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Y'know, being pregnant doesn't mean you shouldn't see the doc for an issue you'd see a doc for if you weren't pregnant.

I've been doing the "I'm cold" thing, too. (Most amusing as my mother is prone to hot flashes and the room is seldom comfortable for both of us, lol), and since I've been hypothyroidic since I was 11 or so (and on synthroid for it), I told my sOB so she could test my TSH levels.

I'm currently facing having to convince her that this doesn't necessitate being labeled "high risk" and visits to the clinic every two weeks. If my medication needs to be increased, there's no point in checking it again for four to six weeks, so if it doesn't increase, the same logic still applies.

That being said, untreated hypothyroidism can be a genuine high-risk factor. (I did some research after listening to my doc's bs.) The stress here is UNTREATED. My advice is, go to your regular doctor (not OB), and get the TSH test done. If your regular doc has experience w/ treating hypo, and you are, then have him prescribe your med and INFORM your OB or midwife. If not, see an endocrinologist about medication.

One reason I'm SO looking forward to moving is that I can see the midwife about the pregnancy, and a doc about my thyroid. It's relevant to hypothyroid treatment that the doc and lab know you're pregnant as the range is different for the test, but it's not relative, once you're in a healthy range, to your pregnacy that you have this condition IF IT'S TREATED.

Sorry if I seem to ramble, I'm psyching myself up for my appointment this afternoon. It's got me so wound up I woke up at five this morning and lay awake for forty minutes, then gave up and got up. It's still an hour and a half before my wake-up time! And I didn't even go to bed early (even though I was tired) OR take a nap yesterday! Have I mentioned here that my sleeping patterns have been all out of whack?

I also can't sleep flat on my stomach comfortably any more.
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Please add me to the list. I am due Oct 3 with #2. I am not really showing yet. Last time I was in maternity clothes by this time. Only because I worked for the National Park Service, and could no longer wear the tight fitting pants with a belt that was required for our uniform. Since I am SAHM I have a lot more freedom in clothing choices this time. What have other 2nd time plus mothers noticed as the biggest changes between pregnancies? Has anyone else had very different pregnancy symptoms/reactions/feelings?
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Hi polypody - congrats on your pregnancy!

I'm due in September with #3. For the most part, this pregnancy has been very similar to my other two. The only difference I've noticed this time around is that I can't STAND coffee or tea right now (I didn't have a problem with coffee or tea last two pregnancies, although I did try to cut down).

Nice to see you here! There are a lot of Sept/Oct Moms-to-be here.
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We just found out today that we're having a boy! So I just HAD to share! I'll proably start a new thread on it for fun, but I wanted to let you all know. There is a link in my sig for the baby's page, and pictures of the 3d ultrasound we did! Yeah I'm so excited!! Now I can call our baby by his name instead of "baby" or "it"
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Oh wow. Those 3D pictures are really cool. Congratulations.
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Congrats Lisa!! That's so exciting that you know--I'm the type who likes to know ahead of time too, and I'm waiting till May 1st (I'm only 16 wks), so I am jealous!!! I have a boy, no girls (yet?), but I have to say that boys are so much fun. How exciting for you!
Edited to say that I loved looking at the 3D pics, thanks for sharing.
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Thanks for the congrats! I know I was all excited, hoping for a girl, but I'm thrilled we're having a little boy too! I have to mourn my dreams of frilly dresses, but I my little boy so much its all ok!

think maybe I might, just maybe be able to find a few sorta frilly boy newborn clothes... aww come on now I need a shifty eye smiley! :LOL

I already told my best friend who is 38 weeks now that her little boy is gonna have another little boy playmate and she's thrilled We're gonna tell our family on Easter...

No problem sharing the 3d pictures! Not like I mind showing my little baby off!
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I'M A NEW ONE, add me to the list.

weesej, baby #3, due Oct 23, homebirth
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Congrats Jen! Welcome aboard!!
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Hello All!

I've added the newbie's to the list. Welcome!

I had my second CPM appointment yesterday and everything is doing just fine. Urine good, BP great, measuring just right. Still too early to hear heart tones with fetoscope. Next appointment for sure. I'm 17.5wks. I've just started to feel definet movement. I'm so busy that I don't feel it much. I do get a lot of stabbing pain in my ligaments around my lower abdomen. I feel contractions once in a while. Oh, and my belly has become obvious to the public! I keep saying 'Is it THAT obvious?". Guess I've been in a little denial : Next appointment in 4 weeks or so.

Nursing now for us has changed. I've decided that my older boy is ready to stop. The thing is that he just does not remember how to do it correctly. He can nipple nurse but I just can't have that (ouch!) We talked about it and it was decided that he is a big boy and that he just grew out of knowing how to have 'snackies'. He's ok with it. Still asks every night to have them but doesn't ask again after it's explained that he doesn't do that anymore. I've cut my younger boy back just by asking him questions when he request 'snackies'. Are you hungery, thirsty, diaper wet etc. During the day it's pretty much any of those. By bed time only 'snackies' will do. He still has an ok latch, working on it. Got great information at a seminar I went to about off center latch. Want more info? I'll tell you all about it.


