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Nursing Fiasco

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Maybe it is more of a SNAFU -

Here is the deal: Ds (14 months) got sick 5 days ago - was so stuffy he couldn't nurse or take a bottle (all efforts to clear him up didn't work and I think his sore throat and ear ache detered him from sucking). Anyway, I pumped and fed him milk via dropper (can you say finger cramps!) for days. Yesterday I finally got him to at least take a bottle.

I still can't get him to nurse, he turns away, or tries for a second and crys. He is still stuffed up, but I often see him breathing through his nose when he can so I don't know what is up. I don't want to pump and bottle him, I want him to nurse! It is driving me nuts and making me edgy and very sad. Do you think he will return to nursing? Is there anything I can do? I don't want to force him, but when I got him to take the bottle it took a little persistence. ??????

Since this started he hasn't nursed at night. When is a good time to nightwean? (I realize this seems contradictory to what I want above, but I figure if I can cut down the night nursing, which is 2-8 x / night .... you know). Anyway, if he is a week into not nursing at night, should I continue? What do I do? I know I don't want to have to get up and carry him around to get him back to sleep everynight, but sometimes all I have to do is pat and hold him.

I just don't know what to do, I'm all out of sorts about all this! I want pre-sick nursing relationship back!

Thanks for listening...
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That sounds just horrible for both you and your little one. It's so hard when they are having difficulties breathing through their nose...

There have been a few threads about nursing strikes and what to do about them/how to overcome them. I'd suggest doing a search and seeing what you come up with.

The one suggestion I remember isn't great for your night-weaning idea...it was to get the child to nurse as they are drifting off to sleep. Often then they'll accept the breast without realizing it (when they've previously been resisting), and that eases them back into nursing.

Perhaps you could try that at nap times? Take a nap with your ds and get him to nurse when he's drifting off to sleep?

Hopefully someone else will have some more ideas - I've never faced a nursing strike...
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I'd say now isn't the time to push for nightweaning. Though if he really doesn't return to nursing that becomes moot.

The best way I've heard, and used, to get past a nursing strike is to offer when they're sleepy, dosing off or waking up, but not fully awake. That's when reflex takes over.

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declare a topless day

Can you spend the day with the blinds closed, with out a shirt or bra on? Maybe he won't "hold out" if they are right there. Lots of skin contact and cuddling.
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Thanks for all the tips!!!!!! I searched and read about nursing strikes, then I called my local LLL leader. O and I hung out topless for a while, then took a bath together, then I had to walk him to sleep. When he woke in the night, I put my nipple near his mouth and prayed, and he latched on! Hooorah! He did it twice more that night. When he woke up I was nervous, and he hesitated but started nursing and has been a champ ever since.

Big sigh of relief here! I didn't know how much I needed it emotionally, I was a wreck last night! All better now!
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That's great, Owensmom! I'm so glad this particular problem has been resolved.

Thanks for letting us know.
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Yea! Glad to hear it's going better. Don't you feel so sorry for them when they're sick? Nursing with a stuffy nose has got to be the pits!
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Glad to hear he's back!
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Great news

Glad to hear the two of you are back on track....
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