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help me find + size maternity clothes

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i have a friend who needs to locate some plus-size maternity clothes, and she is not web savvy so she turned to me for help.
i know my mothering buddies have got good resources, so list 'em for me!

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The plus sized pregnancy site has some links.

There are some stores that sell plus sized maternity clothing. I'm pretty big, but I can wear some of the stuff that a friend lent to me. Motherhood has stuff up to XL, I don't know if it goes any higher because the Motherhood where I used to live did not carry anything plus sized. You can get plus sizes online, however.
JC Penney has plus sized maternity stuff. I got something from a catalog as the sizes in my local store only went up to a size 14.

Someone else posted a link to Maternity Mall.com, and that is helpful. There are links there to Motherhood Plus sizes and IMaternity plus sizes as well. http://maternitymall.com/
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I just want to second that JC Penney has some things. Depending on when you're pregnant, you may be able to get away with bigger regular sizes.
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motherhood.com has a plus size section, too.

Depending on where you gain weight, you can also buy regular clothes in a size (or two) bigger. I am 20 weeks pregnant (with twins) and lost quite a bit of weight in my first trimester (damn hyperemis) and haven't gained much back, so I am still in my pre-preg jeans... but I recently ordered a pair of drawstring pants and some tank tops that are a size too big from Lane Bryant and I still have lots of room to grow into them. I am obviously pregnant, and look more like I'm 7-8 months pregnant rather than 5 months... but in this pregnancy, I have only grown a belly. In my first, I got bigger EVERYWHERE else!

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If she's interested in second-hand I have a ton of stuff that I'm done with (woohoo!) that I would send to her for the cost of postage.
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sofiamomma, i just emailed her and asked if she would like me to have you get in touch with her. i'll let you know as soon as i hear from her. thanks!
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Sofiamomma, what size is your stuff? Just curious.
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hey that was my next question!
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I'm an 18/20, with the occasional 14/16 or 22/24 in my closet (I am amply endowed so need a little more room there iykwim). I also have stuff that ranges from L to 2X. Most of the stuff fit me or was a little bit big, which was good for those last couple of weeks. Some things I was given by a friend who is taller than me so many of the pants were a little long for me (I'm 5'4"). Several of the shirts she gave me I never wore, because they were a 3x and just too big for me. Does that help?
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Any takers?
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oh god, i am sorry i have taken so long. i have been busy busy busy and just emailed her the size info. if you get an offer before i get back to you, take it. she ordered a few outfits from jc penney, despite all the cool websites i found for her!
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I'm looking for Maternity clothes as well.............. I just don't want to spend my money on clothing when I need it for a midwife.

I'm normally a size 8, and I almost ALWAYS wear pants only (jeans everyday to work)

If anyone has any easy care items they don't need, please PM me.

Thank you
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Well, I'm about 5' 5" and a size 22/24, I think. So if you have anything 2x I'd like it. I have some things that a friend lent me that are XLs and they fit OK.
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As soon as I hear back from Shoshie'smom's friend I will for sure send you anything in your size that she can't use. I have such a range of sizes, I'm sure I'll have at least a few things I can send you!
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I on't know what size she needs or if there is a kohls near her but thier stuff runs big. I was able to fit in thier size large shirts and I am usually a 1x-2x for shirts (big ol' boobies. It drives me crazy trying to find a shirt that fits right. I just can't understand why people pay to have this done. ) There XL was big on me. I couldn't find a pair of pants to fit to save my life and I looked everywhere and was obbssesed by the end i would have paid any amount. I went up to like a size28 and they were all too small in the calf. And I am only a size 16 on anormal day (closer to a 14 now thankyouverymuch )
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