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DH and I used to connect playing pool, drinking and smoking. We so don't do that anymore. Guess we need something new to do together. Last winter we did a 3000 pc puzzle together. It was fun.

Must get up in time to go running tomorrow. Feeling fat and down. Not a great combo. Thanks for all the well wishes. I am working on it. Some days are better than others.

ETA: Ooooo, the dcccer has been at it again.
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eksmo--(that abbreviation just makes me ) I would never have guessed that your cool shades were prescription. I was admiring them, something that I would have been more reluctant to admit if I hadn't had my bra admired by some dingos .

Before I forget, here's the plan for my next races after this weekend, feedback welcomed. I'm thinking another 5K in about 10 weeks, just before my trade show, to keep me running until then, and then maybe this 8K on thanksgiving day, which would be about 7 weeks after that? Does that sound like too much to anyone?

(It's so funny, before this first race I wanted to sign up for the second because it would be smaller and lower-key, but that first one was really great because there were a lot of women going for it at all levels and I really understand now why you want people there cheering you on. And so now the big 8K appeals to me more than I'd have guessed before I ran the first race... )

The 8K is huge, the 5K is local and low-key. My goal with both is to keep running through my superbusy season at work (which ends the last week in October) because I know I'm going to need the stress relief and if I have races planned, I will find it less easy to put running on the back burner. Here's a link to the 5K Oct 7 and one to the 8K on Nov 24. I think the 8K would be particularly nice because it would force me to keep my mileage up which would keep me running slow and easy...

Thanks for the support about my race and my dorkiness (picture me tapping someone on the shoulder, "excuse me, do you mind if I pass?" ) I think the biggest suprise to me about yesterday's race was how chaotic it was to run with that many people. There were 2600 women altogether and it started in a normal street and then narrowed to a bike path. I guess I am used to running track with 8 people on the course and everyone falls into place and then it is all about holding position or moving position but this was not like that at all. I found it both motivating and confusing.

OK, stupid newbie question(s) of the day. What does everyone like for running undies in the heat? I'm the type who used to wear underpants under my tights in ballet class (groan) and so I guess it never occured to me until I am trying to get the cotton off my body in this heat that maybe people actually wear running shorts with just the built in panties (does anyone? They don't have the liners that would make it obvious...) : I do have a couple pair of wicking undies and they are OK, but not great.
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Chelsea - I still have to do the cotton undies and peel them off, ugh. But I know a lot of women just use the shorts with liners in them. I think your races sound well placed apart. My typical fall season was a 10k in sept, 10k early oct 5k in late oct, 8 k november, and 5k in december. The only reason being those were my favorite races. I always hoped to get competitive by the one in november and december.

moonshine - just tell yourself you just have to get out there for a little walk/run...fake yourself out...and go baby!

pumpkinseed / Reb - dh and I would run together before dd. But he was never really into it, it was more to do it with me and to try and lose weight. Now he doesn't even try. Although I've been noticing on his long days when he has a break between work and school that he's been packing an exercise bag to swim...and he's been doing the pilates abs workout with dd at home...Man I wish I could see that!

Shantimama - does your dh know about the quilt or is it a surprise?

HBM - ugh I feel your pain. My dd has discovered this too, especially with shoes...she will try on every single pair despite my pointing out they are 5 sizes too small... How's your BP doing? And how are you feeling overall?

CherylAnn - what triggered the wanting to run 50 steps/20 sec? Besides your quads being sore, how's everything else? Busy busy is right!

ND - way to go on your run!

kerc - dd hovers here too...she can play by herself, but she wants to be in the same room as me usually. I just draw the line at her hanging on my chair when I'm trying to type/read...

Geo - sorry we couldn't get together this weekend...after all the visits do you want to try again and pick blackberries, raspberries instead? I'm going to try and go saturday to see what I think of them, I'll let you know how they seem.

grnmtnmama, Plady, eksmom, runningmommy, kate~mom and anyone else I missed

So, I've been dealing with a chest cold for 3 weeks now. Except starting yesterday it moved into my nose to. I.cannot.breathe!! It is driving me crazy, I am not getting enough sleep because of it, and I can't take anything!!! Arggghhhh...

