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DS really sucks ...

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... constantly! He nurses non-stop. It has to be a growth spurt or something. There were a couple of marathon 90 minute sessions yesterday, without very long breaks in-between those feedings. Luckily his latch is great, but it still makes things a bit tender and me a bit : !
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DD too. If she wakes up not attached to my boob she is PISSED.

Problem is I have overactive letdown on one side so she latches, sputters, screams, repeat. It's making me crazy :
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I have a little one attached to my boob at all times too. Seems like I get a ten minute break before he is ready to go again! I know he's getting enough because I can pump out 2 oz in a matter of minutes! Especially in the morning. I have to pump one side while he's feeding or it will just pour out of me!
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Same here! Though his latch isn't great so I am in pain, pain, pain. I admit I'm starting to use the pacifier when it is clear he is just sucking for comfort. I'd hate to give up and pump full-time like with last ds so the pacifier is keeping my boobs relatively healthy.

Never say never - I was the most anti-pacifier person on the planet before this little sucking soul came into my life...
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My little guy is so back and forth that my milk supply doesn't know what to do with itself! : One day he'll nurse almost constantly, the next he'll snack five or six times and spend the rest of the time sleeping. He's gaining weight and putting out more wet and poopy diapers than I can keep up with, so he's doing just fine, but oh, my poor boobs!
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