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Can you add me to the list to? I've been trying to keep up with all of you ladies...I didn't want to join in till I reached (that magic)12 week point....well....
I'm at 14 weeks, due about Sept. 21, and going to be atempting a VBAC at a hospital with my midwife there as my doula in a bigger city neighboring mine since I live in a unfriendly VBAC community!
My ms went away for 'bout 3 weeks while we were on vacation but now that we are back home it's back too...and I too have been so so tired! It's unbelieveable!!

It's nap time
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Yes, CNMs can write prescriptions. I hope yours can help you get what you need!

Congrats on hearing a heartbeat! That's so exciting, isn't it?

It's nice to hear about everyone's progress!

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Moonchild: I'm also due on September 21! Great! Good luck in your pregnancy and VBAC

To all the rest of the mamas: I'm glad most of you are feeling less tired (me too! I'm taking walks every night) and nauseous.

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One thing I'm definitely not over is being tired. It doesn't seem to matter how much sleep I get at night, I get sleepy in the afternoon and sometimes fall asleep for hours without planning to. This throws me off and I wind up staying up too late. My sleep schedule is completely whacked and out of control.
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Hi - it's so nice to hear everyone's updates.

Emma - I know it must be bitter-sweet to have weaned your son. to you and your ds.

JLav - don't know if it's normal, but I always gain loads of weight when I get pregnant (I'm 15-16 weeks or so, and I've gained 14 lbs already - same as my first two pregnancies).

Sounds like you were very slim before getting pregnant, so I think your weight gain is just your body's way of looking after both you and the baby!

Mamapenelope - I hear you about the pelvic stuff. I'm beginning to have all those horrible pelvic floor pains - I know I'll be sleeping with a pillow between my legs soon and taking about 5 minutes to get out of bed in the morning and another 5 minutes to start walking normally.

I have really easy pregnances except for that - and that is SO sore. But I guess if that's my main pregnancy complaint, that's pretty good. But all these nasty pregnancy symptoms seem to show up earlier with each pregnancy - I guess your body is used to those pregnancy hormones, and so responds more quickly to them...(sigh).

Congrats to the new 'joiners', and glad to hear that most people are feeling better (I still have the occasionally queasy moment, but in general am feeling much better as well).
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I'm newly pregnant...

Okay, well not really *newly* since I've known about my new pregnancy since January...but I'm new to this roll call and am currently 10w6d. I'm due on/around Oct. 17th. This will be baby #5 for us, though we have lots of spirit children due to numerous miscarriages.

At my 8 week appointment the OB sent me to u/s because of cramping and bleeding. We saw the HB and the little arms and legs. I could swear that was the best thing that I've ever seen. I have to have a very medicalized pregnancy because I'm diabetic and hypertensive and overweight. I, however, have *very* quick L&Ds so I will more than likely be having a homebirth with a *possible* transport to the hospital to check things out when we're done. My last baby was born after a 45 minute long contraction (no that contraction never ended...), my previous child was a labor of 1h23m and I never have to "push". My kids are long and skinny and just kinda slither out...

Probably more than you wanted to know... Well, you can find out more about me in my sig! Glad to be here!
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Welcome to all you just joining us! It is so helpful and supportive to share the journey with other Mothering mums.

Carolyn thank you for sending the hugs - he hasn't asked to nurse in the past two days. I suppose it is a good thing, yet it makes me sad... Who knew weaning would be so emotional.

Ds and I were at Kindergym this morning. It is amazing. There are 12 mums and 12 tots in the class, and 7 of us are pregnant!!! We are all due within 6 weeks of each other!!! Is it me, or does it seem like everyone is pregnant?

Hugs to all

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It does seem like a lot of ladies are pregnant. There are three out of thirteen ladies in my office pregnant...and in my family my cousin just gave birth, my SIL just gave birth, my other SIL is a month ahead of me, and two more cousins are due within two months of me. By Thanksgiving there will be 6 new babies in family!! There must be something in the water.
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Re: stretching pain in pelvic symphysis area
That could also be from the round ligaments that holds the uterus to the pelvis. A warm compress often helps. If you get that when you are standing or walking, then pulling up the leg on the side of the pain toward your body also helps (as if walking up a tall step)

I just returned from a trip to Hong Kong for my sister's wedding. It was wonderful, but tiring. morning sickness is gone and when dd will get over her jet lag, maybe we'll be able to get some decent sleep.
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Well, I have a horrible cold. It really sucks!!! Lots of head and chest congestion. The stuff I'm coughing up is so gross!
Same here! I've been feeling so badly since Sunday. I feel like it is hard to breathe, but it is because I have to breathe through my mouth which often makes me cough. I have had a fever off and on since Sunday, and I have no appetite. I hope this goes away soon!
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Well, Sorry I've been sort of MIA but here is the latest...

I Really LOOK Pg now, even the waitress noticed it the other night when DH took me to dinner. I'm now 15 weeks but my uterus is measuring at 22 weeks - we know exact conception date and that ther eis nly one in ther - my guess is that The uterus jsut rembmers what to do and when to do it. so my uterus is abotu 2" above my belly button.

I fianlly met with the doc we decided on for a backup (my midwife's backup is 3 hours away) and I liek him very well. He's a DO and not so invasive about the whole process so we are all happy with that.we have a good strong heartrate of 158BPM at last visit and the midwife even found the baby's h/b with her fetoscope which from what I understand is nto the easiest thing to do until you get to about 20 weeks or so. We are takign that as a very good sign.

I've already started seeing a chiropractor regularly for my lower back pain and that is helping immensly. I've also seen my massage therapist too.

