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I've been cooped up for way too long (due to the weather) and I'm going nuts! My whole body is crying out to be around trees and greenery. Wish it wasn't so hot and humid...I'd love a stroll through some woods.

I'm feeling very out of sorts lately. Disconnected from everything and everyone. Strange dreams fill my sleep. I'm floating in a sea of nothingness.
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I think, to connect I try and make a point to go outside everyday and enjoy just what exactly She has going on out there...whatever that may be. I don't really talk during this...just kinda take it all in.

My mom and I went on a bike ride tonight and with you all in mind, I took some pictures. I have to get them online though. They're not as good as Salvia's though.

Salvia~ I would love to see your altar pic, when you get a chance.

Wombatclay~ I would love to see what you made for your friend about SCA. It sounds very interesting.
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: O.k., I'm here more than once a day...

I had a bit of free time tonight, so I went outside and took some pics after I put my little one to bed. You're too sweet,Midstreammama! Hope you enjoy these:

thistledown at sunset

Queen Anne's Lace

Wow- the clouds are fantastic! Mama Kass, you said I was lucky to live in a beautiful place and you were right! I am very thankful- everyday!!

my altar

I recently moved my altar from the living room to on top of my dresser, because I wanted it to be more private. I basically have a large platter I made with the girls, candles, and flowers from the garden. The vase shaped like a lady was given to my mom by her mom when I was born- so I love it. Right now I also have wheat from the field across the road and lavender from my garden. Sometimes I give offerings of salt and wine. I don't do anything with the directions- sometimes I feel I should. I'm just winging it, really.
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Beautiful pictures Salvia.
Something I have been doing with my altar is having an offering plate. The kids leave stuff there that they have found outside... cool rocks, feathers, shells, pinecones, leaves, that sort of thing. And when I harvest from the garden I leave a little something on the altar... right now it is a squash.

So what does a Wiccan altar look like?

Oh and the banner ad for knitting your own darn soaker is cracking me up! Especially when the sheep waves.

Well gotta wake up dh for a little nooky. :

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Nice pics.

Nooky? What's that? I can't seem to remember.
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Damn, I am one horny pregnant woman!:

I still need to get dh again before I leave for 3 days!

And I am not even going to attempt to respond to everything I want to.

Great Music, Emmama
I need to bookmark the site on woad
Salvia-Incredible pics, as usual. I recognise your lovely candles on your altar!
Emmama- Have fun with dh!

Um. ??? anything else???

Oh, Heket, if you check here first, I pm'ed you!
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Nooky....Haven't had it since Thanksgiving of 2002.
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Originally Posted by fullofgrace
I just used the free tarot reading at http://www.llewellyn.com/free/tarot.php
Ok that was a bit freaky. One card came up (hidden spirituality) saying that people would start talking about me in a vicious way....

well it's a bit of a fear right now. I have a friend who is very Christian and two nights ago told me that on our dh's sub a guy commited suicide some time agao (this was before my dh was on the boat) and her dh saw it. She went on to say that he was Wiccan and it was one of those holidays for them.

She didn't know dh is Wiccan and that I am Pagan myself (still searching for the right path to follow tho I am most familiar with Wicca). When she told me this I told her that Dh was Wicca and I doubted that mans suicide had anything to do with his religious affiliation. She got scared and said I needed to get Dh out of that religion. When I asked her why she couldn't tell me, just said she had to do some research and she would get back to me.

Now I am scared of losing one of the only friends I really have out here b/c of our religious differences. See I don't talk about religion for a reason and this is why, the general populations ignorance about an earth based religion and I just don't have it in me to fight, kwim? And on top of losing a friend I worry she is going to start talking about me and DH. I need to support of our wives group as the boat is on a 6 mth deployment. I don't think I can deal with being ostracized for something like this and I don't want dh to deal with a bunch of sh!t for it either. So i am kind of at a loss as to what to do <sigh>

sorry for the long ramble, that card just kind of hit me pretty hard.
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Originally Posted by mamaofthree
So what does a Wiccan altar look like?

