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sweet treat

Today we made raspberry sorbet from the huge package of raspberries dh got at Sam's for my fertility. The sorbet was great! If anyone wants the recipe let me know and I'll pm it to you (can't post it because it isn't mine).
Also wanted to say I've been nauseous all day and hoping it means something good and not food poison
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Okay we WON one, an AIRSTREAM that is!!
We'll be going up to see it this weekend!
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Hello everyone!!

I haven't abandoned the board. Started my new job this week and it's kicking my butt. So, I haven't had as much time as I'd like to post.

Laura: Please PM the sorbet recipe to me. Would LOVE to have it. Also here's hoping : it's not food poisoning.

Surf Mama: Loved, the pics. What an angel!! Also I wanted to chime in w/ Laura about your being brave. I took me many years to come to terms with my mc. I was so terrified of it happening again, that without a written guarantee (like one exists), I just shut myself off to the posibility of another pregnancy because I didn't think I could handle having another mc. I felt like such a failure as a woman. Aren't we silly? I still fight with that sometimes. But right now I'm working on affirmations (like Celeste suggested) to convince myself that I am healthy and I'll roll w/ whatever happens whenever the time comes. If nothing else it's helping me w/ my peace of mind.

Celeste: I'm all for another tribe in whatever venue. Yahoo can be a pain, but I've run Yahoo groups forever - so if that's what you decide, I'd be glad to answer any ?'s you have. Also I think what you said about affirmations is huge. The Empowered Childbirth website has some very powerful ones IMHO.

Astrid: I just have to send you a

Marie: I am so familiar w/ the feelings of why do this if I'm just going to get the same result over and over and over again. It's frustrating. That's why I stopped ttc a couple of years ago. At the time it was the right choice. And now that I've decided I'm ready to ttc again - it's a thought in the back of my mind constantly. I have to second Celeste's suggestion of affirmations. If you'd like to see some, PM me and I'll send you the link to the site I found for mine.

I think that covers everyone. If I've missed you - I'm sorry.

I think I might have o'd 3 days ago. Not sure, it's kinda confusing. But regardless, I have an appt w/ my new naturopath on Friday. Which reminds me I still have to fill out that 16 page questionaire. Ugh. DH is still of the opinion that if we're going to ttc, we should 'just do it.' Meaning IVF. The man makes no sense to me. Insists that we eat as organic a diet as possible, BUT then wants to pump his wife and possibly future child full of synthetic hormones. Which he knows I react badly too. Some people can handle them. I just get really run down and SICK with every 'possible' side affect known to man. Something's shut off in his brain right now. : He'd better figure it out before too long though. I'm hopeful that this new dr. will get me on a plan that gets my body working again and then it won't even be an issue. I'm really looking forward to this appt. on Friday.

Hope everyone is having a peaceful week.
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Originally Posted by beemama
Okay we WON one, an AIRSTREAM that is!!
We'll be going up to see it this weekend!
Bee - are you KIDDING ME??? You WON the bid??? This is incredible! This is fantastic! I am so very very excited for you!

: :

OTMomma, the sorbet (and fertility encouragement) sounds delicious! Do you have to have an ice cream maker?

fierr, ttc negotiations are pretty hard, aren't they? I hope you and your dh are able to find a common plan that works for you both!

as for the new location, it does sound like we have a consensus. Is there anyone who's graduated that we should invite? Do we want to stay on mdc or migrate off? I don't want to be the one to make the decision!
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Still here

Hello all! I'm thinking of all of you and hoping for the best!

Laura- Ohhhh!!! I hope, hope, hope that this is your month!!!!!!

fierrbugg- Good luck with the new Dr. I can relate to the frustrations with Dh...I don't think our men will ever truly understand all we go through in this struggle, but I think they try and that counts for a lot.

beemama- Congrats on the airstream...I can't wait to hear more!

surf mama- to you. The healing process is such a never ending and difficult climb. From my outsider's perspective, you have dealt with everything so confidently and powerfully.

Becca- What an exciting time for your family...I can't wait to hear all about China!!

Hello to everybody else!
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beemama- : That's so cool! :

Laura-when are you testing? I have my fingers crossed that the nausea is from being pg!!!:

fierrbug-I'll be thinking of you on Friday, hope the dr helps you find a great plan that will work for your body!

Thanks everyone for the kind words! I'm really glad I get to ttc with all of you!
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Beemama- I am so very happy for you!! You are due some good things!

Surf- I think I'm going to hold out and test on Wed morning. I'm in that awful place where I want to hope, but its very hard. I bounce between thinking I am and being sure I'm not.

Celeste- We do have an electric icecream maker. I it. Unfortunately since I gave up dairy in June its been sitting idle, so it was neat to make a non-dairy treat in it. Maybe we should try again doing a survivers thread in the finding your tribe area, if it bombs, or we all don't like it, we can plan to move elsewhere after a 2 week trial or something? I do think we should invite all our recent grads- aside from those of you I see that have posted recently I think Meggles and Mom2Ellis, and I'm sure there are others... How does that sound? It does seem like a big deal to move away from MDC, so I'm inclined to give it a shot..... but I don't want to make the decision for everyone either.

fierrbugg- I do hope your appt on Friday is wonderful!

