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Must...........stay...........awake :yawning:

Other than that, I'm okie dokie. I've always been big on water, so the peeing every five minutes is old hat. I'm so tired though and don't want to get up, so I put it off until 10 minutes.

Our office mother hen seems to think that I need sweets. She keeps bringing me delicious desserts. I feign resistance, but in the end, I always cave.
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I feel okay. Exhausted, but that's normal with my schedule and in this heat! No throwing up yet (knock wood), but every single time I eat, I get awful stomach cramps and diahrrea (sp?). It's wearing me out.
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I think nesting has started early...I feel this overwhelming need to clean everything! Just rearranged my kitchen cabinets, etc. Just need to scrub the stove and set the oven to self clean!

Now, I feel soo sick. : Hot and weak and vomity...blech.
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MonkeyPrincess...if you run out of things to clean at your place, feel free to come over to mine! I'm sure my messy house can keep you busy for days!!!

I'm feeling so very good today! Yea! Still no nausea...what's up with that?? Bring it on, I can take it! Actually, I really needed this "feel good" day today as I've been soooo tired, cranky, achey, and the headaches have been unreal. I was due for some happy time! The calm before the storm....yeah, I know my body!!!!
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Feeling ookie today. Couldn't even finish my pb toast this morning, which is like a staple for me. Couldn't finish my chocolate milk, either and haven't eaten since. I'm going to lunch w/my mom today, so hopefully I'll be able to eat something.

I am SUCH a grouch. It's really uncool. DH kept asking me what was wrong when I got home yesterday and I finally yelled at him "NOTHING IS WRONG! I'M NOT MAD!" Obviously, there was something wrong. I apologized immediately and then went to my room and cried. I really gotta figure out how to control my emotions. DH is such a doll, he went to the store and bought some of my (when I'm not puking) favorite things: Chocolate milk, peanut butter and Doritos so I can make my pickle/pb/Dorito sandwiches. Man, I love that guy. :

I'm really trying to embrace serenity for this pregnancy, but it ain't happenin anymore. I need to go running, I think.
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This is my first pregnancy (5 weeks today) so I'm ever-so-watchful for symptoms and everything is new to me, but so far, I haven't had too many.

I've felt a little pulling and heaviness in my uterus and it seems like I have to pee an awful lot. My boobs are a little tender but not unbearable. I've maybe had a few slight twinges of nausea but nothing lasting. I don't really feel pregnant, which worries me a little but I suppose I should be glad that I'm not feeling yucky.
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