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Hi everyone!

and welcome everyone who just popped in. I just love hearing these stories.

So I just figured out we are expecting! Yay! We are very early and very excited. I feel so at peace with this new babe.

KateSt. I just signed up for your notes from baby! I am loving the notes. They really awaken me consciously at random moments. Great job, mama! We are really working on living deliberately and I am going through lots of changes...challenging sometimes but I am so grateful.

Ds has been exploding with language and we are just amazed at his level of communication. One thing we are really becoming aware of is his intolerance of certain people. Dh's mother is sick and very emotionally needy and he is very assertive in keeping his space from her. My dad is also very troubled emotionally and is on medication to balance his moods (i do not particularily agree with this but...) and ds has been really pushing him away and insisting "leave me alone". At first I was surprised thinking he would be more empathetic to people who are struggling. But as we are exploring The Law of Attraction I am noticing ds really stays away from lower energy. Interesting, and I am not sure what to make of it.
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Congratulations flowers! That's wonderful news!
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ecco-- sorry you couldn't access that page, it's in Spirituality and I guess you have to have 50 posts before you can go there. So, get that post count up!

Flowers! That's so great! Congratulations!!!!!! I can't wait to hear more about this newest soul! And thanks so much for your kind words about Love Notes! I really enjoy writing them -- and don't really feel that it's coming from me, if you know what I mean. Keep us posted on all the new wonderful developments between the babe and the Law of Attraction.
And by the way, ds has always been like yours around people with negative energy -- they're very perceptive, aren't they?
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congrats, flowers! Hope your new baby grows healthy and strong.

Much love, jaz.

I'm funny. I signed up for the baby messages, but I'm actually not pregnant. But I enjoy them anyways. I feel another baby wanting to come sometime, but not for awhile, I'm sure. I'm learning a lot in these last few years, and this new baby will be getting all the best...
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Very new to Indigo idea

The term indigo has just hit my radar. I noticed this thread on MDC several weeks ago. Then my midwife said she senses a purple light around my baby. I have felt from the beginning of this pregnancy (I am 36 weeks) that this baby is special and has a gift to share with the world. My 3.5 year old son is amazing but I did not have the same feeling when pregnant with him. I have always tried to let him use his instincts and trust his thoughts and memories.

I looked up indigo children on google and found a book about a new type of child. Am I getting that right? I read through some of this thread too and looked up The Secret and Law of Attraction. The movie and book seem like things I would be interested in. I was very attracted to the movie "What the Bleep" and now see a chiropractor who practices kinesiology. I don't know what or if any of these things have to do with indigo children. Heck, I'm not even sure what an indigo child is. Anyone feel like giving a rookie an explanation?

Also, do roses signify anything for indigo people? My midwife also mentioned rose essential oil in relation to my new baby.
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Congrats, Flowers!!!
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Originally Posted by majazama View Post
I'm funny. I signed up for the baby messages, but I'm actually not pregnant. But I enjoy them anyways.
Okay, I'll admit now that I also have signed up for them and am not pregnant: . But in my defense, I read them to my friend who is due in May. They are really sweet!
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Samantha and Jaz -- you two have MADE my day!!!

Welcome, InstinctiveMama (love that name). Congrats on your incoming little soul! Indigo/Crystal children and the Law of Attraction I believe are related in the fact that both are helping us raise our vibration, so to speak. If you liked "What the Bleep," you'll definitely like The Secret.

A brief description: indigo/crystal children are of a higher vibration (simply because they come here remembering "more stuff" than we do). Their mission and message is all about unconditional love, and they will touch everyone in their lives helping them to also "remember" and to love unconditionally (especially their parents if you ask me! )

There are some links on the first post for more detailed descriptions and characteristics.

I don't know about the roses and children, but I do know that roses are a scent corresponding the the spirit world.

Welcome to the thread!
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Majazama and Samantha

I laughed out loud b/c that is so something I would do. Maybe this is someone telling you you are in store for another incarnation
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ok, so I've read and read and read and read some more. Actually this thread and the links within kept me up all night. I'm tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired:yawning:

So anyway- I was wondering if somebody here could briefly summarize the 2012 thing for me? I didn't get the chance to read anything on that at all. I'm actually thinking I may be Indigo. Must find someone who can see my aura. I will have to come back later and post a bit about myself. But for now- I'm off for a snack.
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I wanted to say that this line here describes my youngest daughter to a T

"Then, there’s the Crystal Children. The first thing that most people notice about them is their eyes—large, penetrating and wise beyond their years. The Crystal Children’s eyes lock on and hypnotize you, while you realize your soul is being laid bare for these children to see.

