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i never have!
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Kai is 26 months, and I have never spent a full night away from him. I have gone out a few times for half the night. I don't think your missing out on much; I prefer staying home with him.
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nope not comfortable with that yet! when Jenna was 8 months old my dh boss alway books a night away at Christmas holidays where we stay in like cabins on a lake. It is beautiful there. anyways i told my dh the only way i was going was if i could take our daughter, so we took her and his niece so she could babysit her while we had dinner. I think i got my soup before i got the call from the niece saying Jenna would not stop crying!
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I still haven't spent a night away from DD aside from the 3 days she was in the NICU after she was born.
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DS will be 23 months on Wednesday and he has never spent the night away from me. He night-weaned and moved into his own bed (both on his own) around 16 months but has never spent the night farther away than his own room.
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I have spent one weekend away from him (DH's company trip) just a few months ago. He was home with Grandma and Grandpa (they came to our house to stay with him) so I didn't have anything to really worry about. He had a wonderful time but we missed him like crazy. I didn't really have the desire to leave him and I don't have the desire to do it again anytime soon. An occasional few hours out to dinner and a movie with DH is plenty of time away for us.
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My daughter has spent a few nights with her father, which I have never enjoyed. Apart from that I have never been away from her overnght. I don't believe she is ready for it, and I know I'm not. I miss her too much.

ETA - She is 2.5
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I've never spent a night apart from my dd. She's 22 months old.
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My 33mo has never spent a night away from me. He is nightweaned, but he still cosleeps. I think he would be okay having a night away if it was with someone he knows well (like one of my sisters) if they let him co-sleep. Don't know if they would be up for that.

I think it will be awhile before I have a night away though, because I also have a 10mo DD.

I must confess, I am looking forward to being able to go away to a B&B for an evening with my DP. But I figure this time when the kids are little is short, and there will be lots of time for nights away down the road.
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thanks to everyone for sharing their perspectives/experiences! I do know grandma and grandpa would be overjoyed to have dd with them alone, but I can't see that happening for a while yet. I'll be away from dd for the first time when I give birth - don't want dd in the hospital overnight with all the risk for illness that is present there. but she'll be with dh or else the grandparents.

it was nice to read everyone's posts!
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Oh gosh no, I'd die! I'd be sad if I had to spend a night away from dh, let alone Peevey the Chunkmonster. My big dd has spent one happy night away from me (with my best friend, who lives upstairs -- for fun), and two very sad nights (one with bf and one alone with daddy, while I was staying with Eve in the hospital).
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I've never spent the night away from my cosleeping and all night nursing daughter. I don't have any plans to spend time away from her at night any time soon...she still needs me, and in a way, I still need her to be close. (though I admit that in the middle of the night after hearing a tiny request for "nee" for the ten thousandth time, I fantisize about spending a night all by myself....LOL!)

My dh works away from town during the week, so he's accustomed to sleeping apart from her. We've spent many nights away from our ds, as during his very early childhood he was raised different as we didn't know of this lifestyle until we were expecting our dd.
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Nah, OP you're not strange. I went 16 months without my daughter sleeping away from me. (Although she does not sleep in my bed. She's been weened since forever.) Now that she's 19 months, we still would never have slept in separate houses, except that recently my grandmother has had to go to the emergency room in the middle of the night. Twice I've asked a neighbor to care for my sleeping DD, rather than wake her and take her along. She's already spent plenty of days and one night till 1 AM in hospitals while I watched over my Grandmother. I just couldn't keep doing that to her once we had a 2 AM emergency.

Otherwise, I waited a very long time for my DD, and I don't have a lot of family. I'm not in any hurry to leave her in someone else's care at night. If I have to go on vacation, I'd take her with me. (In fact, we took her beach camping with us recently.) She's too interesting and too much fun to be without. I'm not ready to miss a day (or night) of her little life.

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Originally Posted by rozzie'sma
I have never left dd over night. She is 19 months and we co-sleep and bf all night
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Originally Posted by Zuri'smom
A friend of mine who was doing extended bf spent several days in new york away from her nursing toddler. she pumped ahead of time to stock up milk (which she said was surprisingly hard, so get started early to build up your supply) and dh gave the little one bm while she was gone. after she returned, they just picked up where they left off. hope that helps!
Yes, thanks

The pump's a bit dusty...
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My DS is 25 months, and i've not spent more than 6 hours away from him. unless you count the 18 days after he was born that i was in the SICU.
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Ds is is 25 months old and I have to go into the hospital at the end of Aug: . so dh took ds camping last week. I think more for me than ds , I wanted our 1st night away to be something fun, not because mommy is at the hospital. BUT if I didn't need to go into the hospital I would not spend the night away until after 3 years
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Nope, never. Ds is almost 28 mos.
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My daughter is 14 months and I have never spent a night away from her. She has also only been babysat by my mother, father or husband, for only a couple hours.
I am due with our second daughter in two weeks, and I'm nervous about how Abigail will handle being separated from me if she has to be. I will be delivering at EAFB hospital. I have requested she be allowed to be present, which is okay with them as long as I have an adult assigned to supervise her, which I do. But I don't know how long I'll be there, what time of day it will be, if she will be too uncomfortable there, or if she'd rather be at home, depending on how she adjusts.
It may end up being a night she spends in the hospital, or a night she spends at home the first time without mom.
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