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Oh ladies - I'm just about to cry here.

Our board of directors has suddenly fired our minister and I'm very, very upset. This is either the second or third minister they've fired in the last 8 years (depending on how you count the interim minister who was terminated suddenly, but would have been anyway).

The congregation is up in arms and wants to hire a lawyer to rescind the board and reinstate the minister. We've asked nicely, petitioned, etc but the Board stands by the decision and won't change it.

I feel that EVEN if it was in the best interest of the all parties for our minister to serve elsewhere and for us to find a new one, it certainly shouldn't have been handled the way it was! And certainly not now - the church has less than 8 months left of operating money. This decision should have been mutual and the Board should have helped him to find a new spot and to attract a new minister to our congregation. It's just such a "power over" rather than a "power with" to use NVC-speak paradigm.

But now, by engaing a lawyer and forcing the board out, we're doing the same thing. Acting with power over. A bunch of people are fired up and feel that this could be the beginning a new birth for the church, but first the old one must be allowed to die. It just feels so horrible and wrong to me. It's just all so ugly. I'm so sad, so lost and I don't know what to do.

Thanks for listening.