I'm not running today, but I'll try tomorrow. My general goals have been just to run every other day with one long run a week until my marathon relay. Then I'll drop the long run. My other runs are usually 2-4 miles, very slow.
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just finished my morning workout nothing extrordinary, just getting my body moving before sitting in meetings all day.

Chelsea, i wear the running shorts with built in undies. love them.
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Chelsea, I can see this will likely get me a third, and even more troubling, ddddc, but I run commando. There, I said it. Nothing between me and my running pants...except Bodyglide.

OK. I am not running in these 100-degree days. I could have this AM, but my kids are asleep on the basement futon where the TM is.

Dh and I had a crummy argument last night. He was wrong; I'll wait and get my apology later, after a few days of not speaking to or feeding him. Or that other thing. : I told him I need more from him to be successful--he tried his usual response of "If you can't get your job done, just quit." And I looked him in the eye and said, "I love my job. I'll never quit." The balance of power is shifting. He's afraid. Waahh. Poor him.: He then said, "Fine, you go to work, and I'll stay home." Sorry--but this makes me so mad. I said, "yeah, after I put in the 5 years of breastfeeding and diapers, and now the kids are starting school, why don't you stay home and do more of that TV watching you seem to enjoy so much?" (Which was what he did while I struggled to finish a last-minute job for work, and then while I took the kids down to the pool for an hour, and then while I cooked for an hour so we could eat dinner. Which he had the nerve to complain about. And then he INVITED COMPANY OVER FOR TONIGHT. After I have work all day, a friend babysitting the kids, and ds has karate, and it's 100 degrees and we have no AC. Anyone feel me here?)

OK, rant over, more coffee needed and then time to shower and dress for work. I'll miss you today, ladies.
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I wear the running shorts with the built in's also-I can't imagine running with undies??

BBM-I hope your cold goes away soon! I bet the pilates video is a riot!! I love watching K try to do exercise (she runs and does yoga

jooj- I hope your dh gets his head out of the sand soon...

I did 45 minutes of yoga this morning and it felt great! I am bummed because I want to go running-but uh-its going to be 101 today-and its already so sticky out there-not a good idea. Maybe I will be able to get a run in tonight after dh comes home.
The yoga felt good-I was peeved all day yesterday and this morning. Its just stress-but the yoga really helped. My head feels more clear.
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eks- Transition...Real hardcore tri-ers wear the same thing the whole race, be it a swimsuit, a tri-suit or bike shorts with a swim bra sort of top. Most don't wear socks either. For the run portion they put on an elastic belt with their race # pinned on. These are the folks transitioning in under a minute every time. I was dripping wet and managed to pull on my shorts and socks. You usually set up a towel under your bike with your things laid out for each stage. I just threw everything down. Some bring a bucket to throw things in for better containment. We had random racking and time trial swim start so the chances of other folks being at your rack at transition were small. I'll see how it goes in a more traditional tri next time. The only thing I would do differently would bring some sort of vibrant towel so I could spot my rack place faster. When you are racing in it just looks like a sea of bikes. I'm also considering the race belt for my number for the run.

Balancin1- I have two pair of shorts with the undies, one pair without(actually my favorite that I wore at the dingomeetup). I got a pair of seamless poly undies at target for a good price and usually wear them with those shorts. The races you choose sound just fine. I'm sure it will be a blast. Now it's about improving times etc. My favorite part!

Kerc- Love the squash recipes! I'm making one tonight

Ran 5.6 miles this morning. Was going to swim but decided to do it tomorrow. I miss running more often. The run was nice if not bloody warm and humid.

Here's the link for the next race, August 13th. I got over my fear and finally registered...
It is going to be tough but I just want to finish.

There's also a 15 mile trail run at the end of September with the local running club that I am eyeing. That would be longer than I ran in my 1/2 training(by a mile). I haven't done a LR of more than 8.5 miles in the last 2 months. Hoping I have enough time to recover form the tri and get back up to that distance. I'm not really planning on all out racing it though, just want to finish it.

