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How many hours do you work a week?

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Hi everyone.
I don't know how to post a poll or I would.:
I'm wondering how many hours all the working mamas work a week. I do 28 but that is seeming to be too much for me still. Hoping to maybe do 25 after my boss fills my position. He wouldn't let me continue to be the Creative Director at our agency as a part-timer so I had to take a demotion as well (he really never thought I would accept that... shouldn't have underestimated the power of motherhood.) I can't go much lower than 25 hours though financially.
Sooo... how many hours do you all work?
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I work 24hours....2-12hour shifts. weekends only, so dad can be home.
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For the first year after each dd was born I worked 30 hours per week; 5 six hour days. I currently work 35 hours per week; 5 seven hour days. Now I would like to work just 4 days a week - either 30 or 32 hours a week. Might be able to make the change this summer. Ideally, I would only work 2-3 days per week but that isn't realistic right now.

Mommy to Katie (7/3/99) and Abby (6/30/01)
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I currently work 45 hours per week. I feels like a lot, and I guess it is, but it is definitely less than anyone else in my office, so there's a lot of pressure to work more hours. I work five days a week and I've really been resisting the pressure to work weekends.
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I work 25-35 hours a week (varies a lot), and often put in time on more relaxed projects after my guys go to sleep.

I worked from home when my kids were younger, for more like 20 hours a week. When our new baby is born in October I'll be working from home again.
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It varies from week to week for me. The last few weeks have been about 45 - 50, but typically it's about 35 - 40. That's how many hours I am away from DS, and hours that I count being "at work". I use some of that time to go to the grocery, run errands, etc.

If I don't fall asleep nursing, I get a bit of work in at home once DS goes to bed.
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25 a week, but at 40 hour pay (I'm salary) and from home. I love my boss.
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I work 25 hours a week. I have it carefully mapped out timewise to get my hours in while minimizing his time not with me or my husband. My son, who is 27 months old, is with a sitter/nanny who comes to our house 3 mornings a week for 3.25 hours. I go in early and he's with my husband til the sitter comes. Then I come home at noon, and when he naps I do another 2 hours. Fridays are our "off day" but also my buffer day. So if he didn't nap on schedule, I fill in a few hours then.

I'd be happier with 20 hours a week...
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i work around 36 hours a week - 4 eight hour days and 1 6 hour. i'm going to be dropping down in a couple of weeks to 34 hours - 2 6 hour days rather than one. after my maternity leave, i'll just be working a couple days a week to get back into full time mode. i'd live to work less permanently, but it isn't financially possible.
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Around 40 hours a week. Maybe a couple more. It doesn't really feel like a lot, though. My son is with me for about 4 of those hours and with dh for 8 of those hours.
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Way too many

I actually work between 40 and 45 hours a week, depending on what's going on that week.

(So much for teachers having shorter hours -- my contract requires 40 hours a week; 7-3 every day.)
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40-50 hours. I try my best to keep it at 40, but there are times when my employer requires me to work more. This week I had to work a little over 50 hrs, which is okay because I earned at least 10 hours of comp time. So it works out for the best.
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Ugh- I work 40-50 per week. "They" would have me work more but I pretty much refuse to work weekends. It is supposed to be a M-F 9-5 job but you know how that goes!!
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Most weeks its 40 hours.........
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I work 7:15-2:45 M-F. I also "work" at home with grading, planning, etc. about 1-2 hours a day when you consider the weekends, too. Never enough time.

I am hoping to cut down to half-time (either a job share for half the week or teach one class of Kindergarten daily) by the Fall of '04--when hopefully are 2nd baby will be around.
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Yeah. Teachers seem to have some of the busiest schedules around. How contrary to what most people think of our jobs and their being so conducive to child-raising!
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40-50 hours per week, depending on what's going on. Most of those are from home, however, so I can't complain. They're going to really ratchet up in May, though, when I'll be teaching my first clinical class (health law).
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Another teacher here!
I share a contract with another teacher and this year I am only 40%, which is 2 days a week. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being with ds for 5 days in a row and I am so enjoying this year because I know it can't last. We can't afford it and it's been way stressful, so next year I'll likely be 5 days a week, but only 3.4 hours per day--which is 60%. Of course there is the planning time, etc, and my district actually requires us to put in 20-40 hours/year of extra duty!
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20-30 hours per week, and at least 12-15 of that is at the office. I am supposed to be closer to 30 per week, but we are still working out the kinks with my connection to the company server. About half of my work is database-dependent, and the other half is the part I like--the creative stuff.

I'm still having a really hard time working at home, though--dh does not seem to "get it" most of the time. He comes home very tired and just doesn't do much to make it so I can do my work. We have a long way to go before this experiment is a success...open to suggestions, btw.
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Also a teacher. 40 hours per week, except during summer, which will be here soon!!
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