Oh and the banner ad for knitting your own darn soaker is cracking me up! Especially when the sheep waves.
I love the sheep too! It reminds me of the dancing sheep on the Jakers game my dd plays.

Glad you liked the pics! I had fun taking them.

From what I have read, there is no regulation way to set up a Wiccan altar, but it often involves candles of certain colors representing the directions and elements, bell, athame, oil, wand, and other things. Here is an interesting site. I've never felt like setting my altar up that way. <shrug>

Have a great weekend all!
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Jenniebug: I am sorry you have that worry.
I don't really have any advice. I guess the best thing to do is to NEVER talk about you beliefs... which sucks! Other people get to talk about theirs, but a lot of people in an "Earth based" religion have to keep quiet. : I don't think that is fair at all. Can you find a community out there, that you can talk about that stuff with? Maybe google something in your area?
It is a bit worrisome that your dh may get crap for it.
Plus what if the guy who had killed himself had been a Christian? Does everyone stop being Christian because of that? Maybe bring that up to your friend if she continues to go on about this. I mean what in Wicca says you need to kill yourself? Which holiday is that? Wouldn't have a big following if once a year everyone had to kill themselves.:

OK so I got no nooky last night! Dh was feeling too tired (he had to get up at 4:45 this morning!) Oh well... maybe tonight! :


Edied to add: Salvia: that is a lot of stuff on the altar. Ok maybe I have alot on mine too. LOL That altar must be huge! I couldn't have a athame out all the time... it would be used in swird play around here.
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Jenniebug...I'm so sorry! Your friend mentioned she'd be doing some research, right? Maybe you could suggest she check out CUUPS (Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans) since Unitarians might seem less "strange/scary" to her seeing how you're living in New England. There's a great "sermon" on the CUUPS website (http://www.cuups.org/content2/aboutc...ansamongus.php) that talks about paganism in a very "non-threatening to christianity" sort of way. You could also tell your women's group that you are a Unitarian...I know many people who join their local UU church in order to provide their children (or themselves) with a socially familiar religion while following a pagan path (on their own or through CUUPS).

The Covenant of the Goddess website (http://www.cog.org/welcome.html) also has some good information on Wicca and Paganism in general, presented in a friendly and outgoing manner. This site also has tons of contact information if you're looking for like-minded people in your area.

And the FAQ maintained by Reclaiming is pretty good too (http://www.reclaiming.org/about/witchfaq/faq.html). But I am biased since until moving I was practicing within the Reclaiming tradition so I tend to like their "take on things".

If you live on base, or near the base, perhaps talk with the Chaplain's office and ask about having a "pagan and wiccan information" day. Paganism is an accepted religious affiliation in the US military (it's on my brother's army tags!) and if the other women in your group saw the base chaplain speaking in a positive (or at least non-hostile) manner about the religion they may move it to the "wacky but non-threatening" category in their minds. You can point them, or the Chaplain, to the Army Handbook at http://www.religioustolerance.org/wic_usbk.htm or to the Law Enforcement Guide to Earth Religions at http://www.tylwythteg.com/lawguide1.html

It can be really tough to have to hide your religious feelings, and I understand not wanting to fight over it, but presenting a few good information sites or books might go a long way to change the minds of people who perhaps only know about Wicca from "halloween specials" and movies like The Craft!

Good luck mama, I hope things work out better than you fear!
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mamaofthree--yeah I don't understand where the connection between the suicide and religion play. I almost laughed when she said it was a wiccan holiday that he did it. I mean I've been pagan for 8 yrs(or longer maybe I dunno) and I have never heard of a holiday to kill ourself <insert eye roll>. Maybe it just made it easier for her dh to accept what he saw happen. It's questions I want to ask but at the same time, well i don't want to stir the pot. I prefer to keep irl drama free.

thank you wombatclay. I am going to point her to those links. Our chapel here does have a section for wiccan stuff in its newsletter but so far I havent seen anything actually posted to it. I dont feel knowledgable enough to contribute to the paper but maybe I can work with the chaplain in some manner to get a bit of information in each months newsletter.
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Salvia~ You are a very talented photographer. Have you ever thought of sending some submisssions to Llewellyn publishing?


