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more Sept/Oct moms-to-be

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Hope it's ok that I'm starting a new thread!

Is anyone else feeling this strange discomfort/tightening in lower ab? Maybe it's just gas, but I've been feeling it every evening for the past few days.
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The list.....

Two weeks ago the weather was starting to get warmer. Well, it has pretty much stayed. Every day we are atleast getting into the 40s, WONDERFUL. We our racking last Fall's leaves. Need new rakes

I'm doing really well. Energy is back. Going to be each night about 7p. Sometimes at 6p. The boys love the baby to be. When ever they see the bare belly (not that big yet) the want to touch. Even give kisses

If you have info to change on the list let me know. Thanks

BABY # 1
Jamie - Sept 14, #1, Hospital w/ CNM
Lisa - Sept 17, #1, Home, Boy (Orien Matthew)
Sagira - Sept 21, #1, Birth Center
Rosie - Sept 23, ??, ??
Priya - Sept 25, #1
Sarah - Sept 25, #1?
hypatia - Sept 26, #1, Home
Ravin - Sept 28, #1, Home
Glittergal - Oct 9 #1
JLav - Oct 12 #1
suzy (gowk) - Oct 13, #1
Daria - Oct 21, #1, Hospital
Zmoon - Oct 25, #1
Sarahlynn - Oct 27, #1

Domestic Goddess - Sept 1 #2
Kris - Sept 11, #2
Emma - Sep 12, #2, Hospital
Shelly K. - Sept 17, #2
Eman'smom - Sept 18, #2
Namaste - Sept 21, #2 Hospital
Ladylee - Sept 24, #2 VBAC
Amy - Sept 26, #2
Christine - Oct 1, #2, Hospital
Monglowmama - Sept 26, #2, Homebirth
Shannon - Sept 27, #2
Mamaley - Sept 30, #2, birth center
Angela - Sept/Oct, #2
velryba - Oct 2, #2, home
Polypody - Oct 3, #2
Mamarsupial - early Oct, #2, Hospital (CNM, Doula)
Muslimomma, #2, Home (Unassisted)
SueZVudu - mid-oct #2
Jennifer Z - Oct 19, #2 Hospital
kaismom - Oct 30, #2

Michelle (Mommy Stormraven) - Sept 17, #3 (#2 w/ dh) Home water birth
Tammi ? Sept 18, #3
Carolyn - Mid/end Sept, #3, Home
Shane - Sept 24, #3, Home
Ruth - Oct 3, #3, Homebirth
Ashley - end Sept, #3
Jen - Oct 23, #3, Homebirth
Czen - Oct 25 #3

Deb - Sept 19, #4
TreeLove - Sept 27, #4
Britt - Oct 8, #4, home
mamapenelope - October, #4, Home
Cori, #4, Home
kerikadi, #4 Home

Rikki - October 17, #5, Home
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Is anyone else feeling this strange discomfort/tightening in lower ab?

I do feel this also. I think that it's just the uterus getting in shape (again!). I think with each pregnancy there is more to be felt. I'm definetly growing more quickly this time. I can remember with my 1st I did not show until the 5th month. I could suck in my tummy and it would be a lot less but now is not the time to start that.

I've been walking a few times a week. Try to walk outside with the nicer weather. We have a 5k walk coming up that I'd like to finish in a reasonable time. We get to eat pancakes afterwards! Now is that a goal?

Even trying to get some relaxation yoga in at night before bed. Can't get too much done before I get called away with a child. Get one or two exercises in. Better than none.

I think that will a non winter pregnancy that physical exercise will be less trivial. Doing yard work, swimming at the town pool (when gets warmer) and playing with the kids outside should be really good for me.

Take care everyone!
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hey mamas. i'm also feeling all sorts of shifting and tightening...in fact my back is killing me today. i picked up dd yesterday to put her in the tub and +++OWWWWW+++. last night i rested, put a hot water bottle on my back, and dh gave me a back massage with tiger balm. today, i felt better...so much so that i did some pre-gardening. now i'm a little sore again. more tiger balm and an early night.

