Those moments are fleeting.
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