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breast size question

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Hi there,

I'm now 6.5 weeks post partum. My breasts are usually very big. Pregnancy and lactation have made them even larger. ( There is now a 9-10 inch diiference between my band and cup measurements...) I want to get some nursing clothes for pumping at work. Is it worthwhile to buy nursing clothes in my current size? Or should I just wear skirts with tops I can lift up? I plan to nurse for at least another 10 months, if not longer. In your experience, when do breasts go back to normal?

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mine started getting back to normal around 3 months, I think. I am now bigger than pre-pregnancy, but definately smaller than 7 months pregnant to 3 months post partum.

But - I would suspect that everyone is different.

You may want to wait, though. I bought some nursing tops, but they are way too big on me now (not just because of breast size, but general smaller-now-than-I-was-2-months-post-partum).

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Ditto on the size of nursing tops. Mine are big now too. My breasts haven't really gotten any smaller, though, and I'm 4 months post-partum. I just don't get engorged anymore.

I found that, sometimes, nursing tops are just a big pain in the butt, hard to get baby latched on with just a little hole to work with and I prefer looser clothing now, anyway, because my breasts are more sensitive than pre-pg.
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Motherwear tops are the best. I wouldn't imagine one cup size would make any difference in the way they fit. They also don't have too small openings. Expensive, but well made to last thru several kids and their nursing periods.

That said, many moms just wear a loose fitting top of any kind, or a button up the front shirt, and button from the bottom up if you need to nurse of pump. You can wear a cardigan or jacket of some kind as well, for more modesty around the midriff.
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