Some of you have been mentioning that your appatite has gone up recently. I still do not have an appitite. I've always been a good eater so this has been weird. If I go too long without eating in the morning then I get the heaves and need to eat RIGHT AWAY! So I eat a little bit many time through the day. Mostly the kids left overs.

Symptoms with consecutive pregnancies: My first two were pretty much identical except for labors (both boys). This time has been very, very different. I've had morning sickness (minmal), aches, more fatigue and alot of emotional stress. Things have been very different with this third pregnancy. THe first that the other two were planned to happen (not necessarily planned at the planned time). My dh only wanted two children and I had started to think that also then boom, baby on the way. I've not had to deal with this emotional pull before and it has been pretty hard. Anyone else dealing with this?

Well, that was alot of talking. I dont' get around to posting much but do enjoy when I do and reading how everyone else is doing!
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Welcome, Jen, and congratulations!
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I just had my first midwife appt! It was WONDERFUL! They were so sweet and interested in me and Orion (wanted to see the 3d pictures). Ahhh I'm SO glad I choose them!!
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Hi, everyone. I'm Patti and due in mid-October. If you need a date the drs are saying the 11th, but we all know how that goes. I will be having a hospital birth with a doula. I have one dd named Beth who is 14 months and still breastfed. Boy are my nipples sensitive! I have never been so aware of her teeth before! I'm learning to deal with it though. I'm finally starting to show, but it's not really enough yet to wear my maternity clothes, but my regular clothes are making me look fat. Don't you just hate inbetween stages?

Question - how many mommas here are planning on using cloth pads for PP bleeding? I was using cloth before becoming preggo this time, but I only own one overnight pad and was wondering if anyone can suggest some good PP pads to use that aren't super expensive. Or does anyone think that it's just more convenient to use disposables for those first couple weeks?

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Hello to all. I posted here at the beginning of my pg and then got so sick that I dropped out for a long time! I'm Cori, edd 10/8 with number 4. Going for the fourth homebirth on this one. I am really looking forward to cheering everyone on.

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Hi, welcome and welcome back.

I have cloth pads, but for the heavier bleeding I will just use disposables and switch to cloth once it tapers off some.
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hey all. sorry i haven't posted in a while. glad everyone is feeling good. i, for one, have been busy busy busy now that i'm feeling better and the weather is nice. we've been doing lots of gardening, walks to the park, etc. we're going backpacking/camping this weekend. i can't wait!

cloth pads - i used disposables after dd's birth, only because i didn't realize how much i would bleed and didn't think ahead to bring my night time glad rags. this time, i think i'll use disposables and/or cloth in the hospital, depending on how much i bleed, and cloth exclusively once i get home. same goes for diapers for the little one. we'll bring some newborn tushies (don't want to use gel dipes even for a second) and cloth, and just see what works.

oh, and last thursday, at yoga class, i felt the baby move for the first time! that was at 16 weeks...3 weeks earlier than with dd. since then, s/he has been moving around a ton...especially with all the sugar i ate over the weekend.
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ps. anyone obsessed with baby names lately? my mil and i both seem fixated on boys' names for some reason. think its a sign? she guessed right with dd...and now she thinks its a boy. i haven't had any strong feelings, dreams, etc. either way.
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I wouldn't say we're obsessed with names, since we've already picked out our ds's name... but man is everyone we tell his name to obsessed with it! :LOL We told my FIL the name and he said "Ok whats the second choice?" When we said no, Orion *IS* his name he got all quiet "oh." Others have wondered why we're naming our kid "after some stars"... like I guess if we wanted to name our kid Bob, it'd be enough that we *liked* the name, but not for Orion? :
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Hi all!
Had another appt with my doc today. Everything appears to be going great. Hearing that heartbeat always makes me feel so much better. I haven't gained a pound yet, and this is worrying me. With my first I gained tons (70lbs by the end). I weigh less today - at 4 months pg - than I did before I got pg with ds. I'm very confused about the difference..... but I suppose I should just let it go and not let it bother me.
I'm not as naseaus anymore..... but still as tired. I've had varying degrees of a cold for the last month and a half. I'm at the "bad" side of a cold again. I just cough and cough. My immune system seems to be working overtime... but not accomplishing much.

Mamarsupial - We are also very obsessed with boys names right now!! We can't agree on anything. We talk about it at least once a day. We have a girls name all ready, but can't come up with a boys name. I had dh decided on "Andrej" a week ago, but then he suddenly decided that wouldn't work for him. : We are going nowhere with the boys names. URGH! Anyone know some great "slavic" boys names?

Ladies, we are approaching the half way mark!
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