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I've been having little twinges here and there, and some bloating and gas, but I think the biggest symptom for me right now is restlessness. Especially at night, the last few hours before bedtime. I get so restless and irritable. Nothing sounds good, not reading, not watching tv, not sleeping (or I'd wake up at 2am), not playing a game, not talking to anyone. Just grumpy. It sucks. Hopefully it won't last long.
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I just found out yesterday and I keep feeling like my period is going to start. I have cramping but it's not as bad as it is before AF but still annoying. I've been peeing a lot but then again I have an overactive bladder so what else is new

I must be bloated or something though cause I could not button my jeans yesterday... and this was before I tested and got a bfp. I know it's too early to be getting bigger but I couldn't believe that my jeans were so dang tight!
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Let the games begin!

Up until last week, I was feeling period like cramps and a some 'weirdness in my head' (not headaches, not lightheaded, just 'off'). My boobs have been sensitive, and I've been super gassy! Yee Haw. This is so much fun

Then the other night it hit me! I woke up feeling like I was going to puke. I managed to breath through it and fall asleep again. This happened again last night, and then this morning in the shower, dry heaves. Yuck! I have been feeling queasy on and off most of today.

I am finding that blood sugar level contributes, and that's why I think I am waking up in the middle of the night and feeling ill. I'm going to sleep with some crackers by the bed tonight and try the suggestion of waking in the morning, eating some crackers and staying in bed for another 15 minutes.
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I'm doing ok so far : Sore & veiny breasts & yesterday they started to seem bigger (woohoo ) I've had spotting the past three days, and some mild crampiness - or maybe it's more just pressure/pulling - more nagging than anything else. And this morning I'm feeling pretty gassy/bloated. So far I've done ok w/little or no nausea - I'm not looking forward to that - crossing my fingers that maybe I'll be one of the lucky ones that doesn't really get morning sickness - I've got a phobia of puking. I'm also pretty tired. I've been worrying a lot (especially about if things are normal, like the spotting and all the weird feelings around my uterus), but that's not a surprise... peeing a lot, but that's not new, either.

So how long do you think it will be until we're not so enchanted by all the strange things our bodies are doing?
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Originally Posted by peacechief
So how long do you think it will be until we're not so enchanted by all the strange things our bodies are doing?
Probably 9 months for me.

I'm feeling sick, weak and shaky this morning but I don't think it's morning sickness. I came off my diet yesterday and ate processed foods (aussie pocket ) and pizza....lots of things I haven't had in 6 weeks (salt, oils, sugar, dairy) so my body is reacting big time. Live and learn.
Reminds me of the movie Super Size Me.
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My boobs have been KILLING me. So sore. I also had to buy a bigger sized bra the other day. In scarier news, I just had a little spotting about an hour ago. It seemed pinky brown, but still. Now I'm completely paranoid...
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I know I will continue to be fascinated by my body at least until I'm done nursing, (milk shooting contests, anyone?) so I've got a few years to go! I love the changes my body goes through, except for the painful ones like sciatica.

I feel exhausted and ditzy and out of it today. I didn't get to eat breakfast this morning and things were crazy at the office so I didn't get to eat until 11:30 and then it was a black bean burrito from Taco Time. With stuffed mexi fries.:

My breasts are less tender and my cramping seems to have slowed, so I'm glad about that. I woke up burping this morning though and thought it was hilarious! That has never happened to me!

I'm trying to enjoy every day of this pregnancy, but I'm impatient to feel the baby move! I know I have a long wait for that though. Probably Septemberish/Octoberish.
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Originally Posted by juliaaaah
My boobs have been KILLING me. So sore. I also had to buy a bigger sized bra the other day. In scarier news, I just had a little spotting about an hour ago. It seemed pinky brown, but still. Now I'm completely paranoid...
I wouldn't worry about it, Juliah. Some spotting is not abnormal. Also, your cervix is more sensitive, so if sometimes after dtd with DH, you might have some spotting.
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Julia - I've had spotting the past three days - and I've been worried about it, too. I got a few responses from others on the board who said they had spotting (some even a little bit of red blood) early on in their pregnancy & things turned out just fine. I also asked my family doc when I went in to test last night and she said it sounded like nothing to worry about.

