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Anyone Nursing?

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DS is 17 months and nurses a ton. Like 8-12 times per day. maybe even more. I am so worried about losing my supply as I hoped to nurse until he was 2+ years. So far my nipples are not sore at all, I'm surprised by this but it's still early. I just hope nursing continues to go well and maybe I'll end up tandeming.

Just curious if anyone else was nursing and if you've noticed any changes.
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Me. My dd is 2.5 and still nurses a lot. It's kind of been getting on my nerves for awhile because she literally wants to nurse all the time. My breasts are not sore yet, but I'm not looking forward to when they are. I may end up imposing some limits on dd's nursing. As of right now, though, I am okay with her nursing through this pregnancy, and still after the new baby is here.

Today is the first day also that they seem bigger to me. But then she'll nurse and they are saggy again so who knows?
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yes! ds nurses just once or twice a day (he's 2.5yo) and it is getting owie. I had to wean dd at just 18 months because it was excruciating with ds and because it seemed to be triggering too many regular episodes of cx. i'm hoping to nurse through this pregnancy and even tandem, but we'll see.
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Dd is 14 months old. She nurses quite a bit but is not nearly as attatched to it as ds was. I lost my milk completely at 12 weeks last time. I guess that will happen now too. Not sore yet. BUt I was not overly sore last pregnancy. Ds nursed until dd was almost a year old.
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yup, here too. dd is 20 months and is suddenly (is it my imagination, or did it shift when i got pregnant) WAY more interested in nursing. i think my supply dropped a little, and it's not that uncomfortable, but i find myself having an emotional/mental resistance to it--like all of the sudden it's annoying for her to nurse. we had a couple of rough days because of it, but i think we're back on track now.

i'm just going to go with whatever happens, but i'm hoping she'll wean at some point during the pregnancy--i'm nervous about the possibility of tandem nursing, although i know there are benefits, and it looks cool! i have a hard enough time getting nourishment and sleep enough now; i just can't imagine nursing a newborn and a 2.5 year old. then again, there are lots of things about my life NOW that i couldn't imagine before hazel was born, heh!

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I'm nursing an 18 month old and I'm worried about what will happen when my supply drops -- she's going to be so sad! My older ds was already nightweaned and had just turned 2 when I got pregnant with my dd. He nursed all during that pregnancy, and my breasts never hurt, so maybe yours won't either (my breasts hurt A LOT during my first pregnancy, though).
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Not now, but I nursed the whole way through my preg with ds. dd was only 15 months at his birth so we kept it up. She weaned at 3yo.

I remember some soreness, but I just talked with her, and sometimes cut it short if I was hurting. I remember my milk almost totally dried up during the preg, but she still comfort nursed. It was like Christmas came early when my milk came in! She loved that!
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Visiting from Nov ddc

Everyone is different. I nursed my first trimester with this pregnancy, and I found it hard to consume enough calories. My milk dried up, and dd started biting b/c she wasn't getting anything, so I stopped. I regret it. I wish I'd seen it through. I would advise, though, to watch your child's hydration if your milk is his primary sorce of fluid. Dd became a bit dehydrated before I realized my milk was drying up.
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I'm still nursing my 20 month old DS. Right now we are taking each day as they come. So far things have been good, and I really hope it stays that way.
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I am nursing my 2 year old. She's currently obsessed with it and we are in the process of night weaning. I have no immediate plans for total weaning, but I don't really want to tandem nurse. I nursed my oldest dd (3.5) until I was 7 months along with DD2, my mild completely dried up at that point and it was too painful to continue, so DD1 was weaned at about 14-15 months old.
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We are! DD is 23-months-old and nurses several times a day. So far I don't notice any changes.

I was planning to CLW but I'm not sure if I want to tandem nurse or not. I think it's a great thing to do -- just haven't decided yet.
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I'm still nursing my two year old and OH MY WORD it hurts!!

We're down to twice a day and sometimes 3 times on weekends. But it feels like someone is stabbing my bbs with an icepick when he nurses. It hurts A LOT!!

I'm taking it as a good sign though and if it ever stops hurting, I'll call the doctor. (I had a m/c on my last pg so every bout of indigestion, nausea or stabbing ice pick is reassuring)
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Just curious when the hurting began?? I just found out the end of last week that I'm pg and I'm nursing an 11 month old. SO far, I feel fine and no nausea yet. Of course I should feel lucky, but naturally it makes me worry too.

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Worried too

My daughter is only 8 months. Is my milk going to dry up? Do I need to start giving her more solids?
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My pain started pretty soon after we found out we were pg, but I think it may be different if you're nursing a lot.

Even now, if he goes a while b/w nursings, then it really hurts. A few hours between nursing is not so bad.
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Tandem nursing over here! DD nursed all through my first pregnancy, even when the milk dried up (ow a bit) but was estatic when the milk came back! Shes three now and ds2 is 19mos. The last couple weeks, I can barely stand it when dd nurses, the last couple days I made them switch sides and now its fine. I have no idea why.
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Yup, my little one is 21 months and still going strong. Much stronger than I prefer, actually! I'd like a nice morning, and bedtime session. And at naptime would be okay, too. But he wants to nurse every hour! For just a couple minutes on each side. It's getting annoying!

I wanted him to be able to wean on his own, and I have no problem with tandem nursing. And I understand he will probably pick up when the baby is born, but I am not up for nursing both of them around the clock!
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yeah, my nipples just started hurting, too. ow. the other day hazel (20 mos) was wanting to nurse more at the end of a post-nap nursing session, and i told her that they were owie and asked if there was something else she'd like to do instead. she paused for a moment, then said, "read book?" the little sweetie. mostly, though, she's all about "more that!" i just ordered "how weaning happens" so that i can start the process gently before i'm crawling out of my skin!

i feel like two years is a good long nursing start to give a person, and i find myself looking forward to a few months of dreaming about nursing the new baby, instead of feeling like a tackled mama cat the whole time, heh.

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My 2yo son is still nursing atleast 4-6 times a day. I am trying to discourage it as he is exhausting me. He seems to like preggo milk more than anything.

I don't want to wean him but am just so tired right now that I need a break.
I am starting to have a little pain in the right side but nothing bad yet.

I normally have hyperemesis during my pregnancies. I am worried about when that will start. SO far I am just feeling yucky but nothing big. I don't know what my normally dehydration/starvation will do to my milk supply.
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