WEANING???: i think dd may be on her way to weaning. she's had four nights in a row of not nursing. she's just cuddled back to sleep. 4 months ago we started the transition to the crib, but haven't tried to force anything on her. we let her come in, co-sleep nurse, whatever she needs. some nights she would sleep in her crib for less than an hour, then co-sleep and nurse all night long...other nights she would come in once or twice to nurse, then go back to the crib and wake up there in the morning happy as a clam. thursday, she nursed after she woke up from her nap. that was around 2pm or so. she didn't nurse again until 8 last night (that's 30 hours!). she nursed again at 5am, but hasn't since. i've always been a strong believer in child led weaning...but i think i secretly wanted to get to at least 2 years. anyway, i'm having mixed feelings: relief, grief, joy, sadness, etc.
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I've been feeling a "tightening" also. I call it my new pocket. I feel like someone has sewn a little pocket to my lower abdomen. It feels kind of interesting. I hold it every once in a while, so does my dh. I'm very excited and can't wait to show! I'm 14 weeks now. I will probably show clearly in my 5th month like some of our other mamas on this forum.

BTW it's really hot here! I'm in South Florida and it already feels like summer. Not looking forward to be in swampy humid weather with a belly the size of a melon! I've really been hot lately. And I'm normally a person who's always cold in the A/C. I throw the covers off now in the middle of the night (and we have a fan too).

Feeling hot hot hot

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I just got back from a surprise spring break trip. Some friends of mine decided on the spur of the minute to whisk me off to the Grand Canyon. Sure was good thing the morning sickness was gone. We didn't make it to our goal, since it decided to snow. Getting snowed on in the Painted Desert inspired us to head south, and we went to Carlsbad Caverns. I must still be in pretty good shape, because I managed to walk down from the natural entrance to the Big Room and do the Big Room tour. It helped that we were going at a pace suitable for little legs (friends have a 2 1/2 yo, 5 yo, and 8 yo) and stopped frequently to rest on the way down!

It would have been completely fantastic had I not caught a cold from the kids. Luckily, the worst of it is over now.

How's everyone else doing?
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Hi there all!!

Glad to hear how everyone is doing.

Shane: Can you change my edd to Oct 1 in the list. Thanx.

I haven't posted for a while so this may end up long. :

Well, I have a horrible cold. It really sucks!!! Lots of head and chest congestion. The stuff I'm coughing up is so gross! I took today off work with the hope that I'll get some rest and recover a little. I kept ds home with me. I can't bare to take him to daycare when I'm at home. Hopefully we'll get to do some stuff together. It's my dh's birthday today, so I'll try and get the energy to sit Nik down and let him colour a card for his daddy.

I think my m/s may actually be gone. I'm in shock!! With ds I had it for 5+ months. I'm still a week away from "3 months". If that is the case, I'll thank my lucky stars!!

I'm still tired beyond belief. I could probably sleep 14-15 hours a day with no problem, given the chance. I found out that my paternal grandmother had the same problem when she was pg with #2. My dad (the oldest) had to go to school (my grandfather taught school in a one room classroom) with my grandfather, even though he was only 3. My grandmother just needed to sleep all day. I don't have that luxery. I have to go to work everyday, and I really struggle through some days..... but this too shall pass. Dh is is surprisingly understanding this time round. That definately helps.

I haven't gained any weight..... but I've definatly gained inches around my belly. That is sort of worrying me, but hopefully I'll start to gain soon. With the m/s I just didn't feel like eating.... plus I've been too tired to eat. I'd rather sleep, given the time.

One of my good friends was due on Oct. 4. I was so excited because we were going to go through everything together. Sadly, she m/c'd last weekend. I am so devistated for her. Such sad news.

Healthy vibes to you all!! Take care.
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Could I get added to the list? I'm due October 12th to give birth to my first baby.
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today is my Issac's 2nd birthday!

My 'little' boy turns two today. Wow, it does not seem like it has been two whole years since I gave birth to him in my own home. It was a Saturday so it was a nice lazy day. We took him and the rest of us to Friendly's for lunch yesterday and then let him pick a toy at the local toy shop. We actually gave him a choice of two items. He picked sidewalk chalk, which his brother likes too

I have more energy now a days. I still rest some with the boys at nap time and when I'm home go to sleep with them at night. I have some orchestra library work to get done so no early bed time for me this week

I found a pair of size 16 pants that I had bought when I was pg with Theodore. They firt very nicely now. I even have to use the belt to keep them up comfortably. I have also discovered that there are a few moms in my son's school that are also pg and due around the same time as me. There is another mom in our class that is due three weeks after me. Kinda cool I think.

