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We smudged again today. This time we paid a lot more attention to detail. Dd led me all around the house, pointing it out to me. Surprise, there's a lot of "black stuff" in the cluttered drawers and closets. She also had me do under the chairs. The kitchen sink is chronically slow, we had 2 different router guys try to do it, plus a real plumber, and they concluded that the pipe is shot from years of hard well water. Plus the garbage disposal doesn't work. So today dd had me opening cabinets and drawers (the junk drawer and the spice drawer had black stuff, but not the drawer of teas and other herbs) and then she goes to the cabinet under the sink. "There's lots of black stuff in the pipes!" She says she can see it in the pipes, but not through the walls. Sure did take a lot of sage smoke to move it. Now if that can fix our plumbing problems (there are plenty more in this house) it will be a huge bonus.

And she says her sis (8 mos) can see it too, she saw her looking at it.

All day I smelled like I'd been camping.
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we have a shadowman here too. only, i HAVE seen him, and Addy says that he is trying to take her brain.
needless to say its not a welcome entity in our home. i need to make a trip to the crystal shop for some more smudge and some crystals. i am getting together a group of friends to help drive it out.
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Originally Posted by AddysMama View Post
we have a shadowman here too. only, i HAVE seen him, and Addy says that he is trying to take her brain.
OMG I read that and thought, I would so be staying in a hotel! Then I thought, I already live in a motel (we own it) hahahah.

Do you want me to ask my empath friend if she has any suggestions? She has been seeing entities since she was very little, and she really made things happen for us when dd was having night terrors, just because she is so sympathetic to children in this kind of position.
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it happened again tonight. i had been feeling the energy coming from the direction of the closet door, ad tonight Addy said she wanted me to put her to bed, that NEVER happens, thats her and daddy time to read, etc, but she said the shadowman was in there and asked for help.
so i asked her where she saw him and she pointed to the closet door and said "next to that door"
we shouted at it to leave, and sent "go away" energy at it.
i really need to cleanse this place!!!!
it would be great if you could talk to your friend for me. i am really just winging it.
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Hi! I don't really know anything about ANY of this, never looked into it at all. I'll be going back to read through this thread. I feel like my oldest daughter is an 'old soul' always have. Hard to explain. She says things like 'remember when I was your mama and I would sing you to sleep?'

Both of my children talk to someone named 'Bucca' all the time. Very strange!
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Originally Posted by AddysMama View Post
it would be great if you could talk to your friend for me. i am really just winging it.
I just emailed her. Will PM you whatever she sends back.

Welcome, Dayna!
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i got some sage and sweetgrass, a banishment candle, and some black tourmaline as well as sea salt.
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I would like to jump in now. I am Jamie, Mom to 2 crystal babes. My oldest is 2 years old exactly and my youngest is 4.5 months. I have a few questions I would like some opinions on. Both my sons have big food sensitivities/allergies. In my studies of these spiritual children we are all blessed with I have read that a lot of them become self vegetarians and thrive on juice. It makes total sense since their bodies need to be clean for all the amazing energy they carry around and channel. But I was wondering how some of you felt about letting your children thrive on juice. I usually keep my kids away from juice for it being such a filler and so much sugar. But I was thinking if I got a juicer and made real fruit/veggie juice that maybe this would be the way to go. I think smoothies are a great idea too. My 2 year old is currently going thru a picky toddler phase anyways. But it is interesting that he is suddenly rejecting all meat. He wants nothing to do with it. Obviously the four month old is BF and I plan to wait to start solids for quite awhile.
Anyways, I was just wondering how y'all feel about this.
I was also wondering what your childrens sleep habits are like. My 2 year old still wakes up often and recently it seems to be in fear. He screams out my name or daddy. Last night it happened probably 10 times. Which was excessive, but normally he wakes up at leat twice a night. I am subscribing to your experiences right now Addysmama. But my son doesn't have the words yet to explain what he is seeing/feeling.
I do smudge. But I think I need to get some crystals for my oldest. He is starting to have angry outburts which is unlike crystals to be angry. But it tells me something is not right with him. Could be the new baby, I'm not entirely sure.
My main thing is that I wish I trusted myself more b/c I am an Indigo thru and thru and I am an intuit myself. But I got off the path a couple of years ago. It sure would make my life easier if I would trust myself like I used to. My youngest already talks to me thru our minds as it is. And I do trust that.
Phew...I'm rambling now and prob. not making any sense. I think I just need some ppl that understand this and needed to ask some questions and get some things off my chest. Thanks. I look forward to talking more with y'all.
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I assumed when I was reading about "juice" that they were meaning either smoothies or real juice (from a juicer). Possibly those juices they sell in the refrigerated section of the grocery store (like "Naked Juice" is one brand... but I still consider those more like smoothies than juice, KWIM?)

Remy LOVES that kind of juice. And water. But we don't do sugar water juice (like juice that is only 40% juice.) He occasionally gets apple juice from some other kid's sippy cup, but I think that's fine.

My friend just forwarded me an obscure post about a possible linke between anemia and sleep issues, so I am going to try giving Remy some floradix and see if that helps him.

