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forgive me for a quick off topic post....my dh convinced me to join a motorcycle forum he's on and I got a motorcycle too that I'm learning to ride and so I told him he should check out MDC since this is my favorite site so he did! He is registered as SurfDaddy. He and I are definitely opposites...he is much more outgoing and funnier than me. He also knows how to post pictures so I'll link you to a thread with pictures of me, him, and our little one if you're interested. Okay my off topic post is done
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surf mama, those pictures are great! I want to surf now but I live on a lake and the waves just aren't big enough.

I'm feeling a bit better tonight so maybe I will soon be able to come back and explain why I'm so down. I know you all would understand but sometimes this just doesn't even feel like my life.

Thank you all for your kind words.

I would like to try another tribe too Celeste. I would hate to lose touch with you, Be and May-lily (and any others who have or will soon get their bfps)
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Astrid-I hope you keep feeling better each day!

celeste-I would be interested in a "tribe" too. I need to move on from this thread until (and/or if) we ttc again. But all of you are so special that I just can't leave.
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Would another tribe somewhere here on MDC be a good idea. . or maybe a yahoo group or something similar. . Trying to think what would make sense and what would work best and stay active?

Sorry I was cranky yesterday. I keep biting DH's head off and then being sweet and nice the next minute. I'm going loopy :
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surf mama!! Thank you so much for sharing those! It was such a nice way to start the day. So neat to "see" you & your family!

I want in on the next group! I just need to take the focus off of TTC & just coming *here* is bad for my head, because not only do I have to come to the TTC forum, I have to hover around the flippin' pregnancy forum.. it's just too close for comfort.

s for anyone who needs 'em. Blessings! Kelly
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Originally Posted by beemama
I want in on the next group! I just need to take the focus off of TTC & just coming *here* is bad for my head, because not only do I have to come to the TTC forum, I have to hover around the flippin' pregnancy forum.. it's just too close for comfort.

We are going to the island for holidays this fall and if we go to Tofino I'm going to try surfing. Apparently there is a woman's surf school there I need to do more stuff for me now and dh is so supportive of this. What a guy.
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Everyone's been so quiet . . . .

I'm pretty sure I finally o'd so now we wait . .

Last night I felt so down, I think it was just the meds but man. I couldn't stop crying. I just kept thinking that we're never going to have a baby, and I can't keep putting myself through this crap if it's never gonna happen. I know real good positive attitude for the tww. I'm usually in such a good mood around o time.

I feel better today, so I need to get back to sewing diapers for my sister. (I just couldn't bear to look at them last night) Sorry to be such a downer. Did anyone else have clomid, or any other meds, do this to them?

Thanks for being there to listen
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Remember Ursula Rose? She made an announcement today!!

Crying happy tears over here!
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Thanks for the link Beemama...so great so hear happy news Ursula.

mariew: clomid can make the luteal phase much harder...I did not really notice it but then, I always had pretty crappy pms. I'm glad you feel better today. Be gentle with yourself. Not to tell you what to do but after a while I got pretty good at eliminating baby stuff from around me when it was too painful. I guess it may not be an option with your sister's situation...I guess another way to look at it is that that's a lot of good baby energy around you calling your baby to you.

this surfing talk makes me wish I'd given it a shot when I lived close to the water...now it's a 3 hour trip...oh well, I hope to move in a few years and be closer to both my hometown and some good body of water.

A tribe thread is a nice idea. I'm still too shy to look at the DDC's and I will probably eventually feel out of place here, so that might be a good option...

Lesliesara: about the ewcm thing...I never had much. Used Pre-seed.
Some people use raw eggs but dh screamed when I suggested it. As for charting different kinds on one day I think you're supposed to enter the most fertile kind of the day.

Hugs to all

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HEY! I don't come to MDC much these days but I logged on and saw the great news that CELESTE and MAY LILY are expecting!!!!

Congrats, women. Sending you the most wonderfullest positive vibes I can possibly send!
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ST, how nice to see you here! Thanks for your nice wishes. How are you and your family?


Here's the scoop on what I know about "meeting" elsewhere. We could form a tribe thread in the FYT area, or a yahoo group (I've heard some negative comments about them) or, and this is the one successful experience i have had, we could form a group on ez-board, keep it open to new members for a while, and then make it a private board. i have 5 friends who i did this with, and it's been very successful. we all chip in every few months to pay the dues.


marie, sorry you're having a bad LP. clomid can really mess with your emotions (and everything else). i have to say that, as cheesy as i once thought they were, i have found affirmations to be extremely calming and balancing lately. i hope you find something that helps you through the cycle.
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Hey to all

Astrid and Bee - hugs for tough times. I think some sort of tribe or other site would be great. This has definitely become one of my MDC "homes" and I want to keep up with everybody - even if people get BFPs or stop TTc'ing.

Marie - I have totally been there. My SIL, also a good friend, got her 3rd "accidental" pregnancy after we hade been TTC for months, then I thought for sure I'd be pg before she had him, but I was still TTC'ing after he was born. I knew she was overwhelmed at having #3 swo soon, etc. But if she said ONE WORD of complaint to me, I was going to blow my lid. But she is a sensitive soul, and she never complained a peep and always checked up on my TTC progress. Even so, i couldn't help but take her pg personally.