Hope all the Dingos are drinking lots of water and not melting in this heat!!
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ijooj - duck! i am throwing a tomato in the general direction of your dh!

it's really too bad that he feels so threatened and you so clearly are blossoming in many ways. stay strong, girl!

i too wear the running shorts w/undies built in. if this heat persists, however, i may switch to commando just to relieve myself of an extra layer. i am also trying to resolve that i usually wear a hat since i don't like to wear sunglasses when i run, but can't stand to squint. the hat is just making me more hot - maybe i'll check out a lightweight hat that wicks or something.

creb - did you ever get back to your mom? has she noticed or responded? [she may have been too busy with her boyfriend's grandkids or something]
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1jooj - I hear you. That stinks.

bbm - the quilt is not a surprise - I think I am more excited about it than he is.

I need to get a pair of shorts with built-ins - that is one of my pet peeves while running.

No running today. I woke up wheezing and it is another HOT one. I walked down to the beach and sat on my favourite rock and painted for awhile. I think today's workout will be emotional - one of my dd's is not coping well with the heat, she takes it very personally and is taking her anger out on the rest of us. I hope I can find at least an adequte amount of patience with her :
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1jooj -- one word for you: take-out! I hope your family can find a new balance, soon!

I *think* the heat has broken here. After a week of 90+ during the day, 75 at night (recall we don't have AC, my office is not AC'ed, even the public library does not have AC). I'm running this afternoon during the swim lesson time.
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Originally Posted by poppywise
ijooj - duck! i am throwing a tomato in the general direction of your dh!
Ohhh, nice use of smilies!

I'm a little ticked with my dh today too. Humph. I'll leave it at that.

I did my hamster imitation last night. Even in the basement with the a/c on full blast, my body knew it was 100 degrees (with the heat index, that it) and I crapped out at 2 miles. Hey, I did 2 miles.

I'm doing an online workshop this week on innovative course design. I committed to spend a ton of time on it, got extra babysitting this week, and it's .... moving ..... so ..... slowly. Well, i'm getting lots of research done. I'm glad I didn't go out for a week of this in person.
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Originally Posted by Geofizz
innovative course design. I committed to spend a ton of time on it, got extra babysitting this week, and it's .... moving ..... so ..... slowly. Well, i'm getting lots of research done. I'm glad I didn't go out for a week of this in person.
Maybe a good week for inlaws to be here -- you have an excuse for it to occupy you...
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BBM, I heard my ironman friends talking about how important it is to have smaller quick steps rather than a long stride. So, I'm trying it. Another friend is walking and trying to fit 50 steps in 20 seconds, so I figured they'd be comparable.

: For all the dh issues.
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Cheryl, I have heard that the optimal stride rate is 90-95 per minute. Now, I assume that means counting one foot only. I did it once and I was at 85 which I guess is not so great, but I haven't tried to increase it.

Googling brought me to this article and this one.
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eksmom: you're online a lot. you must love hanging with the coworkers :

old lady r___-C____ here, senior member of her research group, trying to get a phd without interacting with a single person, despite having called advisor three times on her cell in the last week.
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Yeah, the lone one that speaks to me isn't here yet today (she does work at the hospital before coming to our building). Weeks go by without any exchange whatsoever between me and the others.

I should be working harder, though... not motivated lately, and not sure why...
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Funny all of you going on about your DH's. I am not thrilled with mine so much either lately. Sigh.

However, I did manage to make it out for a run this morning in the soup. Started out feeling very heavy, but it gradually got better. Some life stressors are wearing on me a bit today, but at least I am not as glum as yesterday.

But my god, it is hot.
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Originally Posted by eksmom
Cheryl, I have heard that the optimal stride rate is 90-95 per minute. Now, I assume that means counting one foot only. I did it once and I was at 85 which I guess is not so great, but I haven't tried to increase it.

Googling brought me to this article and this one.
Woah. I do 90/min. I always thought it was too fast -- that is I was taking fast baby steps instead of longer, slower steps.

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hmmmm, I have never counted. Maybe I will try this afternoon-I am going to take K to the Y for the first time (in the afternoons childwatch is in the gym-which you can look down on from the suspended track above) so we will see how that goes.

Let's see today-we have made russian tea cookies, played in the sandbox on our patio in the shade for half an hour, read books, now we will do some puzzles and then eat lunch and then maybe a nap...any other ideas for occupying a 21 month old when it is impossible to go outside???:
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