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Caroylnn - I've wondered about that, too - mostly for me, like you, I've had less heaviness/pullings/twinges.... Still some, and some different twinges than before, but definitely less. My breasts have been seeming not quite as much bigger or veiny the past couple days, but they are still SORE! I'm pretty tired today, and definitely gassy . This is the strangest phenomenon - how obsessed and glad we get when our bodies do things we would normally find really unpleasant and be unhappy about, and then when we don't feel them as much we get so nervous.

If I make it through this without becoming completely it'll be a miracle.

I was thinking of starting an "is this normal" thread - anyone up for that, or does that fall under this thread well enough?
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I'm envious of you gals with symptoms! I don't really have many yet...the big one (in my mind), nausea, I don't have. I do feel bloated and have cramps occasionally but that's about it. I'm at 21 DPO, so just starting 5 weeks...maybe it'll get worse soon, so I can feel better! Aside from my bloated stomach, I don't *feel* pregnant right now....I'm still temping and taking a HPT every morning though so I know it's ok (I hope! I haven't yet gone to a midwife so I haven't gotten any bloodwork done yet to check my levels) I'm just trying to enjoy it as much as I can till it gets worse...but I would feel better if I started getting some nausea!!
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I guess this is the ddc with not much morning sickness. I don't have it yet and I always get it. Oh well, maybe that is a good sign. I only feel gasy, moody, and tired.
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Nausea here! I never had it with DD, so I am a newbie. It sucks, doesn't it! At least I am not :Puke

Sometimes I have to make myself eat, but then I feel a bit better... for bit. Mostly I am just exhausted ALL of the time.

peacechief - Go for it! Start the "is this normal?" thread
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Don't feel a whole heck of a lot like I'm pregnant...
I'm nervous every time I go to the bathroom. Hoping that's normal.
Other than that, nothing too unusual.
Had some really vivid dreams, but that's about it. No nausea or tenderness.
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Feeling a little icky this morning. I didn't sleep well last night, so I think that's part of what is making me feel so green. I am SO

Nothing sounds good at all and I'm forcing myself to drink water.

Hoping that I don't get ms like my last pregnancy.

I'm also a little crampy, but I don't mind that. It's just a reminder that there is a reason for this icky feeling.
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I'm feeling ok - worried that I'm not feeling bad enough! I'm pretty tired still, gassy, little breast soreness but not as much. I've got some pressure in my abdomin at the moment - not pain, but feels heavy/full. Hopefully that's good?? Lots of mood swings : So far it's been mainly dh that's had to deal with them, but the poor unsuspecting librarian who answered the phone last night when I called to ask why I hadn't gotten a book I'd ordered yet took some of the brunt, too... :
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I felt pretty sick last night. I felt nauseous and like my uterus was strained, for lack of a better word. I had to lie down and take an evening nap before getting ready for bed, hehe.

This morning I feel fine, if not completely hungry. Oh, and the pre-cut papaya I bought from Trader Joes almost made me puke. It may just be a bad batch, so I'm going to offer it to a coworker to get confirmation on my first official, bonafide food aversion.
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My first aversion was for Frusion, that yorgurt/fruit smoothie thing that I used to LOVe for breakfast. DH was sweet enough to buy 5 of them for me for my last week of summer school ~2 weeks ago. I took one and couldn't finish it. It repulsed me. DH has been slowly drinking them, but there is still one left in the fridge

There have been other things. I remember before I had a m/c last time, the smell of chocolate and peanuts together made me almost vomit. DH loves the two together. ick.
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Anyone having horrible headaches and migraines? I looked it up in my books and apparently they are yet another symptom of pregnancy--I sure wasn't bargaining on that! I rarely had headaches before and now it's constant! :

Still tired, blah, blah, blah...same-o, same-o
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Originally Posted by juliaaaah
I felt pretty sick last night. I felt nauseous and like my uterus was strained, for lack of a better word.
I got this feeling yesterday when I was swimming. It was so bad (like a tight straining feeling in my uterus) that I had to stop swimming that stroke.

didkisa, I've been having headaches every day too. : Hopefully it'll go away soon.
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Not feeling very pregnant here either! Mostly just constipated. I've never had many pregnancy "symptoms" but after my miscarriage I'm super nervous. So, today in the shower I gave my boobs a lil squeeze and out came a drop of colostrum. Now I feel so much better! I haven't nursed in over a year so I know it isn't left over
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I'm feeling very nauseous. It's odd for me because I don't usually have morning sickness until around week 8 or 9, so I'm wondering if I'm actually further along than they think...or maybe twins boooooooooooo! I've had a ton of cravings, but can't keep them down...sorry TMI. I hate this freakin morning sickness!



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I feel sooo much better today! Woo-hoo! Headache is waaaay down, almost nonexistent at times! I have much more energy, although still tired (not as much, tho'). Heartburn has started up, but I've lived with GERD for almost ten years, so that's nothing new--just worse than usual. Still no morning sickness, but I have a feeling it'll start this week. Dunno why...
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Anne hope it doesn't last very long!
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Just breast tenderness here. I usually start the all day sickness around 6 weeks. Just when I think I'm not going to get it.
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Today it's really starting to hit me. I'm exhausted and nauseaous and I've thrown up twice. Ick ick ick.
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Oh boy -- the fatigue is hitting me. I work part-time and am sitting here at my computer fantasizing about my bed.... Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.....
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