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Start them in pots, line the pots up in a basket or window box before giving them. I'd just use potting soil. Organic would be nice.
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Originally Posted by Petersmamma View Post
I made this scrub for myself and I loved it! I made it for a friend and haven't heard back if she liked it or not!

Here's the recipe:

1/2 cup coffee grounds from a freshly brewed pot
1 cup turbinado sugar
1/4 cup olive oil
10 drops peppermint EO
1 tbsp vanilla extract (I don't think this really adds anything, so I leave it out)

Mix all together in a bowl and that's it!!

The instructions: Start with your feet and work up, paying special attention to areas such as knees and elbows. This has oil, so you may want to use it on a non-stick surface (like a rubber bath mat). Wash off with your favorite soap and you will be awake and soft all day long!

This smells AWESOME from the vanilla and makes you SOOO soft!

I was thinking of making this scrub and either making (prob not) or buying some sort of body wash and putting those together with one of those bath poufs (which I suppose you could also make). That seems like a nice gift, right? I was going to do that and add a gift cert for a massage (I know a woman who does them in her home for cheap!!) for my dcp.

How long could this keep in a jar do you think? If i am giving them as gifts I would like to make them a bit ahead of time.
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just bumping this thread.... so cool! love all the ideas!
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I love this thread - and have gotten some great ideas!

We're not doing anything too unusual for our holiday gift giving...some mixes-in-a-jar, cookies for grandma & grandpa on a plate with the kids' handprints, etc... Here are some others though that won't cost much, if anything:

* I am crocheting leg warmers for two teen girls on my list. I am also crocheting dd17 a way-cool duster. I have tons of neat yarn that I've picked up over the years.

* I cannot get out of a craft store without a cart full of something...which frequently doesn't get used for lack of time. So, several nieces are getting "Scrapbooking Kits" and "Craft Kits" of all never-used materials out of my cabinets.

* I can't get out of a bookstore cheaply either and have been selling books on Amazon.com's marketplace. I have several new or like-new books that aren't worth much on Amazon because of the abundance of books or because they are a couple of years old. It occurred to me that one of these mint-condition books (on woodworking) would be perfect for someone on my list!

* I am downloading a free trial version of a slideshow software to make DVD's like a pp noted. I have TONS of pictures of the kids and these would make GREAT gifts for far-away relatives and, of course, the grandparents.

* I have asked my family for coupons for mysef. For instance, I have had paint for the kitchen and bathroom for 4 months, but haven't had opportunity to paint. I would love for someone to offer to help (either by making the meals that day, painting with me, or just being my right hand with the baby) so that I could finally get it done!

* Something I am doing for DD's 18th birthday is compiling a list of letters of advice for her. I'm relying on mostly family members and her friends (sworn to secrecy) and am even writing to some elected officials, just for kicks. I'll put them into a nice book for her. Of course, you could do other themes as well. I'm thinking of doing the same thing for our 7-week old son. He needs NOTHING for Christmas, so we're not buying him anything, but I am thinking of asking family and friends to send a written "blessing" that I could put into a book for him.

Something else we're doing differently is remembering the obvious: Cards and wrapping paper get thrown away - so I won't spend anything on them. I have a ton of wrap from my pack-ratting days, so I'm set there for a while. Last year I sent an end-of-the-year letter, which I'm sure people appreciated, but it was recently pointed out to me that even at $.05/minute, you could have a nearly-10 minute phone conversation with someone cheaper than you could send them a letter. Perhaps this year I will eliminate correspondence with people on my list that are there only out of habit or obligation and call people I care about ... I could even afford to talk for more than 10 minutes!

Anyway, loving the thread and looking forward to more great ideas! (I too am making the coffee scrub!)
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I love the idea of the letter book. How sweet!
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Thank-you so much for everyones contributions! I have been making lots of stuff that I got ideas from here :

I have another idea for yall who sew... mittens

I am using fleece and felted wool sweaters for mine.

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i need some help from you guys. i'm not very crafty (well, i have the talent but not the motivation or desire). what i was thinking about, from reading your ideas, is baskets for my SIL, maybe my brother, and both of their dd's ages 17 and 12.
can y'all help me with that? i'm thinking....here are my ideas, vague as they are. baskets from the thrift store. have to have low handles as i'm sending them from NC to upper NY State. i can spray paint them? what else can i do for decoration?
then fill them with.....(here's the vague part)....i dunno, body-care products? from the dollar store, or we have a discount/salvage place here that has organic stuff (besides food), including soaps and health-and-beauty.
i can do that kind of thing for the 3 females, but what about my brother? he's the kind of guy who has everything he needs already. and also he has money, so he buys all sorts of gadgets for his women every year. he totally spoils them. consumeconsumeconsume OOPS did i say that?

anyway...oh, and how to line the baskets? something pretty but not too disposable? and most important: not cheap looking?

thanks in advance!!

