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sleeping on stomach?

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Does anyone else have a babe who won't sleep on their back? DD will spennd a lot of the night on her side but if she's not right up against me or is napping by herseld then she always rolls over onto her stomach to sleep. She has good head control and will lift her head up and turn it from side to side, depending on which way she wants to face.

I know that we are supposed to put babies to sleep on their backs now, but I'm not sure what to do with a 2 week old who rolls over onto her stomach.
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ds prefers to sleep on my chest on his stomach (i mean even in bed at night)...he has good head control but still scares me to let him do this too much.
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My ds will only sleep on his side or stomach. Since he shows a lot of signs of reflux, my ped is okay with it. Babies with reflux feel better on their tummies....
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I have tummy sleeping kids. I tried for 8 weeks to get my first one to sleep on his back-he never would. We don't have the risk factors for sids and they sleep at night with us when they are little, so I am ok with it. They have good head control too.
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my dd sleeps much better on her side or on her stomach
she sleeps with me - so I feel fine with it
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Jumping in from June just to say that all 3 of mine were/are tummy sleepers. With ds#1 we tried to fight it, but he slept horribly on his back. Personally I don't believe the "Back-to-sleep" party line though. :
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We have been using a baby positioner to keep ds on his side. However, I am still working on latch issues, so I am not nursing on my side yet. Dd was a tummy sleeper too and at some point, I gave up and just put her on her tummy and checked on her often.
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Ds will not sleep well unless he is sleeping with me tummy to tummy. I sleep on my back and he sleeps on his tummy on my tummy. I think he likes the sound of my stomach gurgling. That settles him instantly 90% of the time. Otherwise, he sleeps cradled in our arms or on his side pushed right up against me. If your babe won't sleep on his/her back, there's not much you can do...at least that's what I figure.
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