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Originally Posted by SummerTwilight
I also obsess over this until my midwife told me today I may not lose my mucus plug at all. With some women it just dissolves into you. So now I am less paranoid. Cause otherwise I was thinking if I haven't even STARTED losing it, it could be FOREVER till I am in labor!
I am glad you said this. I know it already, but I really needed to be reminded. I keep thinking it'll be forever till I go into labor, if I still haven't lost my plug yet. :

So to answer the OP's question, yes, I am obsessively checking for the mucus plug/bloody show!
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I keep playing the "Worst Case Scenario" game in my head. :

As in... "Well, i'm at someone else's baby shower, sitting in a really expensive leather chair, wearing light colored pants, surrounded by strangers. Wouldn't this be the most embarassing and messy time ever for my water to break? Come on, waterbreak!!" I doubt i'll go into labor 3 weeks early, but it's fun to dream. This babe is so big and wiggly, I figure she's probably ready at 37w1d. Right??
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Originally Posted by peilover010202
Mine is the same as vegan explained hers, really thick and yellowish, "sinus infection-like snot" perfect description for me too.
Yep, that's what I keep getting too. lol I thought that I was the only one that was describing it like that. I never lost my plug with dd or had any other signs, so it's probably wishful thinking anyway. But I still am obsessed, lol.
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yeah, I've recently turned into a tp checker...

And I'm actually disappointed when nothing shows up!
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Great thread to read bc I am not quite in that mode yet, but reminder to self--don't eat cheesecake while reading a TMI thread about snot-looking discharge.
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I check the TP, too, and I did near the end of my last pregnancy, too.
I just had my 38 week checkup today and opted for a vaginal exam because I wanted to know how things are going. Turns out my cervix is 40 % effaced, my cervix is soft, but not started dilating yet, so the nurse said it's good progress for now. The baby's heartrate was 132 and I've gained exactly 20 pounds so far. We went over my birth plan and all is good, I left them a copy.
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I had more mucus this afternoon, very much like before A.J. was born, and a little more when my water broke. So I guess my prediction was accurate! 1-2 days after the plug comes out for me until labor.....hmmm, it's been almost an hour though...where are those big contractions I wonder?
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