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No poop - weight gain inadequate?

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DD hasn't pooped for 4.5 days. She's gone 2 days before but never this long. 2 weeks ago I got her off bottles and have been nursing and having her weight checked by LC. She's only gained 6oz in the last 11 days due to her bad latch which we're working on. I've heard babies can go for a week w/o a poop but I'm concerned. DH is wanting to go back to the Peds. I've developed a total lack of respect for the entire hospital.... And I'm worried they'll just get overinvolved and push supplementation which they did at the start and which has got us into this prob in the first place. Should I be concerned yet? When should I get concerned? Anyone got any simple ways to encourage a poop? Do you think the lack of poop is simply due to less intake? Would you be concerned about her weight gain while working on the latch prob? She's peeing enough - about 8 really wet diapers per day and she seems happy, hasn't been crying more than usual.
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bTW DD is now 7 weeks old.
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As long as she is gaining and not losing, having wet diapers and not acting *funny*. I would let it play out for bit. I have heard that it is completely normal for babies to go as long as 10days between BMs. but boy, when she is ready to go, Watch Out.
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Hmmm, I could look at this in a couple of ways.

First off, generally speaking, it is common, starting at around 6 weeks or so, for fully bfed babies to start pooping less often than every day. They can go up to a week, or occasionally even longer. Breastmilk is so fully utilised by the body there just isn't much waste.

But, if you are concerned that your baby is not moving milk well, because of continuing problems with latch, or perhaps, a milk supply that isn't up to where it should be yet, have you discussed this with your LC (is she IBCLC, BTW?)?

Normal weight gain in the first 3 mos is 4-7 oz/week, on average. (Up to 1 lb /week is seen.) So, 6 oz in 11 days is in normal range, you see.

If a nursing session does not go well, can you pump afterwards and give this milk to her in a dropper? How long does she stay at the breast? A longer session would mean more hindmilk intake, which is what you want for fat calories and weight gain.

If your supply isn't up to par, have you considered fenugreek?
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aahhhh I hate this BF thing today

yep LC is IBLC and I trust her. My milk supply is fine after a month on the Medela Classic and Fenugreek (worked so well I have an oversupply!). Spoke to LC today and she wants me to now supplement and thinks baby ought to poop - that 4 and half days without pooping combined with slow weight gain is a problem. I can supplement, BTDT... have started already... But the lack of poop - I really want to avoid taking her to the Peds tomorrow (gotta deal with DH here!) - in my experience they really overreact and I don't want them involved this time. I can live with it if they want to 'treat' her to make her poop - I'm more worried they'll make a whole series of follow up appointments that are counter productive to BF a baby with latching problems. Anyone got ideas on how to make baby poop today?
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I have a friend who was in a similar situation last week...her ped told her to give baby 1-2 ounces of prune juice by dropper. Worked like a charm.

FWIW - my baby just went six days with no poop and then let forth the stinkiest thing I ever did smell. Thank goodness dh was changing her I would have fainted from the smell.
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One of my twins got into a pattern of pooping about every 9 days for a while. When it happened, watch out! If you want to try to get her to go you might try doing a bicycling motion with her legs. I've never tried it but many moms have had good success with it. Try for as long as she'll let you and maybe something will happen. Drinking prune juice or eating prunes yourself can also help.
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my ped recommends you drink things that get your bowels moving...like ginger tea. I would focus on the weight and the wet diapers...use cloth diapers with no cover to prove to yourself how often she's going, and for DH and the doc. You can't be having a large number of wet diapers without her getting enough, yk? DD was gaining/eating fine and only pooping weekly. Peds offices have you jump through hoops about poop becuase theylre used to actual constipated ff babies.
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yeah she did it!

I hate this. The peds have turned me into one of these mothers monitoring every poop. Before baby, these mothers always annoyed me so. Ahhh now I am one
Anyway thanks for the advice. Didn't have any prunes around today and have been bicycling her legs for 2 days now. Ended up taking the LCs advice to insert the tip of a thermometer... it worked but I feel awful. Poor little DD is always having things shoved in her. Bottles, nipples - trying to get her weight up and keep it adequate. anyway next time I'll try prunes. Sounds much nicer. One good thing - DD was ravenous after her big poop so is eating very well today. Big sigh of relief!!

BTW you're right DaryLLL her weight IS in the normal range - 1/2 oz per day -even if it's the minimum amount. But before I started exclusively nursing, she was gaining 1.5 oz per day for the past month. So it seemed like a big drop. Cause she went down to 5lb5 at the start, the peds were all over me, don't wanna go there again.

Clarity I don't really understand how she can be having so many wet diapers either! LC thinks she's not getting enough hindmilk hence she's hydrated but not gaining well.
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Re: yeah she did it!

[i] LC thinks she's not getting enough hindmilk hence she's hydrated but not gaining well. [/B]
if you think this could be the problem, offer the same breast for 3 hours. dont offer the other unitl 3 hours is up, no matter how many times baby nurses.

and as far as weight gain and pooping.

1. weight gain is different with breastmilk as opposed to formula. you cant compare her gain on formula to her gain without it.

2. if youre afraid she isnt getting enough, offer more often. ever 90 minutes.

3. breastmilk io so well used by the body that babies can poop a lot less than when on formula. there is more waste in formula than in breastmilk so theres more to get rid of. pooping every 9 days is not a problem. and the gain that you had is good. as long as she isnt loosing!

4. dont 2nd guess yourself. you have a bad latch and youre working on it. she isnt starving. she is adjusting to no supplementation. there will be an adjustment period. but have faith that your milk is the best for her and youll do great!
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I think Jodie is right on. It sounds like your LC, DH and ped have you wired with stress to the gills! It also sounds like, in your gut, you know that everything is fine. Good luck w/the latch!
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My situation is a bit on the extreme, but just something to consider.....

We had a bad latch w/ds. He was peeing, not pooping. Not gaining, but not losing. Dr said it was ok that he wasn't pooping, he was my 2nd nursling, so I just decided to wait it out- didn't think it was as bad as it actually was. We ended up waiting so long, his latch was beyond bad and we ended up finger feeding for 3 mos (IBCLC couldn't get him to latch at all, didn't even latch onto a bottle) and my supply was down to only 5 oz pumped a day. Once he was eating and gaining and pooping, we switched to the SNS, then my milk supply got back to where it should be, then we weaned off the sns.

It took about 4 weeks for me to figure out we had a problem b/c we were also dealing w/severe jaundice and about 4 mos total until he was on the breast exclusively.

I think the little voice inside my head was telling me something was wrong, but I was ignoring it. I knew that going 10 days isn't too unusual, but when it got up to 2 weeks and the dr still said it was ok, I just agreed with him. I was exhaused from a newborn and my 2 year old and I didn't have much help at the time.

Anyway, I'm sure you're doing fine, but I just wanted to share my story. I was so against supplementing and I almost ended up quitting bf b/c we had so many problems. We stuck it out and ds is a year on the 30th of this month and nursing strong. If you think there may be a problem, call the lc back, or even go into the ped. If they recommend something you don't like, you can always ignore it. It is just a recommendation.

Best of luck-
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