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Godda*mit, I can't get a frickin' thing done right now! Has the start of the war dampened anyone else's productivity, or is it just me whose concentration powers have turned to mush?

I'm supposed to be finishing a draft of a letter of intent for a big grant, and it just ain't happening. Aaargh!
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Oh yeah, I was a mess yesterday at work. Not much better today, but it's easier to be in the moment when I'm home with the kids than at work, kwim?
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I actually left work early yesterday. Today we had prayers at the mosque, and I spent most of that time...well, crying actually--and I'm having trouble doing my housework--much less the stuff I get paid to do.

Too busy praying for all this to end.
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Yesterday was one of the first nice days of the season...I took my girls to buy spring clothes and amazingly, we made it out of the store with no one having a melt-down. We came home and decided to have a picnic in the driveway. We were having a great time, and I felt myself start to relax and feel content, and then, I remembered the war, and got a sick feeling in my stomach. I managed to keep a good face on for the kids' sake, but my enjoyment of the day was basically over.

I hate hate hate this. I'm trying to write, but struggle with that. I tear up at odd times. Am planning a party for my dh's birthday, not so much because he wants it, but because when I tentatively mentioned the idea to a couple of friends, they all fell all over themselves about how much fun a party would be...

I wish I could pray for this to end, but I'm too angry right now.
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