I have to say that if you have a massage therapist int he area Prenatal Massage was a lifesaver for me with DD. I knwo many people think of it as a luxury but Really, it isn't its an essential part of maintaining good health - especially when you are PG. Besides, babies love it!

Much Love to all of you!
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we had our second prenatal today. everything looks great. hearbeat was 160. our cnm did the doptone on dd's chest and dd really liked that.

morning sickness is much better, although i had a fluke morning yesterday. i threw up for the second time, even though i wasn't feeling that sick. oh well, should be totally done with soon.

i think i look pregnant depending on what i wear...but i certainly FEEL pregnant by the end of the day.

welcome to the new mamas!
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Originally posted by Amywillo
Same here! I've been feeling so badly since Sunday. I feel like it is hard to breathe, but it is because I have to breathe through my mouth which often makes me cough. I have had a fever off and on since Sunday, and I have no appetite. I hope this goes away soon!
Me too! I've been having a sore throat and it makes me gag--I threw up this morning, yuck. I wonder if it's pregnancy related? THey do say that you have more congestion when you're pregnant.
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Just got back from my second prenatal. And can I say I'm going to be SO relieved when I get to switch over to my midwives?! I got to hear the heartbeat for a few seconds that was very very sweet

But the Nurse Practitioner is again telling my my due date is 2 weeks before it really is, and this is AFTER the 9 week ultrasound I had that she AGREED with me on the due date to the *day*. Arg!

Also she asked if I was feeling the baby move yet, and I said yes, since late 12 weeks. She said "Oh thats probably not the baby then." Grrrrrrrr!! I think after living in this body for 25 years I'd have a clue about what's happening and what movement is feeling like since it feels like nothing I have ever felt before in my life (and even if I *was* wrong, which I'm not, why does she have to burst my bubble??).

Well anyways, I'm just thrilled I got to hear the heartbeat!!
And this proves to me even more than my move to midwives is SUCH a good thing. If I don't get respect at a prenatal visit, what should I be expecting in labor?
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mamapenelope, I'm sure you can get a BC without midwives. I have no idea how that works, but I'm sure you could ask some of the unassisted mamas and they'd tell you how they did it If thats your only reason to not go unassisted, I bet you can clear that one up pretty easy

If thats not an option could you use your DEM's and tell them you don't want to see any students? Would they honor that?
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Originally posted by mamaley
Me too! I've been having a sore throat and it makes me gag--I threw up this morning, yuck. I wonder if it's pregnancy related? THey do say that you have more congestion when you're pregnant.
I have a really strong gag reflex in pregnancy, so anything touching my throat or things in my mouth can make me start. Yesterday I bent over to pick up a load of clothing off the floor to put in the washing machine. My throat has felt coated fromt he cold, so the pressure on my esophagus from bending over like that, and then the fact that the tips of my hair went into the corner of my mouth, well, I was gagging and retching. I thought I was going to throw up, but I didn't. The gag reflex has been worse since I've been sick, but fortunately my congestion is clearing up now.
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A woman I know when unassisted and did no prenatal care. She had to get in touch with a midwife or doctor at one point, just so they could verify her pregnancy for the birth certificate. She just handled the paperwork herself, but I'm not sure what is involved for what state.
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mamapenelope: I'm not sure how it is in Alaska, but here in WA all you need to do is show up at the vital statistics office with the new baby and they'll issue you one, once you've filled out a form. If you are doing UC, then you put your or your husband's name as the attendant.

I'd check with your state's vital stats office. It shouldn't be too hard to find out, especially since I don't think homebirth is illegal in your state. You may want to ask them how you'd get a BC for a baby who was born at home in an emergency...
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Hi Mamas,
Nothing annoys me more than health care professionals with personal agendas (ie you didn't really feel the baby etc.) Working in the hospital I knew so many nurses and docs who were invested in being "the person with all the answers". They were so caught up in being the authority that they couldn't see the person in front of them. For example, I am pretty pro breastfeeding but I know it doesn't work for everyone. I remember one mom who was being majorly pressured to breastfeed by the nurses, the docs and her husband. I went in as the lactation counselor and found out that everytime she nursed her baby she wanted to throwup (she had a history of sexual abuse). She just wanted someone to tell her it was OK if she didn't breast feed. I guess my point is that I wish there were more practitioners who were willing to take the time to get to know their patients as individuals. Rant finished.
On the birth certificate issue, I don't think that it will be a problem. My last two home births the midwife had us fill out the birth certificate and bring it in to the town office ourselves. The DEMs should be able to tell you the protocol for your state.
I hit 13 weeks last friday! Hooray! Its a milestone for me because my last pregnancy I miscarried at 12 weeks.
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We've got a lot of people here! That is wonderful...

Can we get everyone to write a post so we know that you are still with us?

Things are going ok over here. Our weather has gone down hill this past few days. Temps were in the high 30s today. Just yesterday it was up to 70s. Oh yea and today, rain all day, possible snow showers tonight and same for tomorrow. We all were so draging around the house. Hope to see the sun soon!

I'm growing more. I can feel it in my clothes. I've been in maternity for a week or so now but was still wearing same long underwear and underclothes but now it has become uncomfortable to wear my long underwear bottoms. Bummer the temps go back down now :

I'm not too sure if I'm feeling movement but it's probably there. I'm just too busy to notice. I've also had a lot of crampy gas and that could be distracting me. I do feel more uncomfortable overall. stretch too far here or bending wrong there. My butt also hurts all the time. Just one side. Strange.

Thats it for now!
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