Everyone always says this about my youngest DD, even though shes only 7 months old. And yes, I did have a vision of her before I became pregnant with her, only she called herself Ava... (ava is one of her middle names) ...

My oldest DD who is four is also by the descriptions, a Crystal. She always gives hugs, she can sense things (she has been able to do this since she was very little) shes quite affectionate - yet people tried to say she's ADD when we know she's not ADD. She's also very smart for her age, she's quite tall, and she's wow I don't know how to explain it , but now I feel a lot better knowing that its just people out there mislabling her...

My thing is this - I have 3 other sons...and I think my son N is a Crystal - however he was born 2 years before the year 2000...can that be possible?
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I really think people are arriving on a spectrum of time and I don't think any one person has the authority of saying exactly what year what color arrived.

Ie: my husband is a crystal crystal crystal....undeniably and the stories of his childhood match up. He was born in 1979....supposedly impossible, but we know it to be true.

2012, refers to the end of the Mayan calender. They were expert mathematicians and time keepers and they made a calender that went all the way to 2012 and then it stops. The refer to the last 8 years of their calender as the "quickening" and then the end of "time". Of course we can not know if they mean the end of an era, the end of a way of life, the end of end....people make have different interpretations. I do sense a quickening though. Just look how fast everything is moving these last few years...information, people, knowledge. I personally don't think it means the end of the world like "kaboom"...more like the end of the world as humans have known it. There is going to be change environmentally, spiritually etc. I think the change is taking place on a continuum and has already begun.

Just my interpretations. You can search online and find a ton of stuff.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!
We are flying high over here
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CONGRATULATIONS, FLOWERS!!!!! So very happy for you. What exciting news. I hope you have a blessed pregnancy. Now I'm going to have to go check out the baby messages, too, since everyone likes them so much. (No, I'm not pregnant.)
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From reading this, and thinking about my children - I know my son N is a crystal. And my DH and I agree that both my girls are crystal children - with my youngest daughter I forgot to mention this..

Before we were pregnant with her, I was pregnant - and before we found out I was pregnant (which ended up in a miscarriage) I kept seeing this little girl in my dreams and sometimes in visions - she was this chubby little dark haired blue eyed girl named Ava - and she stuck around until I became pregnant with K. And now that she's here, I am seeing another vision sometimes a dream of another little girl who almost resembles K but not her - KWIM? So I am not sure if that means another will join us eventually or... but her name she hasn't said to me yet...

I haven't told DH yet because I don't want him to freak! LOL ... but for sure I see the visions and the dreams. With my now 4yo dd I knew I concieved when it happened, same with my youngest. I just couldn't tell anyone because they would think I was nuts! :P
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Okay, I need some inspiration and guidance. I know I am an Indigo as is my second son. We are both strong Indi's as far as I can tell. My dh and my oldest both seem to be Indigos, but on a slightly different level, if that makes sense. My youngest seems to be the Crystal of the family. So ... back to what I need help with. My ds#2 is 3 ... almost 39 months to be exact. And, my easy-going, always sharing, fun-loving little boy has found a way to push every one of my buttons lately. He is kicking, biting, pinching, trying to step on his younger brother's hands ... and I'm not talking *all* the time, but enough to be exhausting. It's like this new side is starting to bubble up in him (the warrior part). For a little background on him, he has verbal apraxia/apraxia of speech and to me, at least, shows signs of SID. He is smart as a whip, LOVES music, and really is a sweet, sweet boy. But, he also has this warrior/anger side. So do I. You put us together when both of us aren't on our game, so to speak, and there are fireworks. He's mad at me; I'm mad at him. I don't like it and neither does he. I know a lot of it is our energy interacting negatively against one another rather than working with one another. If he were an only child, it'd be a walk in the park. But, I have my 5 1/2 year old (who has his own mood issues ) and the baby home with me full time. So, from a very spiritual, energy, Indigo pov, how do you start working with your child's full range of emotions and behaviors rather than engaging in battle. How do you keep your cool and take a step back rather than taking things personally and reacting with your own anger? (Not that I react physically - but rather the "you are going to your room" or getting very mad vocally ... not explaining this well but hopefully you all know what I mean.) What about books ... any good ones for me to read to help me better understand not only being an Indigo but also raising two Indigos? (And possibly raising a Crystal too?) Also, there was a link somewhere in the beginning of this thread that was to some books for children ... has anyone purchased them? They looked good but would love any reviews.

And for Indigo mamas ... how do you stay grounded? How do you revive yourself or center yourself, especially after a trying day where you don't get any moments of clarity?