Hope all is well-
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So nice to hear from everybody!

I am 13 weeks, and it's really hard to tell I'm pregnant. I was online looking at pictures of 16-week bellies that looked huge, but despite that and everything some of you are saying about your bellies growing, I cannot believe that will actually happen to me. At that same time, I'm incredibly impatient to see some evidence.

I am starting a hypno-birthing class soon -- can't wait.
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Hypathia, I'll be 13 weeks tomorrow, and I know what you mean!!! I hardly feel pregnant anymore and it drives me nuts.
BTW, when are you supposed to start the hypnobirthing classes? Maybe i should get on that soon...
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hey mamas. glad to hear most everyone is feeling less sick and tired (not all, i know...and my thoughts are with those of you still feeling icky and sleepy).

i'll be 13 weeks on friday and i feel like i have a huge belly already. in the morning, there isn't much to see...but i can feel it. by evening, i feel about 7 months pregnant, letting it all hang out. at night, i can no longer sleep on my belly.

mamaley and hypatia - you will get your bellies! every body is different. my hips are small and my rib cage is large...so my uterus tends to head for the least restrictive area right away.
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oh, and shane - happy bday to your boy...and happy labor day to you!
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Aw Shane, there's something very cool about that second birthday (although with ds we've only celebrated the first and second so far, so what do I know? ) Happy birthday to your boy and congrats to you.

This morning I go in for a midwife appointment. I get really excited about these. I'd better hear the heartbeat this time--shouldn't you be able to by 13 weeks? I need to hear or see something because I'm not feeling very much. I actually do have a small belly, and it sure has popped out earlier this time. Last time I was kind of full in my lower-ab for a while, but this time it looks a little pregnant. Does that make sense? I still dont need maternity clothes, just nothing too tight.
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I'm starting my hypnobirthing class next Thursday. It consists of 4 2-hour sessions. I probably wouldn't be starting the class so soon, but I'm moving at the end of May, and I don't know for sure if they have hypnobirthing in my new area.

What are you thinking of doing?

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I think I might start in May or June. I forgot to ask my midwife about it this morning--I'm horrible about writing down questions.

I got to hear the heartbeat today! And my midwife says I need to eat more! Woohoo! Haha.

Is anyone else tired with a messy house? My energy goes up and down, up and down...
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I wish my energy went up and down....lately it's just down!! Luckily my fiance has been wonderful, keeping the house clean...I just hope that lasts after the baby is born!!
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Has anybody used cramp bark or false unicorn root? My doula recommended both to help relieve some crampiness I've had. I don't have an appointment with my midwife for a couple weeks, so any opinions would be great!!
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Hi everyone

It is great to read that some people are starting to feel better.
I feel like I have been on a rollercoaster lately - I have an 18 month old son and I nursed him for the last time last Tuesday at 6:00 am. I am in mourning. After a prolonged nursing marathon I ended up with massive blisters on my nipples and then with a terrible case of mastitis. I made the VERY hard decision to stop nursing my son. He has actually coped very well - I think it is because I had been doing the "don't offer, don't refuse" plan for a couple of months so he wasn't quite as attached to nursing as he had been. That said, it has been a hard week. I miss nursing him.

I can't believe how big I am. I am now 16.5 weeks pregnant and have only gained a pound, but I am already in my maternity clothing!!!! I am as big as I was at 5 1/2 months last time!!!

Hugs to all,

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Okay, I don't get it...I'm 11 weeks and I'm already in maternity clothes, is that normal? I'm 5'9" and weighed 130 before I got pregnant...I've gained 10 pounds already. I don't know if I'm going to keep growing at this rate or if I just a had a freakish spurt. People look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them I'm only 11 weeks. I haven't gained weight anywhere else, I just have a perfectly round pooch. Not that I mind looking pregnant so soon...I love my belly! Other than the tremendous belly growth, things are wonderful! I've been pretty pukey and tired all the time, but that's starting to get better... THANK GOD!! I was able to hear the heartbeat at 8 weeks...so amazing!!
I feel like I freak out over every little thing...it's so nice to have people to talk to about it!!
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