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Nursing Bras

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I've been wearing nursing bras for 5 years now and have never found one I really like. I'm looking for a soft cup, something cool (for summer heat) and definately not granny looking.

Anyone LOVE their bra?
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I have a very simple, beautiful bra that is soft cup, lace covered(stretchy lace), with snaps in the center. It is a very deep plunge in the middle which I like. The only thing I don't like about it is it has a 3 hook closure in the back. (I have a weird aversion to any more than 2) But it still looks good. I got it at mimi maternity. a little expensive - maybe around $29- I can't remember exactly. It has held up quite well. They also make a version of this bra with underwire which I love as well. good luck finding one you like. I am eternally on the search for the perfect nursing bra!
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I love my bras from Japanese Weekend. Their web site is www.japaneseweekend.com. They are stretchy knit and incredibly soft. The cups criss-cross in the front, so you just move it to the side to bf, no hooks or snaps to mess with. They're very plain but I don't consider them "granny" .
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I like Bravado, in the ++ (double plus) style.
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When I say "Granny" I mean, starts at the armpit, goes down to the waist, 19 hook&eyes, straps as wide as a belt, and a pretty bow in the middle - to look more alluring to hubby should he see you with no shirt on!!ag You know, the kind of bra that would lend a hand should you have to stash watermelons in it while running a marathon!!
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Well, they're not the most attractive, but if anyone is looking for a very supportive bra I suggest the nursing sports bra at Target. It's only $12 and is VERY comfortable. I can even wear it at night. The largest size I have found is a 38D and it fits my E+'s great!
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I got tired of the lack of nursing bra selection so i went to Victorias Secret and got some of the Tshirt material bras they have... They are knit, and stretchy, and when i needed to nurse i would just pull it over to the side (by my armpit) and nurse.. When he was done my boob would be smaller and it would sometimes just slide right back into place.. No one can call a VS bra "granny"!!!

It worked for me...

Warm Squishy Feelings...
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The Target Sport Nursing Bra is ok, but there is better. The sides of the bra tend to bow out, like there is too much fabric, and this is noticeable under shirts. A friend gave me some Bravado bras, and I'm in love.
The Target maternity panties aren't much fun either - the briefs go up very high, higher than the waistbands of all my pants. I haven't been brave enough to try out their thongs, so I don't know about them, but they're cute.
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I have maybe six Bravado bras, and while they are comfortable, I don't like the "uniboob" look I get, I don't like putting them on over my head, I don't like how the elastic can roll on some of them, and I don't like always looking "sporty".

A few months ago I went to a wonderful lingerie store in my neighbourhood. They had one style of nursing bra, from Italy. Very costly ($90 Canadian per bra) but I love love love them (I bought two). They look and feel like "real" lingerie and they give me back some shape and cleavage!

I wear the Bravados around my house and on casual days.

That's my nursing bra story!
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I love the Babystyle criss-cross bra.... www.babystyle.com
Very NOT granny, and super comfy! It's a lot like the Japanese weekend Hug Bra that Mom3 mentioned, but I think it's a bit cheaper.

I also like my Blue Canoe organic cotton bra. www.bluecanoe.com
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