It seems to me a lot of Indigos/ Crystals/ Rainbows have sleep issues... I know I do, and so does Remy!
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Everyone has told me to research crystaline children" because my son must be one!!!! Any good places to find info?
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Cyn, there are a few links early in this thread.

I think home juiced juice is a pretty good food, though generally I don't take more than a few ounces at a time. Sometimes I wonder if it's better than plain whole fruit and/or vegetables, or steamed whole veges? The main difference being the presence of fiber in the whole food, which I don't see why that would be bad.

At one point I was researching the possibility of dd having restless leg syndrome, and some people improve from that with iron supplements. That's as much as I've found on sleep disorders and iron.

addysmama, I'm PMing you what my friend sent me.
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Chakra Printables.

Hello there. I'm Tammy and I have two children that are Crystal or Indigo.. or Rainbow! I love working with these amazing children! I have a question and hopefully someone can help me.

I'm teaching some children about the chakras. I've had some ask me and their parents are exited and happy for them to learn! I'm looking for some chakra colouring pictures. I have them drawing a picture of what they feel their chakra looks like but I would like to have something for them to take home at the end of the day as well. Does anyone have a souce where I could find some kids chakra printables?

Thanks for your help.
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hi tammy!
I dont know of any specific sites, but I'm sure a quick google will turn something up.
I know I've seen print-outs of chakra pictures to colour in.
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Thanks Majik. You know.. I have searched and searched with very little luck. What I decided to go with for now is to just have them create their own mandelas. I haven't given up tho! lol

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Found a website that has black and white chakra mandalas for you! Plus some neat info! http://www.gottadoyoga.com/4.htm
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Have you seen Hands of Light? It has lots of pictures of people's auras. It is about healing, so most of the pics are of various dysfunctions, but there might be something useful for you. Maybe you could photocopy and let the kids color. . . .of course there's Alex Gray, and maybe this


She might have some useful paintings.

I think I would rather than a coloring book look at lots of pictures, maybe exercise visualization of the energy field, and have the kids depict what they experience.
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About the Shadows:

For monsters in nightmares (the Black Shadow kind), one of the best things to do is get a nice big jar and fill it with sand and place it in front of each doorway (including closets). The Shadows have to count each grain of sand before they are allowed to pass through, so needless to say the bigger the jar, the better. It could take them all night to count. Some people put sharp things (such as nails or razorblades) in the jars so the shadows injure themselves as they move up through the jar counting.

About cleansing a room:

In addition to smudging, crystals, etc., you can do a sweep of the home. This is done with a special broom that is dedicated to this purpose. It is best if you bless it first and tell it its purpose. Sweep starting from the corners of the home out toward the doorway, and sweep all the bad energy out the exit/entrance to the home.

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Draya, I love that stuff. I get some satisfaction from imagining an unwelcome visitor sitting at the door going through all that sand. hahaha, take that!

addysmama, how did it go?
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Sleeping Issues and Rainbow Kids

Wow, I haven't posted on this thread in a long time! I don't even remember which page it may have been, nor do I want to look back right now to find it

My dd, who is now 4 1/2, is almost certainly a Rainbow Child, except for one thing...
She's definitely been here before. She started talking clearly at a very young age, and was able to tell us about her nightmares starting at about 1 year of age. I don't know if that is when they started, just when she started talking about them. Basically, she was having nightmares about napalm bombings. She would tell us about the fire falling from the sky, dripping from the planes flown by the guys in green suits. She even remembers what "they" used to call her (think derogatory term for "Korean" coined by the US GIs during the Korean War).
Once I got her really talking about her nightmares, and let her know that she is safe now, she stopped having them (I think).
But, after the nightmares came a different sleeping obstacle. Evidently, when she slept, "the guy with the red hat" would come in through her window, sit on her bed and rub her back, and tell her about "Mrs. Moon, the other moon, and the big sky". She said she liked him and that he was funny, but it got to the point where I had to whisper her bedtime story to her so he wouldn't hear that she was going to bed so that he wouldn't come. She said she tried to call for me when he came, but he would make it so me and dh wouldn't wake up. So, I had her try telling him not to come anymore, and that seemed to work. I haven't heard anything about him in at least a year.
Still, to this day, she wakes up at least 4 times a week from having dreams, but they seem to be "normal" dreams, and she generally goes right back to sleep after I lay her back down (occasionally she'll be up or out of bed). The strangest ones are when her eyes are open, and she's speaking, but she's still dreaming. They freak me out the most because she doesn't generally recognize me.
Anywho, as far as sleeping issues go, those are my experiences. I've found the more I get her to talk about what goes on at night, the less problems she has.
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I actually started telling my son about lucid dreaming ("You can control your dreams, remember you are dreaming...") when he was an infant, because that seemed like part of his issues with sleep. It does help. I don't do it so much anymore (now his issues seem to be more with teething pain) but everyonce in awhile I remember to remind him...

Yeah, he's been here before, too. I am not sure why "they" say the rainbow's haven't, that is wrong, imo. He's an "old soul" all my friends who are experienced in such things agree.
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