Now, that doesn't mean I'm not worrying But it sounds to me like it's a pretty normal thing, and that unless it's bright red &/or with bad cramps, it's probably fine. If it lasts, though, I'd say go to your doc just to be sure rather than keep stressing yourself out.

So I think I might be like Nichole & be fascinated through nursing. I grew up around an attitude of bodies & sex being embarassing & taboo, so I'm learning so much through this whole process - Right now, I'm just totally in awe of the fact that my body figured out how to make a little babe & is just going about doing it's own thing to keep the little guy growing & developing. So cool
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thanks for your reassurance, guys. I really appreciate it. I'm slightly less paranoid now :-).
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juliaaah, hugs to you--i've been on both sides of that (spotting=fine; spotting=not fine), and it's just a waiting game. if it's still going on at 8 weeks and you'd like to know for sure, that's one situation where i definitely allow myself an ultrasound!

don't forget, too, that a lot of us could still be having some remnants of implantation bleeding, so there's that.

fi have to say, completely ot, that my dd's best friend is called julia and we made up a little song that goes "juliaaaaaaa, juliaaaaah, julia and hazel they are friends (etc)," so every time i see your name i get the song stuck in my head, ha!

as for the feeling: i am exhausted, starving, thirsty, peeing a lot, and alternately violently grumpy and in this altered, buzzy, happy, life-force-washing-over-me state. also, i swear that i have a belly already. what the heck? i'm all for it, though. bring on the belly!

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today was my first real day of NAUSEA...I couldn't eat much this am and while walking home I really thought I might have to head to the bushes....except there aren't any bushes here I managed to eat some fruit and found my SeaBands, and those drastically improved how I am feeling.
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I still have no real nausea but I do have indegestion. Still really tired and very snappy. I start to feel a lot worse at night after keeping up with my kids all day. Overall, I am still just enjoying being pregnant.
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DD has been sick with a bad summer cold (we think) for a week that has ended up in a sinus infection. She hasn't slept much for the last 2 nights, which means neither have I. :
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Elizabeth - No sleep is not fun.

I'm pretty much the same - my spottings gotten lighter so I'm happy about that. Not having as much cramping/pressure etc. And today I'm feeling a bit more queasy. Up until today it's mostly been after dinner or just gas/indigestion, but I've felt a little sicky on and off - eating has seemed to help, though, which is good!

I've been having a hard time getting comfortable sleeping - I normally sleep on my stomach or half on my side, but what with my breasts & belly being sore... I've been so tired, though, it hasn't been much of a problem :yawning:

Still just in awe, though, so not too bothered by any of it
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I feel sickest about an hour after I eat, even if it is a snack. Also, while driving which is weird since I have never been prone to car sickness. No I am just sitting here regretting my Baja Fresh:Puke<--- I'm not quite here, but feel like it

I rarely got sick w/ DD, so this is unexpected :
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Hey all,
i just dont feel Pg-- I have less of an appetite, but attribute it to the heat-- Nursing hurts now- not terrible, but i notice it.... Sorry for all of you feeling sick ;( i hope I don't go there... but i am only like 4 ish weeks... so so it'll come soon i bet!
By my calc. it looks like i'm due April 7th, or so...

quick OT question-- How do i put a weeks tracker in my siggie liek some of you gals have?? do you update it each week or is there a way fo rit to update itself??
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There is a thread about the ticker - you have to change it every week. You can also choose a different smilie if you don't want the heart
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I am just tired, with sore breasts, and fullness in the pelvic region. Unfortunately sleep is eluding me, as I only slept 2 hours last night before being called out for a birth, napped on and off for 2 hours this afternoon, and have another client in early labour now. However, I am off for a month in 10 days, so it can only get better! :
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I'm still feeling decent. My breasts aren't as sore and my cramping seems to have slowed quite a bit. I think I actually pee less now than I did when I wasn't pregnant, but I'm craving a ton of water, so I'm thinking my body is just using all the fluid I drink.

I am SO stinky though, omg. :

I need to go out in the woods or something by myself, cuz I got some major bloat and gas. That's the LAST time I a fajita at the fair!

Edited to add that I can barely stay awake and I've already got pregbrain. I left my keys in the athletic store yesterday, went to two other stores before I realized it! I also left DD's birth certificate and other important docs at our fair booth. Thank goodness my boss was there. Man, I'm in trouble if this keeps up!
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