Sky- How are you doing? Thanks for the good vibes.

I'm still nauseous, but my temp was down some today- not below the coverline, but lower than its been in the last 5 days- not sure whether that means something or not- but I'm in the obsession mode again! At least its only a few days more and today is my birthday, maybe that will bring me some luck.
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: Laura!!!

Ladies, I have to say this... I have been avoiding saying because I've been trying to be positive and not full of fear. I've been bleeding since Saturday. And cramping since yesterday. I'm at work right now and it's started up again. This just doesn't feel like a good sign to me.
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even my flippin' Pilates instructor is pregnant!

I told her I was going to stop classes for a while back when I started IVF in May. She wished me luck and said that she just started trying again. Last night at class (my first one back), she said she was 8 weeks pregnant.

Ladies, I'm at my wits end. I'm depressed, angry, tired of feeling like everyone around me is getting pregnant...and I'm not. It's hard to come to these boards because I don't even feel hopeful. Even with the surgery and optimistic prognosis, I feel like I'm at the 27th mile in a marathon and they keep moving the finish line. And I'm just so tired of running.

We went on vacation last week and I was without email for 10 days. I came back and read all of your posts (great pics!) but just couldn't bring myself to post again. So now here I am, all upset and spewing all over! I love you guys, but it's like walking through fire to get here--all the stories on the home page, scrolling down through all the mothering crap, etc.

And I'm still on meds from the surgery, so I'm sure that's contributing. Can't wait to get my period and get out of 'treatment'. I'm so f**king sick of this.

But I love you guys!
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Celeste- Go home and lay down.

Leslie- I wish I had words to help. I understand feeling like the finish line keeps moving- it isn't fair.
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Celestrra - I'm sending positive vibes...

fierrbugg - good luck with the naturopath. I wonder what he/she will recommend for you!

I'm a returning newbie, if that makes sense. Two MCs in the past year. DS is now 3. I have sort of lurked here. But I'm not officially TTC again; I'm seeing a RE, getting tests done. I wanted to make sure there isn't a problem before I TTC. Tomorrow is a big blood work day and I think that will be it for me; then I meet with the Dr. again to hear all the results. I'm torn between wanting them to say all is normal or wanting them to find a problem to explain my MCs, a problem that is easily fixed!

I'm CD 19 and I did O. It felt weird to not TTC. Especially when a relative shared that she is pg, and obviously conceived right after her MC. She said she read that women are advised to wait 3 months for emotional reasons, but felt she didn't need that. Huh. If I have waited 3 months in order to get tests done that reveal nothing, I dunno.

I can't remember who posted about their EW earlier; I fear that mine ain't what it used to be, either. It has seemed more sticky and yellow than true EW. Any thoughts?:
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AF has arrived anyway- without me stopping the progesterone. Guessing that means that the cream wasn't strong enough- though I did have a 12 day lp, slightly better. I told dh I'd see my dr this month to discuss options, but really I'd rather start looking hard at international adoption.....
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Oh Celeste, I'm so sorry to hear that

to Leslie too. I know what you are saying about coming here, that's why I took a leave from MDC. The pregnancy forums are very hard for me to scroll by as well as the new baby sections.

Welcome back Willzmama
Feels funny to say that because I really don't wish anyone on this thread.

About a new place to meet, I'm easy to whatever you all decide. I just don't want to lose touch.

Congrats on your Airstream Bee!!! What was the plan, you are going to tour around the country? I'm so excited for you!!

My story in short form as it's still very hard to talk about. I got pregnant. I started spotting at 6 1/2 weeks and had all the blood tests too see how things were progressing. Numbers were going up but not how they like to see it. Had a ultrasound at 8 1/2 weeks and no heartbeat. My heart was broken. I cried for days. I didn't want to go out, I didn't want to see people.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you all about my pos. I was being superstitious thinking that if I didn't say anything, everything would be okay but I was wrong. I'm still very, very sad about it but now I have days when I can almost smile again. (it has been 2 weeks since my d&c) I realized yesterday that I didn't cry. So I guess I am healing. I go between being terrified to ttc again and wanting to try as soon as possible. Dh wants to try again too. I mean, I guess it's good that I actually did get pregnant because that means my lap surgery worked and that I have a chance now to have a baby. But I was pretty mad at the world because why after 3 1/2 years of ttc did I have to lose my baby While I was going through this I got 2 emails from people announcing their pregnancies. I haven't emailed them back. I can't. I feel bad about this (lousy friend I am) but it was so easy for them and I think what did I do wrong???
So much for making it short, eh?

This weekend dh and I bought a canoe and have spent the long weekend on the water. It's great!

