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Mail call!

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I just HAD to show you guys what the mail brought today...

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Too, too cute!
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that's adorable! and so is your "eldest".
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Thanks! She thinks so too
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Very sweet
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Very cute!!!!
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that's awesome
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Sooo cute! Where'd you get the CDs? Love 'em!
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I bought them of the TP, which I have been stalking on and off. I never really had newborn dipes with DD - I couldnt afford much. These are sooo tiny

edited to add - they are nanipoos, which I have never used before, but they look great! I've decided to do fitteds and covers mostly when the kid is small, and then switch to more aios and pockets which I used with dd.
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I have totally been stalking the TP as well!

Oh, very CUTE btw!

I have some UBCPF's on the way, a blue canoe tee, Robeez, some more pf, and Birthing from Within. Mostly trades, because we are poor!
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Absolutely Adorable!
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So adorable

I bought a nanipoos dipe too,buti bought before i was even pg lol!!!! It has been sitting there just waiting
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I think they're talking about the Trading Post here at MDC.
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Once you have been here long enough and with enough posts, the TP is the best way to build an afforadable diaper stash, imo
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SO cute and so is your little sweetie!
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