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beemama~I'm missing you too!

celeste~sorry to hear you are sick too! And I'm really sorry ttc is on hold right now.

Until I get an answer I will probably be posting/obsessing a bunch! I am trying so hard to stay in the present moment but every now and then I remember something else that gives me hope.
I just checked the calendar and my last cycle was 31 days and today is cd31 for this cycle! I have no signs of af. I usually get a few days of faint spotting when I check cm leading up to af and so far nothing. I also have heavy tender breasts. I still know that it can go either way...but I am thrilled to have a bit of hope! I don't want to waste my one expensive test so I will get another cheap one to use tomorrow morning and then I'll save the good test for Sunday morning.
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Surf mama- I'm so glad there is still hope. The negative on the 28th was a bummer, but hopefully it was just too early! I can't wait to see a BFP for you!!!!!

Celesterra- Sorry you are feeling sick and so down. I know people say that fertility issues are like a rollercoaster. At this point, I think a better analogy would be a canyon. Sure, there are little changes in the elevation in the canyon, but it is still way down there, you know? I wish there was something I could do to help, but for now...

May-lily-good to hear that everything is OK after those cramps

OT- hope you feel better soon (or there is a great reason for feeling yucky)

meggles- I can't believe you are 21 weeks already!! I think I was just coming in when you got your BFP...YEAH!!!

Not much new here...HSG is tomorrow, but I'm not expecting much useful information from it. School starts next week...eeek!
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Sky- I'll be thinking good things for your HSG!


Surf- : It sounds very promising!

Oh, Just wanted to mention, I had that ovarian cyst that caused me a lot of cramping, so I researched on the web ideas to help it resolve naturally. I've been taking 600 mg of vitamin E, at least 50 mg of B6 and a magnesium suppliment, I also put a cloth with codliver oil on it on my tummy with a heating pad over it at bedtime for about an hour each night for 3-4 days before O (would have continued if didn't think I had O'd). The cramps seem to have completely stopped now, after about a week of this treatment.
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I am craving chocolate. Dark chocolate. With nuts. Creamy, bittersweet, dense chocolate....

I've been really good about curbing the sugar since I started Fortamet a year ago, most of the time. But sometimes I just get this overwhelming craving--probably emotionally/hormonally motivated. So I bought a small piece of dark chocolate covered almonds and ate it with lunch. And now I worry that I've totally screwed up my fertility! god I hate this.

I'm all whole-grain, low-carb, lean-protein, but sometimes I just want chocolate. Is that so wrong? I'm so freakin' sick of feeling like our 4 years of infertility have something to do with my sweet tooth.

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Leslie in C- I'm sure the tiny bit of chocolate isn't going to make a difference one way or the other. and beating yourself up won't help either. In my opinion, I think based on your lap/surgery and what the doctor that did it said, you should mentally start over counting at 1 month ttc since your uterus was in shape to hold a baby. I think that septum (or whatever it was) was your problem, but that's jmho.
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So Leslie are you officially in the 2 WW now? No wonder you want some chocolate. I think you handled it well by having a small piece. My downfall is Diet Coke which I think is far worse for me than your piece of dark chocolate. IF is NOT your fault!

surf - I'm so sorry that you had to celebrate a "would have been due date" That's wonderful that you planted flowers for your baby. I think the no spotting is a good sign. Hope you get a BFP soon.

May lily - that is so scary. I would have been freaking out. That heartbeat is awesome though. I hope things are boring & uneventful from now on.

Tiara - did you get your additional bloodwork?

Heather - my first was conceived easily also. Good luck with the SA and let us know how the condom collection goes. Is that recommended by your RE or is it something you bought. Just in case dh has to do it again. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Meggles - I wasn't hear when you were posting but congratulations. Seeing other pg moms who tried for a long time reminds me what I'm trying for.

Celeste - hope you're feeling better.

Sky - good luck at the HSG tomorrow. I really didn't find mine too bad, just take it easy afterwards. My biggest problem was arguing with dd to take a nap that afternoon. I definitely should have left her at my sisters until I took a nap!

Laura - I hope the you O'd. How do you like the castor oil hot packs? I've done them for a few months now. This month I didn't even think about it since there is so much else going on. I find it very relaxing - even though I 'm not sure its doing anything.

Not too much going on here. I had some EWCM last night an got a + OPK when I got home from my sisters. So I woke dh up to get things started : Another +OPK this morning. So I might O a little earlier than my usual cd 16.
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anyone interested?