Sorry for everyone I missed. I read all the posts and think of you all often. Much to you all!
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Laura, I'm sorry about af coming today.
Is it your birthday?
I guess af any day is sucky.
to you my friend. big
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: Gloomy day today for many of us, no?

Celeste, my dear friend, I feel like such a heel for going on and on about my woes right after you posted your news. This must be such an emotional roller coaster for you. I'm praying for you and your little one.

Laura, so sorry to hear about AF. But the increase in the lp is a good sign. More cream? Where do you apply it? I've heard that 'soft' skin, like belly or inside the forearm, is good.

Dearest Astrid, there are no words for the pain and sadness you've been through. I'm so glad you told us, though, so we can support you and send you lots of love and hugs. Know that you are in my thoughts, even when I'm not on this board. I wish there was something, anything, I could say to offer comfort. If you were here in Chicago I'd bring you tea and kleenex and cry with you. And yell at God or whoever with you. This is so terribly unfair.

be~I had the itching sensation, too. If you aren't already, give yourself a firm hip/butt massage after the injection to help disperse the oil. Sometimes it can get 'stuck' because it is so thick.

bee~ thank God someone has good news! Congrats on your Airstream!

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oh my dearly loved friends. until now, tears have not been a part of this process, but now my heart is absolutely breaking over here.

Astrid, how can I even express the sorrow I feel, reading your news. Of course you have handled every step of the process perfectly appropriately, including sharing what and when you felt ready to do so. It is hard to ever see the silver lining at a time like this, although you are right that it is a positive thing that you got pregnant, and in your uterus. I hardly want to say that, though, for the very real pain and sadness that you are experieincing.

And Leslie, it's funny, I have been thinking of you for days and this afternoon I was just more intensely wondering what is going on with you. I can so completely relate to everything you said. I figured you just hadn't seen my post or you were just really in the moment, both of which are ok with me.

Oh, Laura, that sure sucks. I'm so sorry. Progesterone supps suck, AF sucks, and AF on your birthday? Well, that's cause for revolt.

Ladies, to me this really does indicate that we should take ourselves elsewhere. If it's causing pain to our friends to even type "mothering" then let a new home be part of our support we give each other. That doesn't mean we can't still come here for ttc-related stuff, but it sounds like some of us need to be supported elsewhere for now.


I did, in fact, go home. I spoke with my nurse and she advised bedrest until tomorrow morning when i see Dr. Doom for an u/s. The moment of truth is arriving. I'm still spotting/bleeding, still on and off crampy.

Beemama, still thinking of you and your great news!
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Leslie, Astrid and Celeste- to all of you! And I'm praying for each of you!

Celeste- I agree, it appears to be time to go elsewhere.
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Laura-: and I'm sorry af showed up today!

celeste-I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!!!

Leslie-It really isn't fair! I hope you get a period soon and I hope it happens quickly and easily now too!

Astrid-I am so sorry! Any m/c is heartbreaking, but after trying for so long it stings a lot more!

Tomorrow dd and I are leaving to visit family in DC so I won't be able to check in until the weekend. I am going to ask dh to check and tell me any news from celeste though. I will miss you all and I'll be thinking of all of you going thru tough times!
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You ladies are all so wonderful and supportive!

celesterra, I really hope that you get great news today. Good luck!

Astrid, I'm so sorry for your loss.

I'm 7dpo today. I don't feel real strongly one way or the other, I think I'm getting numb to it all and just hoping that it happens. I was really hoping to get pregnant this cycle because classes start again in 2 weeks and I'm much more stressed during classes than during the summer. And you know how everyone with like 6 kids tells you that you need to relax to get pregnant. . .

On another note, I know it's probably not the best thing for ttc but I'm going to a meeting tonight to find out about volunteering at our local pregnant teen shelter. I used to teach cbe, work as a doula, and I was an apprentice midwife for a while before deciding to go back to school for medicine. I've really been missing working with pregnant women in a positive way and helping them. Lately I've just been resenting them and I need to get back into a more positive place. Plus I was reading their website where it asked for formula and had pictures of teenagers feeding their babies with bottles, ugh. I just feel that this is something I need to do. (can you tell I'm trying to psych myself up, lol) Anyway, sorry for the long post. Thanks for listening.
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to all

Astrid - my heart breaks for you - I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm glad you are feeling that healing has begun.

Celesterra - You are in my thoughts this morning as you go for your u/s.

Laura - big hugs for you too. I'm so sorry AF showed on your birthday - it's just not right. Although I think it's super sweet your DH went to sams to get raspberries for fertility. I spent a bit of time lurking on the adoption pages here on MDC - there's a lot of experience there.

Fier - good luck in the 2ww

Willzmom - I remember you from the Nursing mom's thread. I think you had gotten a pos. soon after I joined. I remember being very envious. I'm so sorry to hear about your m/c's. Hope your journey here is short - good luck!
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