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my dd got a pixie style haircut this summer (and she needed it, it was very hot, for ny at least) and now is growing back out...and since alot of boys are wearing their hair longer, she gets mistaken for a boy. dd gets this funny look and says "mommy, why are they calling me a boy?" I ask her "why do you think' and she said "becuase they are confused" *laughs* great answer

thanks for the encouragement everyone....part of me would love to shout it to the rooftops, but I also know that since i am still learning, I would be asked questions, I wouldn't understand well enough to answer, so why say anything until someone asks...

we made honey,clove, cinnamon bread today. very yummy

also pianted and picked up black walnuts

*beaver* where? *laughs*

mammaofthree- can you tolerate citrus? I found that gum and oranges worked...first pg nothing worked
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Originally Posted by brendon
*beaver* where? *laughs*
We're still waiting for a picture...

Yeah, my sister had short hair when she was a preteen and wasn't at all "girly" and was constantly being called "young man" by people who didn't know her.

brendon--that bread sounds very yummy...got a recipe? : And I know what you mean about wanting to shout it to the rooftops. I still feel that way when I think about the fact that I have found this spirituality that resonates so strongly with me. But it is also such a deeply personal and complex thing for me that I rarely volunteer to share my spirtual beliefs with people unless it comes up in conversation or questions are asked. It's such a wonderful thing to feel really good about the path you are taking.
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my ds has lovely long blonde hair to his butt...and is very pretty, besides. he's 5.7yo, and doesn't mind being called a girl either, but both of us get REALLY irked : when people go on and on about it, or won't believe him or me.

but be careful about the penis comment... i benignly said that very thing to my two cousins last summer (2005), who i hadn't seen in simply ages, and i do believe i've lost their friendship and family over it

i know, it's their problem, not mine, but i am still heartbroken. they are sister and brother, and they are (or were) my two favorite relatives. it's not enough that there are hatfield and mccoy family relations in our family anyway, but they and i have been able to rise above all that.....till this. i'm SO sad over it.

i would love to have that recipe, too, brendon.

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Oh mercyn, I'm sorry--that does sound heartbreaking. And, yes, it is their problem not yours, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt you too, I know.

Long blonde hair to his butt and very pretty to boot sounds just like my son!
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that's sad, mercyn!
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morning sickness

I remember being told about those ginger pops when I was prgenant. I could never find them though. I ended up doing the plain crackers (without salt) right next to the bed so I could grab them before my eyes even completely open. I also started getting fresh ginger root from the store and grinding a little of it into gingerale. Oh, and chamomile and rasberry tea through the rest of the day. I hated morning sickness...of course I have the flu right now so am definitely relating

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I think I told you all about my dd getting told she looked like a boy when she cut her hair a few months back. BY HER DAD. And his crazy girlfriend. She was heartbroken. And it isn't even a haircut I have ever seen on a boy. They are just mean. :

My birthday was yesterday! I had fun. Went to IKEA with the kidlets and my mom. They had an absolute blast playing in all the showrooms. I guess IKEA is marketing to businesses now as well, so there was a cafe set up, a hair salon, offices, etc. SO we play acted our way through the whole store. Cheapest (Well, except for all the stuff I bought, but that was for my BIRTHDAY.... ) play we have had in a while!

I have been invited to a Mabon celebration/festival type thingy by a mom in my homeschooling group. I think I may go except that it is a day when the kids will be gone I believe. Too bad, they would have had fun I think.

I am so ready for fall! It has cooled of to the nineties. Yes 90's. I want 70's at least, people. Which won't happen regularly for another 6 weeks to 2 months around here. Oh well, it's rained a couple of times, so I should be happy!

Pregnancy- My morning sickness is a bit better. I am not nearly as nauseaus as I was. The preggo pops helped a bit as did toast first thing in the morning, ginger tea, cutting out coffee , and keeping something on my stomach at all times! I am nearing the end though, hopefully! Maybe I can get back into some exercise now.

gotta run! Girl Scout meeting in a couple of hours and I have things to do!
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We are still in the 90s here too, but our mornings are cooler which is my main sign that fall is approaching. The kids and I were talking about the Autumn Equinox approaching this month and dd#2 wanted to know if they'd be in school taht day and what we were planning...hey wait it's Sep. 1st! Off to look for a new thread...
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September chat!

Okay, let's carry on this chat over here for September:


See you there!
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