Lammas was wonderful for me. It did not go exactly as planned. Does it ever? I gave a tarot reading for a friend and spent some time in nature. I noticed how many of the flowers are dying. Summer is past its peak. I had a quiet solitary ritual this year. It was very peaceful and nourishing.
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Jenniebug~ That is really tough! I am an Army wife, a key caller in my FRG, and I have kept quiet about my beliefs. I like wombatclay's advice on talking to the Chaplain. Maybe you could ask him/her and the FRG leader to talk to your FRG? The support is what you need and I am so sorry you have to be in this situation. Not that you wanted advice, lol, but know that there is someone that knows where youare coming from. PM me if you need to talk/vent/whatever. When does your dh come back?

ETA: Here is a site, and there may be a group near you, but if anything, it can tell you your rights on base.
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Jenniebug~ what a rough situation! It reminded me of the Mark Twain quote:
"It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so."

I'm very hesitant to talk about my spirituality irl which is why I value you all here so much! I hope that your friend does not over react. I can not understand the connection between suicide and Paganism- makes not sense.

Emmama~ Yippee! So happy your dh will be home very soon!

Mama Kass~ that's really sweet of you! I wouldn't even know where to begin...

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I'm sorry that you have to go through that Jenniebug! I have spoken about my beliefs a little and usually I just get this cockeyed crazy look from people.

Salvia I loooove the Queen annes lace pic, That's like one of my favorite flowers!

Thanks for all those sites wombatclay!I'll have to check them all out when the kiddies are in bed.

We had an awesome day at Crystal Cave in Pennsylvania today.I got some awesrome pics....rather dd took them. There is a point in the tour that they turn all the lights off in the cave and it is pitch black, can't see the hand in front of my face dark. I took a minute in that darkness and it was awesome.
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thanks Emmama. dh won't be back for 6 mths. I printed a bunch of stuff and took it over to my friends house. I hope she takes the time to really read it and discuss this with me as its laying heavy on my heart. If she does over react and it gets into a navy gossip ring (oh how those wives lurve to gossip) then I will talk to the chaplain and fsg pres/omdbudsman about an "information" night. I am just hoping that she i understanding and tolerant as she claims to be, and I dont see how she couldnt be once her obvious misunderstandings are put to rest.

Salvia you take some great photos, Im in awe!
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I'll be keeping you in my thoughts, Jenniebug. I hope she comes around for you.
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OK I need to b*tch here a minute. Up until this last week we have been homeschoolers who actually unschool. As you all know my dd has asked to go to school. So we found a school we could all agree on... it costs ALOT! Alot alot alot! So much I actually need to get a job. Now I am having to defend myself from my friends. Some unschool, some school at home. One would actually send her kids to school and has on many occations threatened them with school. Anyway, I am just getting SICK of having to justify my decision (sp). It was a hard thing for me to do. I love having her home. I love having all my kids home. But I want to honor her request. Because it is about her, not me. I just want to cry having all this negative crap going on... or maybe it is just me feeling all defensive. I don't know. : I am so sad she is leaving and having people tell me to try and guilt her in to staying home, and saying it is too much money, and that I will be taking away from my other kids... gosh it hurts. : First off, I would only have to work 12 hours a week... as a nurse that is one shift. The boys will still be home. We will still go to the park twice a week, and have friends over and all of that. My dd is welcome to come home at any time (as in stop going to school), I have no rule that she must stay a seester, or a year or what not. If she hates it, she is home. The thing is I don't think she will, I think she will love it. The teachers sound so wonderful, they have so much to offer. The whole school as less than 100 students. It is just amazing. I am so excited for her. :

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Subbing- I'm not Pagan but am very interested and would love to learn more about it. I don't have time right now to read all the posts but I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a good book to learn some basic info?

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