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ECing two

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Has anyone done this? Am I nuts? Will I have to sling both all day long? What if they both have to pee at the same time? What do I do if I catch a pee? What do I do if I miss one?
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Is it just me or do I sound a little crazed? LOL!
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I haven't done it.

No, you're not nuts.

I don't sling Evan all day long. I don't think slinging is necessary to EC.

Just do what you can to catch the pees and poops of whichever baby. Whatever you can do is great, no need to achieve perfection.

If you catch a pee in the sink or toilet, you don't need to do anything (except rinse). If it's in the Baby Bjorn little potty (highly recommended), just dump it in the sink or toilet.

If you miss a pee, no biggie. Change the diaper, wipe the floor, change your shirt :LOL whatever!

We catch about 90 percent of the poops but who knows how many pees. We usually get the ones after he wakes up, but we don't get them all during the day.

Remember, the perfect is the enemy of the good!
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lauri bouke (sp) knows of a mom who ec'ed twins... she might be able to hook you guys up to talk about it.

don't sweat it.... someone said
imperfect ec is still ec

the main thing is to let them know your listening
good luck !!!!
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Originally posted by BowenTherapist
lauri bouke (sp) knows of a mom who ec'ed twins...

Forgive my ignorance but is she a member or someone in the ec community?

PS I caught my first poo this morning.
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Laurie Boucke has written a couple books on EC (I have Infant Potty Training and it's great); she's posted here a few times. Here's her website, it has a lot of helpful information and links:

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