I'm thinning out my book collection (well, organizing everything, really ) and wanted to give you mamas first dibs on some books.
I have:

~Getting Pregnant Naturally: Healthy Choices to Boost Your Chances of Conceiving without Fertility Drugs

~I Got Pregnant, You Can Too! How Healing Yourself Physically, Mentally and Spiritually Leads to Fertility (kind of weird and memoir-y, but has some neat points)

~6 Steps to Increased Fertility

~ The Language of Fertility: A Revolutionary Mind-Body Progam for Conscious Conception

~ The Fastest Way to Get Pregnant Naturally

Just let me know if you want one, some, or all. I'll send via book rate, so I won't need any $ for shipping.

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Hi everyone:

Leslie in C: I wouldn't worry about a tiny piece of chocolate, or a big piece for that matter. I agree w/ Laura - don't blame yourself for a momentary (or weekly) lapse into chocolate-dom, when 90+% of your diet consists of the good stuff.

Skydancer: I'll be thinking about you tomorrow. I hope the HSG goes smoothly.

lesliesara: Congrats on the +OPK - Glad to see you're making the most of it.

Laura: I'm always for anything that stops cramps!!

Surfmama: I'm thinking about you. Still :

Celeste: Sending you a big fat

CroleRN: - I remember going through all of those tests - I hope that the unexplained won't remain so for you for much longer.

As for me, I'm in a sour mood. I've spent the day home cleaning - which isn't the bad part. I just feel surrounded by 's lately. People around me are completely clueless. I swear if I ever do get pg - I'm hybernating for 9 months, heck maybe even 18 years!!

It's silly to be so grumpy, I know. Especially since dh and I are so synchronized when it comes to bd this cycle. For the first time in a long time I feel like we're on the same team again. Hard to explain, but it feels like our first year of marriage all over again. We're having so much fun and really enjoying spending time w/ each other. We even planned a romantic get-a-way in mid-Sept. I can't wait. I think part of the new life in our marriage is the clear-cut plan that Dr. F. gave us. I just need help remembering to take all of those pills (self-sabotage). I still have one more blood test to get and then at the beginning of next cycle, we are going to go in w/ all of our data (I'm keeping a journal + my charts) and the Dr. is going to look at everything and we're going to get down to real business!! Yay!!
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Indeed, I am in the 2ww...

Laura, Lesliesara & fierrbugg: thank you! I like you guys. You said exactly what I needed to hear.

to all!!
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Ladies - thanks for such a warm welcome!!! It's always nice to get !
Skydancer: my HSG wasn't as bad as predicted, I'm sure the whopping dose of motrin beforehand helped.
Fierbugg: I totally hear you on the surrounded by ...I work in a hospital based birth center!!! (And I definately have lots of : days!!)
Lesliesara: We haven't actually got the "duhickey" yet...I was waiting until showed - so as to not waste the $$. (Pretty sure she is knocking on the door.)
OT: I definately will have to check out that book!! What were some of the main dietary changes you've made? :

Well: This cycle has definately been a big letdown : - just one of those cycles I felt more confident about. It's really draining!!! of energy, hope, positive thoughts. (ANd I am such an emotional eater...I'm sure the last 2 years of this roller coaster ride has not helped my wt gain )
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I tested this morning and it was negative again. I've only used dollar store tests so far. This is one of those times when I wished I charted temps. I did sign up for fertility friend and I put in all my cm info to see a better idea of when I should know. Looks like I am 12 or 13 dpo today. Also, last night when I brushed and flossed my gums bled and they never do that. So more waiting and wondering...
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Surf mama-bleeding gums is a GREAT sign! It was my first with both. You know what they say...it ain't over...

croleRN- thank for sharing you HSG experience. The motrin did seem to be a good thing.

Leslie in Chicago- I hope you are munching on a nice, sweet treat. I do think diet is important, but it is a fine balance between being helpful and adding to the stress of ttc with stress about food. I say feed the major, infrequent cravings and it will help keep the other ones at bay.

fierrbugg- sorry about all the pg. people around you. It is great that you and dh are having a great time, though. That makes it sooooo much easier!

lesliesara63- So you are now in the tww? Hooray!!! I love obsessing with others!

OTMomma- It's great that the pain from that cyst is gone!! Isn't it nice to do something that has such quick results...kind of empowering, you know?
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I'm back from the HSG. It really wasn't bad at all for me. Perhaps I kept in mind that it wouldn't be entirely comfortable, so I had prepared myself for more discomfort than it was. In any case, everything is in working order on that front.

