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Lots of mom of twins

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I was at my Do-Re-Me & You! convention this weekend and I was shocked there were around 100 women there and 7 people had twins (that I came across) 3 had boys 3 had girls and 1 had a boy and a girl... It was so crazy!!! most of them were right around our girls age 1ish or older... So here is my question think twin will become the norm and not be seen like a freak show?
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Honestly, I think it is becoming more the norm already. Everywhere I go I meet someone who is a twin or who has twins or who has twins in their immediate family. But I don't know...maybe it's because I'm more aware of them, since I'm a mother of twins--but I do see an awful lot of twins in stores. It's crazy. They're everywhere.

I know statistically the number of twin births is up, but I can't remember where I read that. Check this out. Ok, well that's actually pretty unrealated, but kinda interesting.
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I know what you mean. My identical twin boys are 11 yrs old and with every year that passes it seems that twin's are becoming more and more common. As far as being a freak show, I've found other people's reactions to my boys rather interesting. People are always interested and curious and the boys seem to absorb that pretty well. Overall they're very social and enjoy it. Having twins has certainly been a blessing!
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Triplets are the new twins!

Seriously, in our area, there are such an outrageous number of twins I don't think people even bat an eye anymore - but 3 or 4 newborns will still draw attention.
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I have to agree. I think twins are becoming the norm, especially the development of fertility treatments in the past few decades. I hardly even get asked as to how we conceived ours now (which I hated being asked).
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