I have more to add, but gotta run. Oh, I had my first appt with the midwife last week. I haven't gotten the bloodwork back ( I went out of town the next day), but they did an ultrasound (the m/w asked if I wanted one, which I did b/c if it's not a viable pg I'd rather know now than right before we leave for China) and I got to see the heartbeat. The bean is measuring a full week behind, which doesn't worry me a bit. Robin was 2 weeks late but never measured enough behind for them to change the EDD - so I'm glad they are already pushing my dates back with this one.
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My internet has been down this week (went down right after I started this thread- weird hu?) and I have missed you all so much! I was dying to get back here and see how everyone is!

Celeste- I'd love to be a part of somewhere else where we can chat, I'm up for whatever option. I hate the idea of loosing touch with some of you because you quit ttc for one reason or another

Astrid- So sorry life has been unkind to you lately.

Surf- Those pictures are great! And your little one is a doll!

Becca- So glad your u/s brought you good news!

MayLilly- Go out now and buy one size larger in regular clothes- people will think you ate too much icecream over the summer and be too polite to tell you you look fat LOL Don't put on maternity clothes until you feel ready to tell people- they make people look prego who aren't! JMHO

Sky- So sorry you are surrounded by so many prego's. Lately I've had to go to 1st b-day parties for babies concieved after I started trying- and it SUCKS! I recommend giving money to someone to put your name on a group gift and dodge doing the actual showers. Swear you'd go, but you have a conflict (like a date with Ben and Jerry?)

to everyone else!
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Its funny- I'm 10 dpo, and feeling much calmer than I did earlier in this cycle. I've been hormonal due to the progesterone cream (Be- I have no clue how you are handling the mood swings with the shots- ) and really cranky but I don't feel especially prego. I am not looking forward to testing to decide if I need to stop the cream- with just the cream, is there a chance AF will show anyway? I've had a lot of weird cramping this month, and I'm debating if I need to go back to my OB to see if something is wrong. She commented at my annual that one ovarie felt bigger than the other, but she wasn't worried about it at the time- now I'm feeling a little worried about it. Especially since I think one ovarie has quit working.... So I'll see if AF shows this week and go from there- nothing to do today.
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Marie and Laura - good luck in the 2ww. Laura, I'm glad you're feeling better

Surf - the pix made me crack up. Your cutie is too much in her little wet suit! Adorable!
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Originally Posted by OTMomma
Its funny- I'm 10 dpo, and feeling much calmer than I did earlier in this cycle. I've been hormonal due to the progesterone cream (Be- I have no clue how you are handling the mood swings with the shots- ) and really cranky but I don't feel especially prego.
I was on the vaginal gel during the 2ww and knew that I'd need to test so I'd know whether to stop or not. I tested at 11 DPO totally expecting a negative. I didn't feel at all pregnant, maybe a bit more tired than usual but it was a busy week. If you remember back a few weeks. . I didn;t believe it when it came up positive (I won't even tell you how many tests I took, it's sickening).

THe shot really really suck. Honestly I have these brief (thankfully extremely brief) moments where I swear I could seriously hurt someone. Or break down crying for no reason. I keep biting DH's head off, I'm surprised he bothers to say anything to me at this point TO top things off I seem to be developing a new side effect from the shot. The injection sites are becoming more and more itchy and almost rashy looking. DH fear I might be building up an allergy to the sesame oil. We're gone camping all next week so I don't know what I'll do if it gets any worse. . .

Surf - I loved the pictures!!

Becca - How much longer until you leave for China? It's all so exciting. . I can't imagine how nerve wracking it all must be. .
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Be - we had tickets to leave on the 18th...but DH's work wants him in the states for at least another week - so probably that last week of Aug/1st week of Sept. I had totally set my mind on the 18th, got some packing done...ah well.

Have an awesome time camping!
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I've been doing a lot of thinking lately as I approach my would've been due date towards the end of this month. I was picking huckleberries today and thinking thru how my miscarriage has impacted me. It has made me fearful...I think that's why I decided to call off ttc. I didn't want to chance it again. There are so many things that can go wrong (I'll spare you the details of all the what ifs) But I don't think those are great reasons to not try.

Also, dh really wants another. I know I do too but it just seemed easier to not think about it and move on. So all that rambling to say we're just gonna go for it. AF is just ending so we'll give it our best shot and see when it happens. I had my thyroid tested last month and my tsh is good. ttc is going to cause me to process a lot of my fears and grief but I'm guessing that will be good for me in the long run.

Strange the timing of it all...that I would finally feel ready the month it should've happened. It really sucks that it is so uncertain and that sad things happen sometimes. I really hope it goes well this time. Thanks for sticking with me thru all my flip-flopping...who knows, I just might flip-flop again a time or two:
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Surf- Happy to have you back on the roller coaster with us! I think its poetic that you feel ready now- you are very brave and strong! You know you can flip-flop away and we'll be here for you!

Be- Have a wonderful time camping- I hope your reactions to the shots stop!

Becca- Wow! That move is going to be such a big adventure!
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ST, how nice to see you here! Thanks for your nice wishes. How are you and your family?
Oh, we're doing well. Thanks for asking. Na'im is 10.5 months, if you can believe that. He has taken a few steps here and there and is exhausting and amazing. We are moving into a bigger apt. I feel so blessed every single day when I look at him.

I hope that you and all of the women here have healthy pregnancies and living, bouncing babies...and soon!
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