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Should mothers be allowed to BF in public? - Page 2

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It's not 83% to 17% so at least it's going up...
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Another yes vote here. Of course.

Damn dumbest question ever though. Might as well ask if people should be allowed to breathe in public.
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82%...even though it's way above...it seems low.
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a stupid poll

but of course my answer is YES YES YES YES YES....

Can't believe this is happening to our world :
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I can't believe only 195 people voted : This is one of the three major news chanels for Portland, a very Berkley-esque city. If I hadn't posted it here, what would the total be???? I'm just so surprised that less than 200 people in the half the state the program reaches bothered to vote

I just thought of some polls that are as usesless as this one:
Should men be allowed to get an erection in public?
Should children be allowed to tantrum in public?
Should people be allowed to burp and fart in public?

I'm sorry, how can you ask if one can do a perfectly natural thing in public? Other than anything that involves taking one's clothes off I mean. Why is there even a law to "protect" the right to BF? It seems as unnecessary as laws protecting the rights to do the above. Oh boy, I almost can't wait to be admonished or asked to move while NIP, poor soul

I also had a great idea. If we just all go to the hospital for labor, then they take all the babies and put them in pristine white cubicles with big observation windows and bleach white wetsuit things and raise them with no human contact, then they can be returned to us on their 18th b-days suitable to be taken out into society without the fear they might resort to primitve PDAs
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Originally Posted by DreamsInDigital
I'd like to meet one of those voting against so I can squirt them with some breastmilk.
: Me too!
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I can't find the NIP poll- now there's a poll about changing the minimum wage for people who get tips.

You know- a poll about whether or not people should eat peanut butter in public is more appropriate IMO than nursing in public. Some people can get severe (even life threatening) allergic reactions from airborne peanut butter particles- meaning eating a PB sandwich in public CAN be dangerous for somebody around you. You can't say that about breastfeeding!
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I don't see the poll ....
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Oops, looks like it's gone! Here's a link to the story that started it all, and the video clip of the story that aired.
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I was able to vote that away it gives you an option to still vote.
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I have an idea- if women can't NIP than no one can eat in public. Well maybe we can allow people to eat in public but they must wear a drape over their head, eat canned food only, or take their meal in the restroom.
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Originally Posted by DreamsInDigital
I'd like to meet one of those voting against so I can squirt them with some breastmilk.
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I shamelessly voted yes. :
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Ok, so not a area I tend to look thru/post, not having functioonal breasts and all but there was an article in the The Seattle Times yesterday about Babytalk magazine. The cover is of a baby breast feeding. I think it is a rather sweet photo, a cute, blue eyed baby looking up at mom. I've seen Maxim and FMH mags at the local 7-11 that showed way more breast than this shot and those photos designed to be sexy and no AP articles written up about them.

Here is the link:http://archives.seattletimes.nwsourc...9&query=breast

So my question is do you Ladys really get alot of flak when you nurse in public?

My wife nursed when she needed too and I didnt notice much in the way of looks of disaproval and certainly no one said anything to her when I was around because they would be dead now

I also voted yes and its at 82 / 18 currently.
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So, I was thinking of telling those who voted "no" that I would be willing to stop niping if: every place I went provided me with a nice room to sit and nurse in. Complete with soft comfy couches, snacks, water, maybe a boppy if I felt like using one, some nice music playing over a stereo system, heat and A/C, and a mother's helper to play with my other kids if need be. Otherwise, I'll feed my child anywhere, anytime and if you don't like it don't look!!
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I've never had a negative experience NIP. In fact I had a very positive one a while back. I'm so nervous about doing it that I just hate it, but an employee of the pub type place my mom and I were eating at came over and told me how happy she was to see me nurse. Of course she turned out to be a mom and a doula so don't know if that counts since she's technically in our world to begin with. I usually just feed him in the van before we go in places anyway. Everyone who engages me in conversation about the kids and finds out I'm raising them full time and nursing always tells me those are the best things, man or woman. Of course I live/lived in two very socially liberal states. Maybe things are different in say, Nebraska?
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Maybe I'm just crazy...but I don't even see why there is a question about this? I mean it's like asking should people be allowed to eat in public? I mean, WTF? The main function of a woman's breasts is to provide nourisment for her young. Yes, breasts do also have a sexual function but that is NOT their main function, much to the dismay of the US media. The key is that when being used to feed a baby, breasts are not sexual. Breastfeeding is the best way that a mother can insure her child has a good shot at survival, and it's instincual to feed your baby on command, when he wants it, and your breasts, thanks to the wisdom of God, are right there! Times have changed, but how we feel our children has not. Why on earth would anyone want to censor a baby's meal? I don't get it...I just don't. But whatever, I guess small minded people are going to be around forever, so we just plug along and hope we can expand their minds with knowledge. :
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I've never really had a negative experience either. Not that I would've cared anyway. I sure got good at eating and nursing in public at the same time in restaurants! LOL

And so much for freedom in america when we have to have laws protecting the right to NIP!
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I sent the newsroom a nastygram, shaming them for formenting more resentment and harrasment against nursing mothers. I encourage all to to do the same.
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