Man I wish we all lived close to one another ... I would love a weekly (heck, daily ) park day. Or, you all could come over here. We have a wonderful wooden play structure outside for the kids. I could make some herbal tea. We could dance and talk and sing and enjoy.
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I'm definately an indigo, if not a crystal, and I understand what you're saying. You know what I"ve realized is that my kids need breaks from me, as much as I need breaks from them. My older DD has started saying mean things to me sometimes, like "I want a different mom",: and she picks fights with me all the time, only if her social needs are not met. I'm going to put her in pre/school so that she can have a steady friend-making place. She goes to my moms place about once every 2 weeks, and that helps a lot, for this moment, or just getting out and going to the store. I am not very social, though I want to be, so being in playgroups and stuff doesn't happen around here.
I mean, I have my own issues that I am trying to work on, and it seems like she is not very accepting of me in that, or has been for a long time (had no choice, being born to me ) and is finally letting me know how she feels. Maybe I'm blaming myself for too much, but that's what I think it is with my DD anyways. Maybe it's something else with your kids, mylittlewonders, but it does sound like they might need to have other social contacts.

on staying grounded... I'm trying!!! I try to not be on the computer too much, cause I sit there, get in a vortex, and I look at the time, and wow, its 4 hours later (after the kids are in bed, but still!) I want to try doing yoga in the morning, and need to learn the postures. I try to stay healthy eating lots of earths gifts (veggies and fruits). I think it's hard to stay grounded in these times.
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Originally Posted by flowers View Post
Majazama and Samantha

I laughed out loud b/c that is so something I would do. Maybe this is someone telling you you are in store for another incarnation
ha! not! maybe in 10 years honey
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i don't have much time to post, but i do know how you are feeling. I definitely deal with the anger thing and I am known by dh as being a "firecracker"...whereas he is always so dang cool and calm .

We have been doing a lot of work with the Law of Attraction and I have to say it has really helped my keep a top on my temper. KateSt. recommended a few books pages earlier and they have been so helpful in helping me to keep conscious with my emotions and not get "lost" in my anger.

Another thing that helps with my 2.5 year old is every few months rereading some info about age appropriate behaviors. This helps me to remember that he is not trying to drive me crazy...he is just exploring himself and his world. I also try to keep in mind that although it is great when he is easy going and compliant he also needs the skills of persistence and how to appropriately deal with his anger/frustration etc. He is going through a HUGE hitting/pushing stage and it drives me crazy b/c i feel as though I have redirected his anger and explained why hitting is inappropriate a MILLION times, but my mom just reminded me the other day that it will probably take 10 billion times before he lets go of hitting....so one more time "hands are for helping, not for hurting". Auuughhhhhhhhhh! lol!

Anyways, I wrote more than i had time for, but I hope your day is beautiful and this too will pass....hang in there.
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OK, I'm ready to jump in now.

I posted months ago, but took my post down. Not entirely sure why, maybe it was just not the right time, I guess.

My oldest daughter was 100% Crystal. She chose a life in which she would learn and love the most in the shortest amount of time. I always knew she existed on a higher level than most of us, but now I really, truly *know*. Make sense?

I want to share this truly amazing story about her. A week before Marissa died, I had a "dream". An ancient, beautiful being came to speak to me. She told me it was time for her to leave, but it was OK. She told me everything would be alright, and I needed to trust. She repeated the part about trusting a few times. When I woke up, remembering this VERY clearly, I assumed it was one of my grandmothers, since both are in their 90s. I told my dh about it while Marissa looked on. He didn't say much, just accepted, since he's used to weird things happening to me.

Marissa was sick, but no where NEAR as sick as she had been many times before. We had NO idea she was about to die. I took her to the hospital for dehydration the Saturday after my dream. Sunday morning at 10:30, she died peacefully in her sleep. I remembered the dream right away and I shared it with everyone who came to tell her goodbye that day. I framed it however I knew they would accept it. For most people, that meant saying I was visited by an angel. I felt like her message was that important. I still do. It wasn't an angel (although we do call her our angel now), it was Marissa. So my mantra now? TRUST.

I don't think that message was only for me, so I share it whenever I find it appropriate to do so. And I get signs from her all the time, which helps me get through.

I spoke to a Coptic minister a few months ago and he told me Marissa is an Ascended Master. Makes sense to me. I guess that would mean she's 100% crystal. He also gave me the exact percentages of Indigo and Crystal for each of my children and myself and dh.
Me: Indigo 17%, Crystal 32%
Dh: Indigo 0%, Crystal 20%
dd#2: Indigo 3%, Crystal 52%
ds #1: Indigo 28%, Crystal 11%
dd#3: Crystal 18%, New Energy 13%
dd#4: Indigo 73%, Crystal 49%
ds #2: Indigo 38%, Crystal 68%

Anyone know anything about what the New Energy is? He didn't go into that very much. I really want to talk to him again. He is a fascinating man.
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