The doctor also did a u/s to look for follies. He saw one on my right ovary that isn't ready yet, but is definately there. I go in again on Monday to check it out. I have to gush a little and say how great this dr. is. He has a relaxing presence and is very upbeat and positive (but in a realistic way). In a situation which could seem very medically driven and sterile, I felt comfortable. AND they are open on holidays?!?! Am I in Oz? As he left, he explained that he was on vacation next week and that hopefully the next time he saw me, I'd be preg. YEAH!!

I do have a quick and probably really ignorant question for you ladies. I always thought that normally a woman will produce one usable follicle a month. This follicle is then released at ovulation, etc. Is that true-just the one follie part? It just seems odd that I had a follicle at the end of my last cycle and one so early in this cycle (I'm cd 7). Do we produce follicles all through the cycle and our hormones just decide which one gets released. I thought I had this all down, but now I'm confused. Thanks for clearing it up for me.
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Sky- so glad that the HSG wasn't bad and all looked good. Also awsome to hear that your dr is so great! That is wonderful! I think if I understand correctly that lots of eggs attempt to mature each cycle, and how far they go depends on the individual, but usually the body only picks the best one (or 2 in twins) to release. Clear as mud?

Heather- The book actually has a test you take to determine exactly which foods you as an individual should eat/avoid. I have quit eating wheat/white flour, all dairy (OK, I still cheat and have a little butter), and sugar (OK, cut back, didn't make it to quit). It also recommended that I eat 1-3 servings of animal protien, eggs, fish or meat daily. However, for those with endometriosis it recommends becoming a vegan, I believe. There are pretty good reviews of the book on amazon, and I have a long thread on it in Infertility.

Surf- : Things still sound good.

Leslie in c- Any time, honey.

Tiara- So glad things are so good with your DH!

I haven't been able to breath through my nose the last 2 days so I haven't been able to temp. Its annoying because I had just gotten used to doing it again! Oh, well. Maybe tomorrow.
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I'm still here

This is a really busy time for me because everything in the garden is ripening and I have to pick it, prepare it and freeze it. I also do some canning so it feels like my days are spent in the kitchen - which I guess they are It's a lot of work now but oh so worth it in the winter.

I'm so behind with everyone.

: to surfmama! And belated for your due date. I dread when mine comes up.

Will post more! Hard to catch up after being away so long.

Hope everyone with illnesses is feeling better
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Forgot to ask, any Canadians here who know where to get cheepie tests?

I used my last one in July and the online place where I got them doesn't have them anymore. In the stores they want $7 each! I want to make sure I test on the first sign of lateness so that I can get a prog. test.

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Astrid where are you in Canada? I often cross the border to go to Dollar Tree. Otherwise Walmart Equate brand is the best deal. I also get "free" ones when I order PreSeed. We shop across the border pretty often so it isn't too big a deal to go get some.
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I tested again and it was negative but I still have no sign of af coming.: I checked my calendar and I should be 14dpo by now....I had lots of EWCM this month and then it dried up suddenly exactly 2 weeks ago. I'm not sure what is going on or when I'll know?
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well I just went to the bathroom and I am spotting so af is coming and right on schedule. I actually feel okay about it and I am grateful for a clear answer.

I'm off to set up a new Sept thread for us...I'll be back to add the link in a minute...
Here's the link http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=513425
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Originally Posted by May-lily
Hi you all, I hope you're all well and that we'll see at least one more +++ this month and a whole batch next month.

I've been lurking but did not want to post because I was freaking out. I had horrible cramps ten days ago, for two days. I called my ob, who said not to worry but of course, since it was worse than af cramps (which I got bad anyway) I was preparing for the worst. After that my symptoms sort of vanished... no morning sickness, no sore boobs. I was crushed. Then today I had my third u/s and got a good heart-rate (171) and a good size (1.94 cm). I started bawling. Honestly, it was like finding out I'm pregnant all over again. What probably happened was some cysts left over by the IVF stims were producing hormones too, making my symptoms quite strong, but they went down a lot, maybe even ruptured (which would explain the horrendous cramping) and then my hormones went down while my little one quietly kept doing its thing. Phew!!! Good thing I knew the rollercoaster continues after the two lines on a stick!

Love to all,


Just stopping by to say many, many, many, MANY congratulations to you!!!! Chiromama passed on the good news and I am so happy for you!! Sending many sticky vibes your way. Enjoy your beautiful pregnancy!

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