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reading that over, it looks like i only need help with the one for my brother, but i was asking for help with all four!! what would y'all do if it were you? what kinds of contents? what kinds of decorations? etc etc etc


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This isn't a homade gift but I wanted to share this idea- DH and I only exchange gifts with two couples outside of our family. This year I poropsed that rather than exchange gifts we adopt a needy family together as a group. Since there is a recomended spending cap we spend way less than we would buying presents for everyone and we get to do some good as a group.
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The big DIY gift I'm doing for the grandparents this year are calendars. I making personalized calendars in Publisher. I'm using pics of DD and us and then adding the holidays and birthdays that are important. I'm going to print them out on nice paper and then have them bound at Kinko's. They should be less than $5 a piece and a year long gift.
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Here's what I've made so far for Hayley (10mos)

a soft fabric ball
a pair of red fleece pants
a felt book about shapes
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Oh yea, I also made homemade kahlua and put it in mason jars
Aaaahhh, homemade kahlua?? Do you have a recipe?!

This year, we're making nicely packaged boxes of cookies and goodies for most people. I'm aiming to make most gifts, because we're flat broke (been waiting on back-pay for 2 months now, and still no real idea when it'll be here, ugh.)

For the kids I'm making:

-a quilted play mat for DS, that he can drive his cars around on. We'll probably pick up a few little cars for him. Second hand is fine, he won't care.

-A quilted puppet theatre for DD. It will be attached to a tension rod that can fit in a doorway, but will also be able to act as a blanket. I'll also be making her some puppets.

-stuffed fabric food, to go with the toy kitchen we're hoping to be able to afford

*Brain went blank. I have a few other things I'm planning on making for them, I'll edit when I remember!*

For DH:

-I found some free Kill Bill stencils online, so I'm going to make him a few "pop art" style paintings for the computer room. He loves this movie.

-A "hug" blanket. He likes to bundle in a blanket while he hangs out on the computer, but doesn't have a comfy blanket. I'll have somebody trace me on a piece of fleece, splayed out looking ready to give a hug. Then I'll cut it out and sew it onto a contrasting piece of fleece. Voila - hug blanket. He's a dork so I know he'll like it.

-Going to try and find a pattern for a housecoat and PJ pants. He has neither.

I'm totally drawing a blank on my parents and in-laws.
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I have great recipe for kahlua - Its always a big hit in me and DH's families.

I take a quart of water, 2 1/2 cups of sugar, and 3 tablespoons of instant coffee, boil it on the stove, and let simmer for a couple hours (like 3, maybe?)

Then add 1 tablespoon of vanilla, and 2 1/2 cups of vodka, and put it into mason jars (or whatever you are using), and store it someplace cool and kinda dark, like a pantry for a month.

Then drink it. YUM!
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Originally Posted by ~Nikki~ View Post

-stuffed fabric food, to go with the toy kitchen we're hoping to be able to afford
We made our childrens play kitchen. We took two old end tables. On one we attached 4 drawer pulls for knobs and glued on old CD's for burners. This one has a drawer and the kids pretend it is the oven. On the other table we cut out a circle and dropped in an old stainless steel bowl and bolted on a junk faucet found at goodwill. We don't have a fridge for them but they store their food in baskets on a shelf. I splurged on good wooden food and this year I am crocheting a few additional items. As far as pans and utensils go, I picked up some cheap stuff at goodwill and the dollar store.
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Here is my list so far

Step mother & family friend - knitted snowmen
step sister1 - knitted shawl
step sister2 - crocheted purse
step MIL - afghan
SIL1 - crochet necklace
SIL2 - crochet necklace

I am also making a poncho and a bag of balls for two of DC friends, a crocket book mark for our babysitter who reads non-stop, crocheted food for DS1, crocheted ladybug for DS2, a shawl for a friend, baby booties for her new baby, purse for another friend and crocheted water bottle carriers for everyone on the list.

So far that is all I have decided on.

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so.......can nobody help me with my basket idea?


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pamela~ I always think men appreciate food stuff, cause they generally can't cook. You could do one of the many recipes posted on here, like fudge, or mixed nuts, or just buy a bunch of stuff and throw it in a basket. get some christmasy cellophane and tie a big red ribbon on the top, voila!
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you're right; i think my brother's on a low-carb diet. i can do a lot with that. and the women?
also, what do i line the baskets with?

thanks again!
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Great ideas

keep them coming!
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I don't know if this has been mentioned or not, but candy wreaths are kinda cool. You can buy them on the net for $25 or more, but they are So easy to make. You just bend a coat-hanger into a circle (you can cut to any size circle) and then use curling ribbon to tie pieces of wrapped candy to it, and then curl the ribbon. I just made one for my SIL to hang on her dorm room door.
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